Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 106

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Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail guild…

On the way back, Noah greeted the Fairy Tail members who passed by. Walking towards his own home in auto-pilot mode, he started sinking deeper into his own thoughts.

After a year of operation, Fairy Tail has gone over more than just providing education, healthcare, career development, and housing for the cursed children. A lot of established IP pairs also lived here in harmony.

the teachers that taught in the schools also preferred to stay here than going back to the city. The same could be said of personnel assigned to hospitals and career development facilities. These people treated cursed children like humans so it’s a blessing to have them around. Others did side gigs like peddling and selling stuff here.

Fairy Tail is now more or less it’s own tiny little town. It’s a very wholesome town even if it lacked some facilities when compared to larger cities and metropoles.

Noah suddenly saw Seitenshi’s figure being displayed on a TV screen nearby.

She’s on the news channel. On the screen, Seitenshi had a very dignified expression, she insisted on a second tabling of the legislation providing basic human rights for cursed children.

The <<Revised Gastrea Law>> is a hot debate for people living in the Tokyo Area.

It’s the legislation that indirectly brought about the appearance of a zodiac Gastrea, the Scorpio.

Truth be told, Noah liked Seitenshi’s character.

Noah knew she cared for the cursed children. In other nations, the cursed children are living in hell on earth.

In the 5 areas within this nation, other cursed children in other areas are treated more like vermins than humans.

Compared to those areas, the cursed children living in Tokyo Area had it good.

Seitenshi looked at cursed children like pitiable war refugees, she even proposed a law to safeguard their basic rights. As touted in the news and rumors, she is someone who symbolized kindness and justice. Through her actions, the cursed children in Tokyo Area generally fared better than other areas.

Comparatively speaking, anyway, in reality, more needs to be done.

Noah heard grim tales of how newborns are drowned in the river because they were born as cursed children.

It breaks his heart just thinking about this.

Noah wants her <<Revised Gastrea Act>> to go through.

However, that might be hard to realize.

With or without the <<Revised Gastrea Act>>, Fairy Tail will still operate as a sanctuary for cursed children.

For Noah, the best-case scenario would be the passing of that bill, even so, if it got rejected, he would just be disappointed, it’s not it’s his first disappointment with the city.

At least, that’s how Noah thought before now.

He witnessed Seitenshi doing her best while maintaining an aura of dignity and sternness against the harsh questions posed by the media. This is in stark contrast to her weak side shown during his private talk with Seitenshi.

“Looks like she’s got her work cut out for her…”

Noah gripped his fist, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“As expected, Tendo Kikunojo, you’re the obstacle I have to tear down for the children’s happiness.”

Noah started thinking harder about his plans from now on as well as how various other issues might come into play.


Noah opened the door to his home. The people of this nation have the habit of saying [Tadaima (I’m home] when they return.

But, Noah isn’t a person of this country or even this world, naturally, he didn’t pick up this habit.

Moreover, Noah lived by himself, even if he said it, who would respond to him?

Well, he’s in for a surprise because…

“Welcome home!”

Noah flinched and he rolled his eyes.

“Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju, why are the three of you here?”

“Does my presence displeases you greatly?”

Enju puffed her cheeks.

“I came here after school just to see you.”

“Since you’re that free, maybe you should revise your coursework?”

Noah sighed. He turned towards Kisara and Rentaro.

“And you two? Why?”


Rentaro scratched the back of his head.

“We came to see Enju, we tagged along when she said she’s coming over.”

“It’s not just us.”

Kisara winked and she pulled out a person hiding behind her.

“We saw this young one skulking around so we brought her inside as well.”

Noah is puzzled.

Kisara pressed down on the girl’s shoulder so she wouldn’t shy away from his sight. This girl had a cold demeanor, she also wore an expressionless face. She seemed like quiet type of girl.

“You are…”

Noah searched his memories before he guessed her identity.

“I believe you’re Kayo, an initiator?”

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance, I’m Senju Kayo.”

Kayo bowed respectfully. Her eyes contained wisdom seldom seen in kids her age.

“We’ve met once during the defense briefing.”

She’s the initiator of that ruffian-esque promoter known as Shougen Ikuma.

“I want to extend my gratitude to you.”

Kayo settled her calm eyes on Noah’s figure.

“You’ve given me so much by placing me under your protection.”

Noah more or less knew why she’s here.

A while ago, a bunch of IP pairs went after Kagetani Hiruko only to get their butts handed to them in return.

Among them, Shougen got killed in action like other promoters that went after Kagetani. Meanwhile, Kagetani took their cursed children initiators as hostages to be used against Noah.

Now that the ruffian is dead, Kayo who survived the ordeal is without a promoter.

After the kids woke up, Noah gave them two choices: They can return to International Initiator Supervising Organization for reassignment, or join Fairy Tail.

All 30 Initiators chose to join Fairy Tail.

Kayo chose to join Fairy Tail too.

“It’s only a small help on my part, don’t worry too much about it.

He squatted down and he rubbed her head, her quiet demeanor made her look like a fuzzy little hamster, he just couldn’t resist petting her.

“Well? How do you like it so far?”

Noah’s soft tone pierced her heart, Kayo is too stunned to think of anything to say.

He’s as warm as the rumors claimed…