Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Tokyo area 1st Ward, Holy Palace…

Under the guidance of the palace guards, Noah made his way through the winding corridors of the palace that glistened in opulence . He thought about the request where Seitenshi specified that he must be the one who accepts it .

Admittedly, Noah doesn’t have such a good relationship with Seitenshi that she would choose him over all the other security companies or bodyguards in the whole Tokyo Area .

More like, due to Kikunojou, he’s on a rather shaky relationship with Seitenshi’s faction .

It’s not like he gave Seitenshi leeway to like him, he didn’t exactly consider her honor or dignity when he did stuff, he didn’t treat her like the ruler of the Tokyo Area . He also didn’t pull any punches when he used sarcasm on her .

Moreover, Seitenshi wants to get the [Magic Bullet] from him and he flat-out rejected her . If she’s a normal girl, she should have the lowest evaluation of him .

Why then, would she appoint Noah as the exclusive bodyguard?

Noah has been thinking about this matter on the way here and he still failed to come up with an answer .

If it’s anyone else, Noah would have turned down the job request immediately .

But, for Seitenshi, although he didn’t get the chance to talk extensively with her, he actually quite liked the fact that she tried to pass the bill for the new Gastrea Act .

Noah decided that he would hear her out at least .

The guard led him to a simplistic room, it looked like some sort of suite .

“Seitenshi is still busy dealing with stuff, I have informed another guard to go get her . ”

The guard that led him here bowed in deference as he urged him to take a seat .

“I will have to trouble you to wait for a while . ”

“It’s fine . ”

Noah had a little bit of patience and he nodded towards the guard .

“I will wait here then . ”

“Thank you for your understanding . ”

The guard was very professional and he replied with a friendly smile . He backed away and he closed the door after he exited .

Noah is left alone in this room . He took a look around and he found sofas, tables, chairs, racks of books, drawer set for makeup, a piano, and a rather luxurious king-sized bed .

He thought this was a guest room but this room looked more like the room of a rich Ojou-sama rather than one for political guests .

Noah can’t help but chuckle when he realized something .

Surely, this is not princess-sama’s room?

He thought that was impossible and he laughed at himself for thinking about something so silly . His eyes fell on the piano when he looked around again .

He didn’t bring his arming sword with him today .

This world’s superpower level is far lower than in his original world . Besides training, he found no other opportunity to draw his blade .

He just brought his gun and some ammo with him . He left the arming sword in his home, this is his definition of traveling light .

He approached the piano, stretching his hands out, he danced his fingers across the keys before sitting down .

In this one year, he spared no effort to blend into this world .

Noah buried himself in books since day one . He learned the language, history, and other related fields to develop the persona needed to fit in with this world’s society .

He studied architecture, engineering, literature, sciences, and other fields . He wanted to understand this world through the body of knowledge they created at the fastest possible speed .

He also delved into music in the process .

He closed his eyes and musical scores appeared in his mind, connecting the notes with the fingers, he started playing the piano .


The air in the room immediately shifted into a dreamy mood .

A beautiful tune started reverberating in the room .

He weaved simple sounds into a fluent language of the muse .

Mesmerizing music continued echoing in the room as his fingers zipped through the keys on the keyboard . There was no error in his rendition, each tap was as natural as flowing water . The musical ripples became almost tangible in the air .

Noah closed his eyes and he recalled the rowdy scene back in the original Fairy Tail .

That was a place of hope for him, his home, and the place he longs to return one day .

He constantly thought about that place . The playmates he had, the cute company he had, the charming smiles they had, he thought about the scene where the guild members all proudly displayed their guild insignias .

He basked in his recollections and this, in turn, made his music even more moving and passionate . It can tug the heartstrings of anyone who listened to it .


Clap clap clap

The sudden clapping sounds returned Noah to the present .

Standing at the entrance, Seitenshi was draped in her formal white dress, she had a genuine smile that he never saw before . She continued clapping with her jade-white hands that were hidden from view by her white lacey gloves .

“I didn’t know Guildmaster Noah can actually play such a sentimental piece of music, truly eye-opening . ”

As the highest ruler of the Tokyo Area . she has seen a lot of play despite her tender age .

Even so, she still gave him very high praise .

It’s clear that his piano-skills are out of this world and this girl totally digged it .

Noah bitterly laughed and he stood up .

“Do not misunderstand, I only dabbled in the piano and my skills are passable at best . I entered the zone when I was playing and that’s why it turned out so good . If I wasn’t in my best condition, I wouldn’t have been able to complete that musical score in such a perfect manner .

“Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that you just played an incredible piece of music . ”

Seitenshi’s approached with mellow expression .

“I love that music, that was very beneficial even if I only chanced upon it . ”

Noah could not detect any falsehood in her words . In other words, Seitenshi isn’t trying to suck up to him, she was telling the truth .

Noah is also being truthful with her . He couldn’t have played so well if it’s in the past .

Memories of Fairy Tail surfaced when he was playing and that colored his music in a beautiful hue . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to earn such high praise from Seitenshi .

He shrugged and he continued .

“Let’s put that aside for now, I want to hear more about your job request . ”

Noah stared into Seitenshi’s eyes .

“Can you elaborate on that?”

Seitenshi’s graceful smile faded and she adopted a distant look that he saw many times on the television, keeping everyone at arm’s length .

“Guildmaster Noah, have you ever heard of someone named Saitake Sogen?”