Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

“Saitake Sougen?”

He furrowed his brows at this familiar name . He didn’t hide his disgust for the owner of this name .

Seitenshi didn’t expect Noah to react like this and she was colored surprised by it .

“Does Guildmaster Noah know about Saitake?”

“No, I have never seen him before . ”

Noah relaxed his frown .

“But, I have heard of him, I reckon a lot of people would recognize the name . ”

Seitenshi nodded .

In what was known as Japan in the past, there are in total, 5 areas that humans can actually live in .

Tokyo Area, Sapporo Area, Sendai Area, Osaka Area, and Hakata Area .

5 governors are in charge of these areas . Seitenshi is one of the rulers here .

Meanwhile, Saitake Sougen is the ruler of Osaka .

He didn’t get the chance to meet with Osaka’s dictator but he has talked with him on the phone on two occasions before this .

The first time was when he established Fairy Tail and when he’s starting to get famous .

The other time was when he killed Scorpio of the Zodiac Gastrea, specifically, when he revealed his “magic bullets” .

Noah is familiar with the name and Seitenshi more or less could guess why he did . She continued in an exasperated tone .

“President Saitake requested us to host a conference meeting since he’s coming for a visit . ”

“A conference meeting?”

Noah was puzzled .

“According to my knowledge, Tokyo area wasn’t in contact with Osaka Area, right? Where did this meeting come from?”

“I am not sure . ”

Seitenshi hesitated .

“I am guessing he wants to use this opportunity to meet face-to-face with guildmaster Noah?”

“Me, huh?”

Noah shook his head after thinking for a bit .

“No, I don’t think so . Saitake Sougen might like that idea but that’s not his true objective . ”

“Is that so?”

Seitenshi looked at the ground as she pondered .

“His timing just gives me a bad vibe . ”

“You’re anxious?”

Noah tilted his head in confusion .

“Why though?”

The beautiful princess looked very troubled and she finally spilled the beans .

“Kikunojou is currently out of Tokyo Area . ”

Noah raised an eyebrow .

“Are you saying that you don’t have the guts to face bigshots without that old man around?”

“I admit that I am very inexperienced . However, I am not afraid of the conference . ”

Seitenshi said as if protesting against Noah’s assumption .

“I am anxious because President Saitake always fought with Kikunojou-san even before the great war . To him, his true opponent is Kikunojou, not me who is still wet behind the ears . ”

“I see . ”

Noah ignored her feisty tone and he replied .

“For Saitake Sougen, the only one who can harm him is that old man . He chose this time to visit because he has other ideas other than the suggested conference?”

“Yes . ”

Seitenshi looked up at Noah who is one head taller than her, her holy countenance basically brimming with brilliance .

“I hope Guildmaster Noah will stay by my side as a bodyguard and attend the conference together . ”

“A bodyguard for the conference, huh?”

Noah crossed his arms nonchalantly .

“Why me?”

That’s Noah’s biggest question right now .

Noah isn’t exactly the best candidate considering the scope of the job .

Noah has the license to get an initiator and start working as a civil defense agent but he never chose an initiator .

Initiators are cursed children who are trained and can fight on a superhuman level .

Seitenshi should choose strong IP pairs as her bodyguard, one’s IP rank hinted at their competence and by this standard, she would have never considered Noah who is technically the lowest-ranked civil defense agent .

More like, there’s another thing .

“You’re not lacking in the bodyguard department, no?”

Noah asked .

“I heard you have your own bodyguard team . ”

“I was thinking about introducing them to you . ”

Seitenshi led Noah out of the room .

Outside the room, a bunch of people in white formal clothing stood there in an organized row . The six bodyguards are looking very professional indeed .

Noah can feel enmity and killing intent the moment their gazes fell on him . He stopped for a bit and he returned to his business face .

“Guildmaster Noah . ”

Seitenshi closed the door to the room and nodded towards Noah .

“This is my bodyguard team . ”

The tall guy standing in the middle smiled at Noah .

“My name’s Yasuwaki Takuto, the captain of Seitenshi’s bodyguard team . I have heard great tales about you, Guildmaster Noah . ”

The sharp-looking man extended a handshake of friendship, he also had a very amicable look on his face .

Noah ignored his hand and he stared into Yasuwaki’s eyes .

He can see the danger and poison within his eyes, it’s like his spirit animal is a scorpion or something . Noah immediately grasped the dark and cold nature of this man .

He stared at him and he raised the corners of his lips, immediately lowering the temperature of the room by several degrees . He grabbed his hand and shook it .

“I am Noah . ”

Yasuwaki kept smiling and it looked like he’s very happy with Noah coming on board . Seitenshi smiled when she saw how well they hit it off at the first meeting .

Yasuwaki tightened his grip on Noah’s hand . This guy actually used his trained strength on Noah .

If it’s a civil defense agent who slacked off in training, they might have yelped in pain due to this sneak attack .

Too bad for the poor bastard, Noah trained his body to an inhuman level, he also enhanced himself with concentrated doses of Gastrea Virus . He has already exceeded the maximum possible limit achievable by humans, heck, he’s way stronger than cursed children .

Yasuwaki immediately discovered that he’s not holding onto a palm, rather, it’s more like he’s grabbing a solid steel bar or something . Not only did he fail to get the result he wanted, he’s getting the business reflected back on him, his face started twisting in pain as his vice-like grip tightened .

Seitenshi noted something off about this and she chuckled .

“Erm, Guildmaster Noah, do you accept the bodyguard job?”

Yasuwaki’s enmity immediately heightened in response to this .

He glanced at Seitenshi and Yasuwaki . An idea popped up in his head and he heartily laughed before giving his answer .

“Gladly! Yes, I will take the job!”