Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

The following hour, Noah stayed in the holy palace as they poured over the security detail for that conference . They planned routes, vehicles, extraction, bounties, and time limits, as well as ironing out other minor details, Seitenshi presided over the discussion .

Originally, security detail should have been left to Yasuwaki . The reward should also have been under the secretary’s jurisdiction .

But, Seitenshi said Noah is her own personnel and since he’s hired as a professional bodyguard, she left the security detail to him while personally negotiating with Noah in regards to pay .

Noah didn’t particularly mind who he talked with .

It’s good that he didn’t have to talk with some annoying bodyguard team of the holy palace or negotiate with some number-crunching secretary under Seitenshi . He’s happy because this made his schedule rather vacant .

He finished up on the security arrangement for the conference and he handed his proposal to Seitenshi . He then left her room only to sigh outside .

He walked along the corridor while scratching his cheek . He continued sighing .

“Saitake Sougen, huh?”

He’s tired just thinking about the two phone calls he had with the man . He slightly regretted taking this job .

His impression of Saitake is very poor, almost as poor as his assessment of Kikunojou .

Noah absolutely hated the man, he personified the traits Noah didn’t want to see in anyone .

Saitake’s decade long rivalry with Kikunojou meant that he would be going up against someone as sly and underhanded as the old man . Naturally, Noah is very annoyed by this .

“Should I quit?”

Noah stopped and his eyes gleamed when he detected someone nearby .

“Yeah, you should, I agree with that very much . ”

The intruder didn’t notice that Noah stopped before he actually appeared . The guy stuck a hard object against the back of Noah’s head .

“Noah Dreyar, I think it’s best if you turn this job down, for your own good . ”

A bunch of other individuals appeared to surround Noah when the guy announced that ultimatum .

They are all in formal white suits . They had guns that were already unholstered . They branched out and covered Noah with their sights .

It’s the same security team that Seitenshi introduced to Noah .

He glanced around and he revealed a look of disdain . He shrugged like those are just peashooters in their hands .

“What are you doing? Are you thinking of threatening Captain Yasuwaki?”

The one pointing his gun at the back of his head was, without a doubt, Yasuwaki Takuto .

Although Noah couldn’t see his face, he could guess that this glasses guy had a very sadistic look on his face, like a lizard that is about to devour its target, gleefully grinning like a smug villain .

“Shut your mouth!”

He pressed the barrel of the gun against Noah’s head in a harder manner, emphasizing himself with a low growl .

“I am the glorious captain of Seitenshi-sama’s bodyguard team . You’re just the leader who adopted a bunch of little monsters . Don’t talk to me like we are on the same level!”

The other guards giggled and sneered at him . If only they sensed that Noah’s eyes had already turned frosty .

“The hero who defeated Scorpio?”

Yasuwaki looked like he had been holding it in, he kept teasing him like he has already won .

“If I have the bullet that can bring Scorpio down, I would also be able to obtain the title of Scorpio slayer . You’re just someone who got lucky, how unsightly . ”

“Why you?”

Yasuwaki started going off like he can’t deal with his own hatred .

“Lord Tendo assigned Seitenshi to me, I should be the only one who needs to stand by Seitenshi-sama’s side . Why are you getting all this special treatment from Seitenshi-sama? Why did she allow you entrance into her chambers?”


Noah parroted .

“So that was her room?”

“It’s ‘Seitenshi-sama’ to you, scum!”

Yasuwaki yelled at him .

“Don’t call her so intimately, that beautiful premier of a country is mine . Only I can obtain her and become the ruler of the Tokyo Area!”


Noah said in an unconcerned manner .

“I more or less saw this coming but you truly had an ax to grind with me, over something this?”

Noah’s cool as a cucumber attitude rubbed him the wrong way and he started trembling from anger .

“Stop pretending like you’re calm, why don’t you?!”

He raised the gun and he whipped the gun at Noah’s head, he didn’t hold back at all .

“You should be shivering in fear!”

He swung his gun only to hit air .


Noah disappeared from sight, no, he traveled so fast he looked like he teleported behind Yasuwaki .

He stuck his leg out and between Yasuwaki’s feet, tripping him easily with a simple move .


Yasuwaki fell because he didn’t see this coming at all . He fell face-first and judging by the dull thud, his nose probably suffered enormous damage, enough to make him moan in pain anyway .


The other guards didn’t think Noah would strike back . When they reacted, they only managed to adjust their aims . In the next instant, looks of shock appeared on their faces .

Their guns are gone! How? When?!

“Hey . ”

Noah continued .

“Looking for these?”

He stretched his arms out and their confiscated guns fell to the floor in a cacophony of deafening metallic sounds .


The guards all retreated in panic .

“When did you?”


Holding his inflamed nose, Yasuwaki stood up, or at least he tried to stand up when Noah stomped down on him .


Being pounded right back onto the floor, that tremendous force coming from his back forced all the air in his lung to come out through his mouth . It’s like somebody dropped a heavy boulder on him and agony filled his mind .


The guards knew they needed to cover Yasuwaki but a cold look from Noah was all it took to shut them down .


The other guards all froze up, they forgot how to move for a second there .

“Hmph . ”

Noah laughed at them . he looked down at Yasuwaki who is struggling under his foot .

He reminded her .

“What’s this? The future ruler of the Tokyo Area actually got stomped down by a lucky bastard? Should I be touched that you offered your broad strong back for me to stand on?”