Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 102

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 102: Noah returns the jab

The dark conference room had an eerie silence to it.

Led by Seitenshi, this conference had a lot of powerful people attending but they all looked grim at the scene playing out on the television.

It\'s like they are peering into hell. There are bodies everywhere. Standing at the center of this ghoulish scene are two individuals, a male with a tailcoat and a little girl wielding two wakizashi blades. They are unharmed but it\'s pretty obvious they are the ones who did this.

Some of the more squeamish officers are about to throw up but they managed to restrain themselves.

Seitenshi\'s expression turned pale but she never looked away from the screen.

Kikunojou is the one who looked like he\'s not affected by the gory scenes being shown on the screen.

Just a minute ago, they witnessed how the father and daughter pair slaughtered a bunch of highly capable officers like they were some street punks asking to get shot. It was an absolute massacre.

There are at least 10 IP pairs here that were ranked at 1000 and above.

The 10 plus IP pairs got done in quite easily, the Hiruko father and daughter pair proved to be too great a foe for them as they are all now fertilizer for the ground.

It\'s reasonable for the powerful people gathered ehre to be shocked and afraid.

Seitenshi adjusted herself and she looked at one of the officers standing there.

"Where are the others?"

"They are already deployed and are heading towards them."

The officer said this while sweating profusely, his voice also sounded coarse.

"They won\'t make it in time, 2 hours is enough time for the two to get away."

A lot of officers had looks of despair.

One hour ago, Hiruko Kagetani obtained the Seven Stars Legacies and are making preparations for the summoning of a Stage V Gastrea. These powerful people were summoned here by Seitenshi who is fully aware of what a dire situation they are in. The objective is simple, come up with plans to stop the Hiruko pairing at all cost. They sent multiple teams of civil defense teams and the first team arrived first, rather, the first team were the first batch of victims.

They underestimated the strength of this formerly ranked 134 IP pairing. They though scores of 3 digit ranked IP pairings would make up for the difference in strength.

At this rate, a stage 5 Gastrea will really destroy Tokyo Area.

A high-ranking official spoke out in a hesitant manner.

"Why didn\'t they kill the initiators, from what I have seen they only murdered the promoters?"


The victims were all promoters.

The initiators were knocked out by Kohina or Kagetani and properly restrained.

These two are psychopaths, murdering children should have been a piece of cae for them.

Seitenshi had an idea.

"I am afraid they are…"

Someone finished her sentence.

"Leverage against me huh?"

Someone slammed the door open.

A youngster walked in with a cloth sack in tow. He had a stack of paper with him as well. A lot of security guards are scrambling after him in failed and/or poor attempts to stop him from entering the conference.

Seitenshi and others cried out in surprise.

"Guild master Noah?"

Noah barged in at the conference. Noah had a very cold glint in his eyes. He didn\'t have time to acknowledge the red shirts in the room. He looked at the screen and he quickly came to a conclusion.

"He knew I had a soft spot for cursed children so he used that against me to prevent my pursuit, what a despicable man…"

They finally returned to their senses.

"Guild master Noah, you aren\'t invited to this function."

Kikunojou narrowed his eyes at him.

"Trespassing, more so when it\'s a venue for matters relating to national defense is something that cannot be excused with just a few admonishments you know?"

Noah glanced at him and he threw the stack of paper he had onto the table.

Of particular note is one piece of paper that had a seal left by someone on it with signatures to boot.

They all turned their attention towards the paper. They inhaled when they saw the contents.

It\'s a joint treaty.

The function of the seal is simple, it\'s to conceal the mastermind behind the treaty among the participants and witnesses to this document. Anyone looking at this document would only know the names of accomplices and not the true mastermind.

The joint treaty is titled: "Joint legacy on stealing the Legacies of the Seven Stars"

Some of the dumb accomplices named here looked instinctively at a certain person and they quickly looked away after they realized what they were doing.

That individual is one of the named individuals on this document.

"Seitenshi-sama, your subordinates like to dabble in interesting ventures…"

Noah said in a sarcastic tone.

"To think the one who supported Kagetani is among the members here. For this reason, Kagetani was able to steal the legacy of the seven stars without a hitch. The mastermind also sealed information regarding the location of the legacy making counter-measures very ineffective and untimely. What a sad state of affair we are in, but, thanks to the mastermind I managed to save a lot of time."


The high ranking official named on the document quickly turned pale while shaking his head.

"It is-isn\'t me…"

Everyone looked at him with an anguished look.

Seitenshi glanced at Kikunojou and he looked at the officer with frosty eyes.

"Take him away."

"Wh-what… No… Tendo-sama, I-I w—!"

The security guards dragged the officer out of the room.

Seitenshi looked at Noah in a hesitant manner.

"Guild master Noah…"

"Spare me the explanations."

Noah looked at the screen.

"I don\'t know and I don\'t want to know what games you political figures are playing here."


Noah raised his head and he looked straight at Tendo Kikunojou.

"Anyone who plans on harming Fairy Tail better be prepared for hell. I will see to it that it won\'t end well for whoever that person might be."

Noah turned around and he exited the room since he had said his piece and had no further business with them. He couldn\'t care less about the oppressive stares he\'s getting.