Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 104

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 104: Wanna save the world with me?

While pursuing Kagetani, the civil defense officers used helicopters to survey the unexplored areas. Although Kagetani has made his escape, the civil defense officers who are putting their lives on the line by coming here still continued searching.

Rentaro and Enju are among the participants.

"I see…"

Rentaro listened to the news coming through his headphone and he bitterly laughed.

"So, Tokyo Area is done for?"

The other civil defense officers also heard the news from their superiors. They are starting to freak out with good reasons.

Even if they wanted to suppress this news, it would be impossible.

They lived and died on intel gathered on recent gastrea sightings or any relevant Gastrea details.

The Model Scorpion had a large mass and size. Nobody knew how many different strains from how many species are within that monster but a conservative estimate would put it at over a hundred if not over a thousand.

The beast isn\'t exactly quiet either, anyone in Tokyo would have heard the monster by now.

The monster is already visible from the outer areas of Tokyo Area.

Now, Rentaro knew the stories about Stage 5s are not mere pufferies.

That\'s one of the 11 zodiac Gastreas that almost caused an extinction event for humans.

As expected of a monster with such a size, its body and armor is way harder than steel. Varanium fields generated by monoliths are also ineffective at keeping the beast at bay. There are probably no more than 5 weapons that can stop this abomination.

Stage 5 Gastreas are also troublesome to deal with because of their regenerative powers.

There are different stages of regeneration in Gastrea monsters. Normal stage 1 Gastrea are easily dispatched with varanium weapons. Most Gastreas and initiators fall under this territory.

Then you have stage 2 regenerative powers that will allow the monster to resist varanium weapons to some extent, often requiring decapitation and immolation to effectively kill.

Stage 3 regenerative powers will allow said Gastrea to regenerate lost parts given enough time. After that, you have stage 4 regenerative powers that make Gastreas effectively immortal outside of extensive and severe trauma bordering on complete destruction of the body to kill.

Is there any Gastrea out there with Stage 5 regenerative powers? Nobody knows.

Theoretically, a Gastrea with stage 5 regeneration can survive being thrown into lava, frozen in the deep arctic, and possibly regeneration on the molecular level.

With present technology, there is no way of killing such a monster should it exist.

Luckily for them, Mode Scorpio didn\'t have stage 5 or 4 regeneration. By observation, it\'s also clear that mere varanium weapons are not enough to bring it down. Otherwise, everyone would simply pump varanium bullets into it until it fell.

Model Scorpio\'s regeneration is probably at stage 2 or stage 3, showing significant resistance towards varanium weapons.

Enju looked anxious. She kept her eyes on the towering giant.

Rentaro didn\'t answer, he didn\'t know what to say.

Somebody answered for him.

"Isn\'t it obvious?"

Someone tapped Rentaro\'s shoulder.

"We kill the bastard."

Rentaro and Enju are surprised by the voice. But they are assured that with this guy here, nothing can faze them.


Enju glomped Noah.


Rentaro released a sigh of relief. While calming down Enju who is bawling for some reason, Noah smiled at Rentaro.

"Well then, shall we go save the world?"

"S-saving the world…"

Rentaro\'s hands trembled.

Rentaro forced himself to show a fearless smile.

"If you\'ve got a plan, I don\'t mind walking some free hours…"

Noah slapped Rentaro\'s back and he eyed the opponent they are facing.


Whoop whoop whoop

The military chopper carried Noah who is now finally able to take in the full appearance of Model Scorpion.

The pilot, Rentaro yelled out loud.

"Is this distance okay?"


Noah\'s bangs fluttered from the strong winds.

"Time to do my part!"


Enju cheered out loud.

"Good luck, if it\'s guildmaster, the model scorpion will be dead by sundown."

Noah didn\'t reply, the corners of his lips raised as he stared at Model Scorpion.


Roaring, its voice took on a physical form and radiated outwards like a shockwave.

Noah drew his gun and he slid his finger across the barrel.

"I didn\'t expect to use you so soon…"

Noah called forth the ocean of mana sleeping in him. Like a broken dam, the power surged into his arm and he infused some of it into the gun.

If anyone disassembled his gun, they would find runes scribbled inside the gun barrel. The arcane runes also match the muzzle in size as it spun mysteriously.

Noah used his magic to conjure the magic formations.


Noah aimed the gun at Model Scorpion, being a huge monster meant it would be easy for Noah to hit even from a distance. As soon as his target is acquired, a glint of light flashed in his eyes.

"Get fucked crushed…."

He pulled the trigger.


The gun emitted a deafening sound.

He unleashed the magic he had infused into the gun, the bullet which transformed into a deadly pillar of light made its way towards the target like an unstoppable force of nature.

Everyone who is looking at the monster spotted a stream of light shooting across the sky, like a beautiful comet, the attack struck Model Scorpion.

The light pillar didn\'t stop there, once it hit the target, it exploded in a brilliant light show that lit up the sky.


Lines appeared on model scorpion before it crumbled into blocks of meat.


Like a collapsing hill, the monster got crushed.

This scene of a human, thousands of times smaller than the entity of destruction, bringing down a symbol of fear and despair would be forever etched into the minds of Rentaro, Enju, Seitenshi who is watching from her screen far away.

The figure who did all this stood there against the wind, nobody knew what he thought but he looked larger than life to anyone who saw his figure.