Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 110

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 110: A calm but not too peaceful life

A cold wind blew through Fairy Tail.

Inside the wide training arena, Noah stood with eyes closed in the center of the field. He kept his sheathed arming sword handy.


The cold wind blew past Noah but he didn’t shiver, the wind only ruffled his clothes.


it’s the sound of a gun being loaded.

Kachak kachak

The sound reverberated in the training room.

A bunch of machine guns popped out at the edge of the field. The guns are all aimed at Noah.

There had to be at least 30 machine guns propped up and ready to fire.

Pew pew pew Ratatatata

Gunshots could be heard echoing in the room. A storm of bullets headed Noah’s way.


Another sound rang, it’s the sound of Noah grabbing the hilt of his arming sword.

A series of slashes occurred so fast it looked like Noah had multiple arms and swords.

Tang tang tang tang

Each slash deflected a bullet.

Ding ding ding ding

Bullets fell to the floor.

What’s even more surprising, he slashed all the bullets in halves with nigh surgical precision.

He kept slashing bullets in the middle of the training field. It’s like a weird symphony where the sound of the sword hitting metal, gunshots, and bullets falling to the ground mixed in a chaotic manner.

When the last of the machine guns ran out of bullets, the sounds finally stopped.


A wind blew by at just the right time, the wind whisked away the smell of gunpowder.


Noah sheathed his arming sword and he looked around at all the bullets he had sliced in half. He nodded in satisfaction.

“An hour of sword training, completed.”

Fairy Tail is on the right track, there are fewer and fewer situations that would require his personal attention. As a result, he has a lot of free time on his hand.

Noah spent most of his free time training himself. He honed his sword and magic skills.

In terms of technique, he mastered all this world has to offer including, boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, kendo, wushu, marksmanship, and various other fighting systems the military practiced. With nothing more to assimilate, he focused on training himself.

Every month, he would inject himself with a potent Gastrea virus injection, even without training, he would still be able to hold his own against Gastreas.

In fact, the virus injections are starting to enhance him less and less with each subsequent injection.

His body has been enhanced to an unheard-of level. He has already hit the limit, the virus that can mutate lifeforms stopped augmenting him.

He’s been sharpening his sword and magic skills all this time.

Magic training never showed any signs of hitting the limit. If he continued training his magic, not only will he be more familiar with his magic, he will also be able to wield magic to a more frightening degree in addition to expanding his vast pool of magic power.

As for his swordsmanship, it’s practically his forte.

Through mindful and deliberate practice, Noah kept his body in peak performance. He’s not going to slack off and let his battle sense and techniques deteriorate.

His magic training served to increase what he can do while his swordsmanship training kept him in tip-top condition.

Less is more, by focusing on these two areas, he can get more than if he practiced a lot of miscellaneous items.

Unless he can find another type of Gastrea virus infusion to dope increase his power he won’t be able to improve other techniques.

“Next, an hour of magic training.”

He stored his arming sword into his cloth sack, suddenly, his phone rang.

Noah frowned.

This phone call is probably troublesome, given the timing.

After killing Scorpio, the thing with the bullet caused a lot of small issues to prop up.

Some ambitious dude thought he can rule the world with Noah’s bullets.

Some other dumb-dumb thought it would be a good idea to use his bullets to strengthen their own positions.

You name it, some people sought revenge through the bullets, others wanted to trade the bullets. Honestly, Noah is a bit fed up with them.

“I wish they would just resort to assassination or kidnapping, that would save me the trouble of having to endure through hours of talk as opposed to just outright ending them”

Noah picked up the phone.

“Hello, Noah speaking.”

A sweet voice came from the other side.

“Ara, Noah-kun, you are picking up your phone much later than expected.”

Noah lost the energy to reply when he heard her voice.

“So it’s just Miori…”

“Don’t be so cold, Noah-kun.”

Miori sounded like she’s choking up but that couldn’t be further from the case.

“Do you hate me that much?”

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t have time for you right now.”

Noah rolled his eyes.

“Alright, what now?”

“Noah-kun is no fun at all.”

Miori grumbled in a flirty tone.

“I have completed what you requested of me.”

Noah’s eyes brightened up.

Miori’s probe went haywire after she fought with Kisara, he ended the talk as the two barbarians couldn’t sort it out no matter what they did.

Noah did leave Miori with a request after she left.


Noah grinned.

“You collected them?”

“Only a part of it.”

Miori chuckled.

“I think it should satisfy you nonetheless.”


Noah nodded.

“I owe you one.”

“Oh, you don’t have to stand on ceremonies with me.”

Miori purred back.

“But, if you want to return the favor, maybe you can divulge some of your secrets?”

“We can talk about that on another time.”

Noah told her.

“Where’s the stuff?”

“I gave it to Satomi-kun when I met him in school.”

Miori sounded very cheeky right now.

“If you want, Noah-kun has to get it from Satomi-kun.”

Miori hanged up after laughing out loud.

“Rentaro? I don’t think he should know about that, though?”

Noah’s head starting aching.

“Miori must be doing this on purpose.”