Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 103

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 103: The calm before the storm

Tap tap tap

Someone is walking along the path without making any conscious effort to hide their footsteps.

It\'s like a ghost town here, the wind blew dust into the lonely city. Residential and commercial buildings are wasting away in this no man\'s city. The people living here either got done in by Gastrea monsters or they already evacuated into Tokyo Area\'s safe areas.

The buildings are dilapidated and/or slowly collapsing, completely unsafe for human occupancy.

It wouldn\'t take long for this ghost city to fade away both physically and in the minds of those who still remember.

With the cloth sack slung over his left shoulder. Noah walked in a poised manner. Soon, he arrived at a church with two individuals waiting for him. A masked man with a tailcoat and a little girl in a dress with two wakizashi. They are patiently waiting for Noah to get closer.


A gust of wind started blowing. The wind didn\'t carry any dust this time, it smelled eerily like it had iron in it. Sure enough, Noah looked around and found bodies all over the place.


In a large cage, dozens of little girls are imprisoned, their breathing and whimpers told Noah that they are hurt but alive.

Tap tap stop

Noah stopped at a distance of 20 or more meters away from Kagetani and Kohina. His calm reaction to this scene of massacre induced a growing fear in any observers.

Nobody knows just how frightful Noah can be other than the ones who had actually seen a glimmer of his angered side. Kohina and Kagetani knew Noah is a frightening foe if they don\'t play their cards right.


Kohina tugged at Kagetani\'s sleeve in a frightened manner.

Nobody knew what expression Kagetani had on but he started talking.

"I knew you would come, Noah Dreyar."

"Let\'s hear about your choice."

Noah used a very serious tone.

"The ones supporting you from behind are apprehended, are you going to continue playing this silly game?"

"Guild master Noah, don\'t you understand?"

Kagetani laughed out loud.

"Their deaths mean nothing to me. I am just doing what I want to do, I can give a rat\'s furry ass what happens to them."

"You want to destroy the world right?"

Noah looked into Kagetani\'s eyes.


"Let me reflect that question back at you, what are you hoping to see?"

Kagetani spoke with a passionate tone.

"You of all people should have seen how ugly humans can get. Do you think they will stop persecuting and treat you like some big fucking hero after you stop me and save the Tokyo area? These people are irrational fools who feel ashamed by the fact that they are being protected by cursed children and organizations associated with them, why are you still sticking your head out for them?"

"You seem to be the one who\'s got it wrong, Kagetani."

Noah closed his eyes for a moment before opening them.

"I am not some big fucking hero, I don\'t want to protect Tokyo Area nor do I consider myself a messiah who will save all of humanity. From the start, Fairy Tail ever only had one target to protect, friends and families."

"Because my allies and family members are in the Tokyo Area, I came and protected them. I am protecting Fairy Tail and Tokyo Area just happened to be the place where Fairy Tail took root. Other than this reason, I see no other reasons to go out of my way."

Noah stepped towards Kagetani with an indomitable will.

"Give up, you\'re not my opponent."

"I will never give up."

Kagetani growled in a calm manner.

"I am the product of the new human creation project. I am an instrument born to kill, the battlefield is my home, I belong there, a world of constant chaos and fights, that\'s my world!"

Kagetani spread his arms wide as if he\'s in some kind of play.

"Behold, the destruction of this world cometh!"

Noah\'s superhuman senses told him to look far away, near the sea.

Then, it entered his eyes and Noah started doubting his vision.

What the hell is that?

Noah couldn\'t clearly see due to the night sky.

However, he could see that it is a towering colossus with cracked black armor, the skin of this monster also had warts all over.


The monstrosity bellowed and he could hear it even from such a distance.

It had a disproportionately large head and numerous eyeballs each of different sizes. It caused tidal waves to form just by moving towards the coast. The tentacles with scythes on them danced around as if the beast is brandishing its weapons. The towering monster drew closer to Tokyo Area with each slow step.

"Magnificent! Simply magnificent!"

Kagetani wanted to hug the beast, he\'s acting like a total maniac right now. He looked like a satanist praising the descent of a demon.

Noah quickly analyzed the figure and he mumbled.

"Stage 5 Gastrea, Zodiac model Scorpion."

"Thus the war begins!"

Kagetani bowed towards Noah.

"Please, take your time and enjoy it."

Kagetani grabbed Hiruko and he disappeared from Noah\'s sight by leaping from the top of the church to somewhere else.

Noah decided that the monster had more priority than Kagetani.

His eyes had a sharp glint.

"Fine, let me demonstrate why this monster is woefully inadequate in destroying this world…"


"It\'s all over…"

The official looked at the screen which is showing live scenes of the abomination approaching the city.

Seitenshi looked calm but her hand is clenching hard on her thigh, sweat also marred her beautiful hands.

Could this be the end of the Tokyo Area?"


Kikunojo advised in a strangely composed manner.

"Please give orders for us to evacuate."

Seitenshi closed her eyes, after some internal struggle, she opened her lips. But, before she can say anything, someone in the conference room cried out.

" What\'s that?"

They are close to despair but when they saw the screen, they knew the scene they are looking at will stay with them for the rest of their lives.