Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 108

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 108: who has the best relationship with Noah?


Miori’s diabetes-inducing sound came as soon as she opened Noah’s door. She hugged Noah’s arm almost making Noah jump in surprise.

Her soft mammary muscles wrapped around Noah’s arm, Noah wanted to dodge this girl but he failed and now he has to pay for this.

Fortunately for him, Lisanna would always glomp Noah like this, he is more or less used to being smothered like this. Calming down his heart, he shook her off.

“Miss Shiba, what are you doing here?”

“You can call me Miori.”

Miori beamed at him, she maintained her iron grip on his arm to prevent his escape.

“Aiya, I already knew you’re no ordinary man but to think you swiftly dispatched A zodiac Stage 5 like it’s nothing. Should I say, as expected of the one I have my eyes on?”

“Th-the one you have eyes on?”

Noah wanted to pretend he didn’t hear that.

“I thought you’re aiming for Rentaro?”

“Hmm, I do have a feeling that Satomi will make it big someday but my senses are telling me that you’re going to rock the world, so you should rock mine.”

Miori said with dangerous eyes.

“How about it? Noah-kun, wanna come over to my side? I will fulfill any conditions and requests you might have.”

“What do you mean, to go to your side?”

Noah is worried that he might touch her swimsuit areas if he recklessly flailed her off so he chose to passively resist her while freezing up. With his strength, he could fling her across the room if he wanted to.

“If you want to recruit me, at least do it in a classy manner.”

“Give up, Noah.”

Kisara sneered.

“Being shameless is a skill this snake woman has honed for years. Acting is practically her second job, without these skills, she wouldn’t have come and put up such an act.”

Rentaro, Enju, and Kayo’s jaws dropped.

Miori who is still clinging on to Noah’s arm like an octopus finally noticed Kisara, she gasped.

“Oh, what? What’s the big-titty has-been Ojou-sama doing here?”

Noah was stunned.


These two are too sharp-tongued, aren’t they?

“It seems…”

Kayo calmly said after looking at the both of them.

“They aren’t on the greatest terms.”

“Say, Rentaro.”

Enju lowered her voice as she asked.

“What’s the deal with these two?”

“How should I put it?”

Rentaro rubbed his head like he has a headache.

“The Shiba family and the Tendo family go way back. Like members of feuding families, they would always butt head with each other. If they even get together, well, you get this.”

Noah’s head started hurting, he stopped them.

“Anyway, let’s go have a seat shall we?”

“Oh! Oh!”

Miori made a big deal out of this, she snickered at Kisara’s direction.

“Noah-kun invited me inside, unlike some third-rate no-face-woman, this is much better than barging into people’s home, right?”


Kisara snapped, she forced a smile.

“The relationship I have with Noah goes beyond such formal structures. Then again, I wouldn’t expect a wild snake woman who popped out from nowhere to understand.”

Wait, what?

Did we ever have a good working relationship?

Noah’s confused expression didn’t escape Miori’s astute eyes.

“Kisara, drop the act, I know you only used Noah-kun as a piggy bank and cafeteria, isn’t that right?”

Kisara started blushing. Rather than angry, she’s just embarrassed that she hit her where it hurts.

“I have the best relationship with Noah in the whole wide world!”

Kisara’s words only made Noah’s eyes widen with surprise.

Noah thought of her as friends, at most. When she needed some financial help, he sent some her way and that’s it.

Did we have the best relationship in the world?

Not even Kisara believed her own lie, much less Noah and Miori.

Kisara turned even redder.

Except, someone bought her lie.


Kisara who grew up with Rentaro suffered a mental shock. He almost turned to dust.

“Guild master!”

Enju stomped her tiny feet.

“Have you fallen prey to the treacherous ploy of the faction of big bouncy bewbs?!”


Kisara covered her chest while flushing red.

“Thi-this has nothing to do with my chest!”

Noah and Kayo looked at her chest. Rather than hiding them, her action only made her endowment more prominent. Her black sailor uniform created an optical illusion that made them seemed bigger than usual as well.

“Certainly, they are huge.”

Kayo said matter-of-factly.

From a man’s perspective, those mammary glands would surely be enticing. It’s reasonable to think our guildmaster has fallen for Kisara’s boobies.”

“Wait, don’t believe them! Doubt them!”

Noah is afraid that if he didn’t speak up now, people would start believing this to be true.

“Kisara and I are just friends.”

“Ara ara.”

Miori showed Kisara a victorious grin.

“Hear that, just friends, miss-I-have-the-best-relationship-with-Noah.”

Kisara started trembling, her fists are making cracking noises that would make anyone anxious.

Miori acted like she didn’t see anything, she kept flirting with Noah.

“Now, Noah-kun, let’s forget Kisara and go inside to deepen our relationship~”

Miori pulled Noah who stopped caring anymore. He tried to stop her.

“Wait just a min-”

“Stand right there—!”

Before Noah can stop Miori, Kisara threw herself at Noah’s other arm, making full use of her twin cannons of destruction much to Miori’s annoyance.

“You vixen, don’t even think about deceiving Noah, If he’s going to deepen his relations with someone, it’s going to be me.”

“You’re just a friend, a F-R-I-E-N-D!”

Miori tugged at Noah’s arm, firmly asserting her position.

“You have no business intruding here!”

“If I am the friend, you’re the stranger that popped out from nowhere!”

Kisara pulled the other arm, using Noah in a tug of war.

“You slutty no-good vixen throwing yourself at a stranger you just met, unhand him!”

“You should fuck off!”

“No, you!”

“I said let go!”


Noah with all his superhuman physique is starting to hurt from their tugging, their smell and bounciness also threatened to compromise his mental integrity. he sent out an SOS signal to the others.

“Rentaro, you two are childhood friends, right? Do something!”

Rentaro already fell into depression a long time ago, looks like he won’t be able to help any time soon.

“On good terms… They are very familiar with each other… Their relationship is the best…”