Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Honk honk

The honking noise clearly drilled itself into Noah’s ears .

For him, this noise is something he’s already accustomed to, he has to deal with this on a daily basis .

However, he’s not comfortable that this world has such an annoying thing .

Compared to the annoying noise, Fairy Tail’s rowdy atmosphere is a thousand times better than this .

At least, for Noah, this is how he feels .

With random thoughts in his head, Noah raised his head at the building in front of him .

It’s a building known as HappyBuilding .

Starting from the ground floor, the banners are read in the following order: Sperregebiet, Ma Cherie, and Tendo Civil Security Corporate, and Kofu Finance .

In the span of one year, Noah taught himself many things with the books he can get his hands on . Using his superhuman memory and comprehension ability, he mastered almost every language in this world .

The first one is German and it meant “No trespassing zone” . The second one is French and it meant “My Love” .

Tendo Civil Security Corporation’s business nature is pretty apparent as it’s written in this country’s official language . Meanwhile, Kofu Finance looks like some sort of financial consulting company . Kisara and Rentaro both knew the building like it’s the back of their hands so they already know it’s a loan-shark company .

The ground floor and first floor was a gay bar and a brothel if his memory served him well .

“What an incredible place…”

He ambiguously said before entering the building .

It’s very early in the morning and the sun’s not that bright just yet .

Sperrgebiet is a face-to-face type of bar . As it’s not yet operating hours, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the bar .

Meanwhile, the first floor looks like a standard shop, at least it looks more transparent than the one downstairs . Also, the shop is decorated with suffocating pink wallpaper and glowy glass balls . It’s not yet operating hours for them as well so it looks like nobody is inside too .

Noah silenced his footsteps and he slowly advanced up the stairs . Opening the creaking and dilapidated door to the office of the Tendo Civil Security Corporation, he entered even though it’s rude to enter without an invitation .

This is an etiquette that the people in his original world knew .

He’s not like Natsu and Gray who are not tactful enough to give the owner of the house a notification before entering .

But, since Kisara and Rentaro usually come waltzing into his home without prior notification, he reckons it’s only fair that he gets to sneak in like this for once .

This led to the next unfortunate incident, or maybe, it’s a fortunate one? Anyway, he immediately regrets doing this .


The moment he opened the door without knocking, he heard someone turning around and gasping in puzzlement and shock . He locked eyes with the person and the other person froze up .

Noah is starting to doubt reality so he rubbed his eyes . Yeap, this is all real .

The scene in front of him, that is, to say the least, incredible .

It’s a pretty normal scene but in a way, it’s not .

It’s a normal room, you’ve got your economic chairs and tables, racks filled with documents and windows covered by blinds . It’s a pretty normal office .

What’s abnormal, however, is that there is someone here that’s busy doing something she shouldn’t in an office .

She’s in front of the biggest desk and there’s a black sailor uniform thrown haphazardly on the table . The master of this office usually wore this uniform .

The master of this office who placed the uniform on the table was clearly not expecting guests . She’s like a deer in front of headlights as she looked at the intruder in disbelief and astonishment .

In the short instant that she is stunned, Noah had a good look at her pristine and fair body .

She’s currently in her birthday suit, and this short amount of time is enough for Noah to etch her sexy, busty, smooth, and alluring figure into his memories . He didn’t miss a single spot .


An awkward silence fell upon the room .

Noah and Kisara gawked at each other . They are both frozen in place as if someone petrified them . They stayed like this for close to a minute, nobody knew what to say or do at this point .

After a minute had passed, Kisara noticed that she’s currently without a piece of clothing on her, Noah had seen all her goods and she visibly turned red in shame . Her mouth also widened .

Noticing her movements, Noah also regained his senses . Fearing that she might alert the whole building with her shout, he started backpedaling towards the door . If other onlookers come and check them out, this stain won’t be erased forever .

Just when Noah is about to close the door and when Kisara is on the verge of screaming out loud, they heard a voice coming from the stairs .

“Seriously, Enju, she’s my Initiator and she keeps staying in Fairy Tail all day long . She would always reject my invitation by saying that if there’s no work don’t call on her . Is the office that unhospitable?”

The familiar sound caused Noah to almost trip and fall . Kisara also shoved her shout back down her throat .

If Rentaro sees them, it’s going to lead to a huge misunderstanding for sure . And the worse part is that Kisara’s pristine body would be met with another man’s gaze .

Even Noah who had impeccable control over his own emotions started looking for alternative exits in this cramped space .

Kisara is the one who took charge and she grabbed Noah’s arm before dragging him into the office . Shutting the door in front of Noah who is still wide-eyed from getting jumped by Kisara who is in her birthday suit .


“I’m back . ”

Rentaro opened the door in a laidback manner as he entered the office .


Looking around, he noticed that no one is inside so he scratched the back of his head in slight confusion .

“She’s not here? It’s very rare for her to be outside of the office at this time of the day . ”

Rentaro grumbled and he strode towards the water dispenser .

“Enju who is the one with the most time to kill isn’t here, neither is Kisara who needs to work the most . Meanwhile, I am the lazy one who is actually the punctual one . This is a very weird day, huh?”

Rentaro mused to himself out loud . He grabbed a cup of water and he poured it down his throat before he sighed .

“Should I suggest Kisara-san to make some tea? We are still a company, are we not? We are going to need tea to entertain potential clients, right?”

Rentaro walked away from the water dispenser without noticing that there are two distinct noises of muffled breathing coming from the closet next to the water dispenser .