Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 112

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Chapter 112

Peering through the cracks in the closet, Noah can see Rentaro who is drinking water lazily outside .

It’s amazing how he can be so unenthusiastic about his job .

After hiding inside here, Noah prayed that Rentaro would exit this rooms on so they can resolve their current hot situation .

Rentaro poured himself a cup of tea so Noah had a bad feeling that he won’t be leaving anytime soon .

Noah started cursing his own luck . His body tensed up .

Haa haa

Maybe it’s because it’s so sultry inside the closet, the other person in here with him started panting .

Noah’s heart started racing and he shifted his gaze down .

He’s not sure if this counts as lucky or unfortunate, this closet is awfully empty . Because it’s rather wide without anything in it, the two of them could squeeze inside here . Kisara doesn’t look like she’s planning on storing her clothes in here anytime soon .

With her present financial situation, it’s not likely she’s going to buy a new closet soon .

Hence, they are stuck with this closet devoid of stuff, but, it’s still a small closet .

So, they are stuck with each other, like really closes with each other, they can feel each other’s breath .


Due to the limited space here, Kisara is basically pressing herself up against Noah’s body . This sent jolts of electricity up Noah’s spine .

Because Kisara dragged him into this closet in a hurry, they didn’t have the time to adjust their positions . If they even twitched, the two of them could feel it since they are so close to each other .

Noah’s heart is throbbing out of control right now because of this steamy situation .

Noah and Kisara only noticed their situation now .

Kisara’s hands are above her head so when Noah shifted his gaze, he got a good look at her body, not that he had the mind to pay attention . His current position is rather awkward .

His left hand is pressed against the other side of the closet, worse yet, Kisara’s butt is pinning his hand .

Meanwhile, his right hand is on her hooters . He got a good taste of her knockers . In other words, Kisara’s impossibly intimate distance notwithstanding, his hands are on her sensitive areas . If the closet is transparent, it would look like he’s going second base with Kisara right now .

Noticing this, Noah stiffened his body as his thoughts became jumbled . Sweat started pouring down his head .

Haa… Haa…

Kisara is also red as an apple . She’s performing relatively worse than Noah . Every inch of her skin is drenched in sweat . She mewled in a coquettish tone after noticing that she’s being fondled by Noah .

“Yo-your hands…”

Her reminder caused him to move .

He shouldn’t have done that . In this tight space, the moment he moved his hands, he actually delved deeper into an embrace with Kisara .


Kisara leaked out a moan due to how hard Noah squeezed her tatas .

“Do-don’t move…”

Noah stopped squirming as more sweat appeared on his head . Kisara started sobbing .

“You-your hands…”

Noah wanted to cry too .

Move, he’s screwed, don’t move, he’s still screwed . It’s hard to get out of his situation without stimulating her butt or jugs . It’s also very dangerous if this situation persists .

Noah used an exasperated tone with her .

“Why did you drag me inside here?”

“I-I just moved on reflex, it’s not like I want to do this…”

Kisara started moving around slightly, this embarrassment is going to kill her before the heat does .

“A-anyway, just do something about your hands…”

Kisara didn’t think about the consequences of her actions . Her movements caused a new wave of pleasure to assault Noah’s nervous system .

Noah raised his head and he tried very hard to not think about their current position . It’s not very easy to divert his own attention when there are two plentiful cans pressing against his chest .

“Can you stop moving like that?”

“I-I don’t have any other better idea? Are you doing this on purpose?’

“I mean, you’re making it so easy, aren’t you?”

“Then think of something already, aren’t you the man here?”

“Believe me, if I can switch gender, I would switch in a snap of the finger, at least I don’t have to suffer through this…”

“Su-? Did you just say suffer?!”

“Is-isn’t that right?”

“I’m the victim here! You’re the one that has it good!”

“Well, I want a refund . ”

“You better explain yourself, buster . It’s my body you’re feeling up right now . I have misjudged you!”

Noah and Kisara bickered without thinking about their gradually increasing volume . It’s inevitable that some of it escaped the closet .


Rentaro who was scrolling his notebook suddenly raised his head in puzzlement .

“What was that?”

Noah and Kisara silenced themselves .

Rentaro trusted his instincts as a professional civil defense officer . He didn’t think it was his hallucinations .

Rentaro stood up in confusion . He scanned the office and he turned his attention towards the closet .

Noah and Kisara can feel each other’s heart speeding up . They prayed to whatever gods or spirits they believed in, hoping that they don’t get found out .

One of them is butt naked while the other has his hands on a girl like they are doing some kind of kinky play . 10 out of 10 people who think so .

Even god started pitying them .

Rentaro locked his brows and he approached the closet .


Kisara whimpered . She gave up and she desperately threw herself into Noah’s arms to hide as much of her body as possible while shutting her eyes in despair .

Noah noticed this and he sighed in silence . Adjusting his body, he put himself between the closet door and Kisara .

Even if Rentaro opened the closet he wouldn’t be able to see Kisara’s divine figure .

Kisara also perceived that Noah accepted her desperate bid to hide her body behind his .

He’s warmer than I thought…

They steeled themselves up for the imminent reveal .

At this time .


A loud collision sound came from outside the office, it seemed to have come from the street outside the building .

“Wh-what the?”

Rentaro ran over to the window to find out what happened .

Noah jumped in surprise .



He quickly opened the closet and he brought Kisara out of the office after grabbing the clothes she left on the office table . They left the office in a blur .