Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 107

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 107: The impact of killing Scorpio

Kayo stood there, void of words and too stunned to say anything, this is something Noah had seen on numerous occasions whenever he petted their heads. He lightened up his strength but he kept his hand on her head, rather than rubbing, it’s more caressing at this point. He also toned down his stern look so as to appear softer.

“What’s the matter?”


Kayo felt a bit awkward, she didn’t shy away from his hand though.

“I have never been treated this way before…”

“Then you better get used to it.”

Noah gave her a tight hug, he whispered into her ears.

“That’s because it’s going to be troublesome if you kept freezing up whenever people return the warmth that has been denied from you since long before.”

His cozy embraced almost made it impossible for Kayo to part with him.

Kayo mumbled.

“If that’s the case, this truly is a magnificent place…”

Her voice sounded more human much to Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju’s relief.

She’s been speaking like someone forced her to throw away her feelings and grow up.

It’s very awkward for people around her when she acts like that.

Kayo returned to her usual composed manner of speaking when she saw Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju sighing in relief.

“I’m a model dolphin Initiator, my memories and mental facilities exceed that of other initiators, I scored 210 on my last IQ test.”


Kisara and Enju’s eyes widened with shock.

Even Rentaro is surprised. He opened his mouth, obviously dejected.

“Isn’t that two times higher than mine?”

“Kid’s IQ tests are usually lax, compromising accuracy.”

Kayo shook her head.

“If we demonstrate a certain standard of intelligence then the score will become very high. The standards upon which we are judged are also different from that used on adults.”

“Still doesn’t diminish the shine on that big head of yours.”

Noah released Kayo from his hug and he examined her.

“In short, you’re a brainy Initiator, aren’t you?”

“That’s about my only strength, my physical prowess is just average.”

“During the fight with Kagetani, Ikuma got killed and I got captured within ten moves. To lose to a promoter, I’m ashamed of myself.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Kagetani isn’t a normal promoter. He’s a modified human born of the New Human Creation Project. His combat abilities are well-above your average initiators.”

Noah rubbed her head again.

“Furthermore, we could use brainy initiators here as well, in fact, your model type is quite a rarity in Fairy Tail. I am sure we can put you to good use if you stayed.”

“I won’t leave.”

Kayo’s tone sounded a bit anxious.

“I want to stay here.”

“Then stay.”

Noah didn’t even think too deeply about his reply. Kayo revised her image of Noah. If he didn’t stop rubbing her head with that firm and warm hand of his then Kayo might get addicted to this.

“Then you’re my kouhai(underclassman) from now on!”

Enju slapped Kayo’s back while giggling.

“You’re in good hands!”

Kayo is confused.

“Wait, aren’t you Rentaro’s partner? Rentaro isn’t in Fairy Tail so you aren’t in Fairy Tail too right?”

“Rentaro is irrelevant to our discussion.”

Enju didn’t watch what she said and Rentaro’s heart got shot without him doing anything.

“I am Rentaro’s initiator but I’m still a part of Fairy Tail, I study in Fairy Tail and I have my own home here. Oh, right, you wanna come over later?”

“I don’t particularly mind…”

Kisara and Rentaro dragged Noah to the side while the two kids are busy hitting it off.

“What now?”

Noah crossed his arms. He looked at the two of them as he urged to be done with it.

“Judging from the usual pattern, you want some more jobs without any of the strings right?”

“We don’t need it, we might not even need it from now on!”

Kisara’s eyes started shining radiantly.

“Although we didn’t get much credit during Kagetani’s incident, Satomi-kun’s involvement during the assault on Scorpio made his rank rise up to 9900, it’s only a matter of time before work found us!”

Noah and Rentaro’s lips twitched.

IP rank 9900 is far from being famous right?

Are we really going to be okay in terms of job security?

Noah didn’t want to burst her bubble so he just let her be. He directed his attention towards Rentaro.

“You, what business do you have with me?”


Rentaro glanced at Kisara.

“We don’t, it’s just that Miori wanted to see you.”

Kisara’s excitement went away when he mentioned her name. She started growing darker and moodier as time went on.

“Shiba Miori?”

Noah is bewildered by the mention of her name.

“What does she want with me?”

“I don’t know.”

Rentaro hesitated.

“If I am not wrong, she probably wanted to know more about how you killed Scorpio, specifically, the bullet you used to slay the monster.”

Noah realized that he might be right.

“They want to know about my bullet?”

“I think they want more than just knowing.”

Kisara said sarcastically.

“That slithering snake woman probably wants to know where you got your bullet, the material, manufacturing methods, and etc. By mass-producing Stage 5 Gastrea killing bullets, she can make herself the greatest and most powerful arms-manufacturing firm in the world.

Noah isn’t surprised by her intention.

He disguised his magic as special bullets, this is to be expected from weapon manufacturers.

Shiba Industries would want a piece of the action just like any other faction that is under the threat of Gastrea. Everyone will want to get their hands on these bullets.

Noah made a lot of preparation for this day.

Noah isn’t afraid of fighting back if people aimed for him.

He didn’t want to let the world know about magic lest it negatively impacts the world.


Kisara shouted into his face, she got closer and more intense as she warned him.

“Don’t be deceived by that despicable woman, don’t give her those bullets or she’s going to wring you dry of utility and then kick you to the curb.”

Noah backed away from her, she’s basically raving at this point.

What have I got myself into?