Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 101

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 101: angered, I am going to make you rest here for all eternity

"Join you guys?"

Noah flinched.

"You want me to join you on the destruction of the Tokyo Area?"

"Just the Tokyo Area?"

Hiruko Kagetane mused before he chuckled.

"Guild master Noah, according to the information I gathered, you used your own fortune to buy up all the cheap land on the borders of the Outer Area. You then proceeded to build a lot of residences, schools, and hospitals while taking in cursed children that have nowhere else to go. You built Fairy Tail from nothing."

Noah didn\'t say anything but his eyes meant business going by how cold they are.

Hiruko didn\'t notice his eyes or he didn\'t care. Either way, he continued talking.

"From before it was completed to after it was established, Fairy Tail only got more and more famous. Nobody thought anyone with a sane mind would go through all the trouble for children that can turn into monsters at any given time."

Humans who are infected by the Gastrea Virus will inevitably turn into a monster after the virus severely mutates their DNA. This process happens in a very rapid fashion with no cure.

The cursed children are exceptions to this process.

However, the cursed children are strong fighting assets that are fueled by the ticking bomb in their bodies, the bomb known as the Gastrea virus.

The Gastrea virus is still active in the cursed children.

The strain of the Gastrea virus in cursed children doesn\'t rapidly mutate their host, instead, the virus slowly but surely mutates the children. The children got their supernatural strength and regenerative abilities as a side effect of this mutation process.

Sooner or later, cursed children will turn into Gastrea monsters. The timing depends on a lot of factors but it could be anyone\'s guess when they turn into monsters.

The mutation completion process or corrosion rate is a rough measure of how likely a cursed child will turn into a monster. It is common knowledge that once this corrosion rate reaches 50%, a cursed child will turn into a monster, losing the ability to maintain their human form or rationality.

This is also the reason why a lot of cursed children end up taking jobs as Initiators because of IISO, the International Initiator Supervising Organization. IISO has suppressing agents that when injected into the cursed children can significantly delay the corrosion speed.

To get the formula, Noah had to pull a lot of stops. Without the formula, a lot of cursed children would have turned a long time ago.

"Why did you built Fairy Tail? I could more or less guess."

Kagetane looked down at Noah while standing on top of the wall like a poser.

"In order to get Fairy Tail in operation, I guess you must have met a lot of barriers and resistance right?"

Noah clenched his fists.

Kagetane\'s not referring to the monsters he had to take out nor the amount of time he had to put in. He\'s referring to the humans that made his job really tough.

Ignoring Tendo Kikunojou who hated cursed children to the point of apathy, even the average citizen from the Stolen Generation hated cursed children. To them, cursed children are vermins, a plague on society.

He also had to purge a lot of dissenters who sneaked into his organization to cause damage.

Noah knows all too well that talking to people who are blinded by anger and hate is a fool\'s errand. He had no pity left to spare for these pathetic humans.

Noah had to personally send a lot of them packing back into the safe comfort of the city area after they came and caused trouble on Fairy Tail grounds.

They huffed and puffed like annoying animals. They demonstrated and they protested but Noah had better things to do then to bow down to their demands.

Fairy Tail got its name because the protestors inadvertently made Fairy Tail a big deal by making a big deal out of this.

Noah became associated with Fairy Tail as the guardian of the cursed children refuges.

Kagetane stirred up a lot of unpleasant memories Noah would rather not remember. He tightened his grip on his handgun.

"I am quite impressed that you established Fairy Tail under such severely adverse conditions. With all honesty, I tip my hat to you."

"Have you seriously never considered just killing off all these people who are only good at opening and closing their mouths? Just be done with it."

Noah knew where Kagetane is taking this. He stopped him with a question.

"And that\'s why you\'re extending me an invitation?"

"Yes, at least that\'s the motivation in you that I am banking on."

Kagetane continued.

"We are invited you because you are very strong."


Noah said in a sarcastic manner.

"You\'re considering me an obstacle to your plans?"

"You got that right but not the full picture."

Kagetane pressed down on his hat before extending an arm.

"Come, join me and let us send this world to its inevitable end."

"Send the world to hell?"

The words are like cold water being poured on his heart.

A raging fire started burning.

Destroy the worlds that rejoiced at their restoration, the world that are practically begging him to be saved?

Are you kidding me?!

Noah raised his head. His eyes are burning with pure wrath. HIs emotion caused his magic power to leak out in torrents. His magic power started affecting his surrounding, causing a minor storm in the area.

"If you say that again, I am going to make you rest here for all eternity."

His gargantuan magic power blew away all the debris around him.


Kagetane and Kohina raised both their arms to steady themselves. Their bodies tensed up and they immediately started to feel very threatened by the person before them.

They can\'t detect magic power but from the mysterious sensation of an invisible force strangling them, they knew that Noah can pull off what he said and then some.


Kagetane can\'t hide his shock.

"Wh-what are you?"

"Papa… Papa…"

Kohina\'s bloodlust got turned into terror.

"We are gonna die…"

Kagetane clenched his teeth.

"Let\'s run!"

Kagetane and Kohina instantly turned tail and disappeared from Noah\'s sight.

The minor storm slowly quelled as the one who conjured this calmed his heart.

He stood there with his eyes closed and he let the cool rainwater rain all over him.