Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 100

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 100: The inner workings of the Tendo family?

The temperature lowered the moment Kisara said that.

Kisara\'s scary expression and her eyes are filled with hate. Rentaro and Eju lowered their heads without saying anything. Even Noah frowned.

What\'s going on?

Did She just say she wants to join in as well?

Does she want to kill her own grandfather?

Noah came across a notion he never considered before.

Kisara is supposed to be a Tendo family member, as a member of the main family, she\'s a bona fide noble lady.

But, despite studying in a school for rich kids, her personal life is very modest, Her company is also not very well-known.

According to Noah\'s information gathering, Kisara left the Tendo group along with her childhood friend Rentaro because of some issues within the Tendo clan. They decided to strike out on their own.

Her hatred is probably connected with why both of them left the Tendo Clan.

Noah confirmed something.

"In other words…"

Noah looked at both Kisara and Rentaro.

"If I really went up against Kikunojou, I presume there won\'t be any resistance from you guys?"


Rentaro hesitated, he lowered his shoulders as if he gave up.

"I don\'t know…"

"Not just that, I will even offer my help. I am even willing to beg you to let me help."


Enju looked flustered.


Rentaro closed his eyes as if he didn\'t want to see this side of Kisara.

Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju\'s expressions told Noah enough for him to continue.

"Kikunojou\'s grievance with me is in a way misconstrued."

Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju are shocked.

"I don\'t have any personal beef with the guy. If I did, he would have been buried 6 feet under for a long time now!"

Noah said it in a matter-of-factly manner.

"He wants to see cursed children living wretched lives. I want to see them live like they are in heaven. He\'s against the cursed children and I am for the cursed children, we both belong to different sides, that is the issue here."

Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju exchanged looks.


Enju stood up and she yelled out loud.

"I will always be on your side!"

Noah amused himself with her cheerful attitude. Before he can say anything, his phone rang.

Noah stopped and he took out his phone. Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju tensed up.


Noah kept listening to the voice on the other end before he nodded.

"I understand."

Noah hung up and he lowered his head.

The others felt an ominous feeling rising up within them.

"What is it?"

Rentaro asked in a worried tone.

"Did you locate Kagetane?"


Noah looked at them.

"But, based on reliable sources, the Original Gastrea carrying the Seven star legacy has been dealt with, the suitcase was stolen by a guy in mask and tailcoat."


Kisara, Rentaro, and Enju stood up in surprise.

They seemed to be aware of the consequences of this artifact being stolen by Kagetane.

"How did this happen?"

Kisara gnashed her teeth.

"Kagetane is only assisted by his promoter, he also needs to evade our detection. Meanwhile, we have almost the entire Tokyo Area swarming with civil defense officers. How did he manage to get a one-up on us? Why was the information delayed until now?"


Noah stood up. He sneered in a cold manner.

"Somebody is helping him by restricting information."

"Are you saying someone is hindering this operation?"

Rentaro\'s expression tensed up.

"In other words…"


Kisara\'s tone heightened.

"He\'s got allies behind him!"

Noah didn\'t say anything, he picked up his trusty cloth sack and he headed towards the exit.


Enju yelled.

"Where are you going?"

Noah opened the door and he left a sentence, ignoring whatever they had to say.

"The state office."


Leaving behind Rentaro, Kisara, and Enju in Fairy Tail, Noah walked in the Outer Region like it\'s his backyard, the ruins and rubble formed a picture esque scene as he traversed the region.

This scene didn\'t continue for long. Noah stopped when droplets of water hit him. It started raining, he almost didn\'t notice the dark clouds due to how dark the sky had turned.

Ignoring the rain, he pierced the cloth sack into the ground with a strong throw.


The sack containing his magic arming sword stood proud.

Noah took out his revolver from his coat. He shot one of the stone rubble near him.


The bullet that can do more damage than an anti-tank rifle easily demolished the rubble.



Two figures retreated away from the rubble before it got shattered.

"As expected of Fairy Tail\'s guildmaster, the guardian of cursed children, even your way of greeting someone is special. Well, I don\'t mind being greeted this way."

Standing on top of the demolished rubble, the two of them introduced themselves even when people of power in Tokyo Area are looking for them. Kagetane and Kohina made their appearance in front of Noah.

"We meet again."

Kohina is giddy with her wakizashi in hands.

"Papa, can I continue where we left off?"

"Not this time, my daughter."

Kagetane dramatically announced.

"We still have to talk you see…"

Noah lowered his gun, he stared at Kagetane.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"Let\'s get down to brass tacks."

Kagetane extended his hand.

"You, how do you like the idea of joining us?"