His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 96 - What Happened Before Was... (2)

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Chapter 96 - What Happened Before Was... (2)

Yao Ling could see the crazed look on Liu Li\'s eyes and she almost shook her head helplessly. This woman was really a lunatic. Sooner or later, she would meet her demise because of her own behavior and ambition.

"Young Mistress... this servant only talked nonsense. Please don\'t listen to this servant! There must be some misunderstanding. Please don\'t blame Young Master!" Liu Li pleaded on Yao Ying\'s behalf.

This bitch! Yao Ling cursed inwardly. She was a mere maidservant and she had the gut to plead for her young master. The crazy thing was she didn\'t even serve the both of them! She was just a maidservant of a mere concubine. Xiao Yu\'s standing was actually higher than her! If she didn\'t actually use a dirty method, she would probably ask Xiao Yu to handle her. Too bad, Liu Li currently had the upper hands.

Yao Ling sighed and sadly said, "This is a woman\'s fate." She glanced at Liu Li and added, "As long as he doesn\'t bring one home, then I will be content."

Yao Ling laughed inwardly. \'You wanted to appear to be understanding of my husband, huh? What now? Later... you will say that you already climb my husband\'s bed, huh?\' This Liu Li was really too confident in herself. It seemed like she thought that she had everyone on the palm of her hands.

The last part was served as a warning to Liu Li. Even if she harbored evil intention by trying to climb her husband\'s bed with some kind of crazy methods, but she was still the main wife and she would never accept a concubine. She is a jealous woman. Her man is her man and she didn\'t want to share Yao Ying with other women.

"Bu... But..." Liu Li would like to say that Yao Ling was a bully for saying that, but it would reveal her real intention. She paused for a little while and changed her tactic. "Ah... Young Mistress is really magnanimous. We live in a certain unspoken rule on the matter of taking concubines, but Young Mistress cleverly manages to dodge the rule. This servant is really envious of Young Mistress."

If Liu Li only said the last part, then she was simply only envious of her. But the way she said that Yao Ling cleverly dodged the rules, Yao Ling wasn\'t oblivious to the fact that a mere servant was blatantly quipping her. Yao Ling only held herself back because of Xiao Yu\'s matter. If not, she would certainly call people and have them slap this unruly servant.

"Don\'t worry! I don\'t need you to care about my matter. After all, you are Concubine Wan\'s maidservant. This courtyard matter doesn\'t belong to your job description. However, I\'m still thankful enough for your information. I will take care of my husband with utmost care," Yao Ling pleasantly said that while she still maintained her teary expression.

Yao Ling knew she had to affirm the boundary between master and maidservant, otherwise, with a shrewd person like Liu Li, she would be taken advantage of. Liu Li wasn\'t a person that knew her place and remember to be grateful. She didn\'t even feel grateful to Concubine Wan who saved her from the hua lou by bringing her along with her, instead, Liu Li was busy scheming everywhere. She was really thinking too highly of herself.

"Young... Young Mistress... this... this servant just worried about you. This servant didn\'t mean to meddle on Young Mistress\'s business," Liu Li explained and started to sob, making it look like that she was being bullied.

Yao Ling pretended to be softened and patted her shoulder, "I know you have a good intention and I\'m not blaming you. Just remember that the problem between your masters, you are not in the position to make a comment about it and even try to find or give an unwelcomed solution. When the masters don\'t talk or mention something, then there\'s no place for a maidservant to say and mention about those problems. Do you understand?"

Yao Ling could see the change of expression on Liu Li\'s face --- she was getting paler than usual, but she didn\'t answer Yao Ling\'s question whether she understood or not. But Yao Ling didn\'t stop there, she continued talking, "I know I am probably only from a peasant background, but currently I am Wang Fu\'s child. Zhang Mo Mo especially teaches me about etiquette and she especially mentioned to me about this teaching."

Yao Ling cleverly shifted the blame of what she had said to Zhang Mo Mo. After all, she did really teach her about that. If Liu Li wanted to say a bad thing about that teaching, it meant that she was trying to oppose the matriarch\'s teaching. After all, Zhang Mo Mo was serving under the matriarch. If Liu Li still dared to say something against that teaching, then Yao Ling would personally applaud on her bravery.

"You...Young Mistress... this servant doesn\'t dare," Liu Li stuttered. She didn\'t think that Yao Ling would give her no face. In fact, she was really too full-headed, she still thought too highly of herself. Yao Ling didn\'t have to give a face to a mere maidservant just like her. It was different from Qin Xiu Ai --- she had to give that girl a face, even though she was trying to take advantage of her husband. After all, she was a concubine daughter of an important family. She actually gave a face to the Qin family.

"I know... that\'s why I said that you meant well and I also won\'t blame you with your lack of understanding. After all, I also didn\'t know about it when I was only a peasant girl, but Zhang Mo Mo indeed helped me a lot with her teaching. I know from Xiao Yu as a servant, no one ever teaches about those things," Yao Ling smiled.

In other words, Liu Li was so stupid and didn\'t understand about noble\'s temperament and etiquette. She just softened what she said by mentioning Zhang Mo Mo once again. She also reminded her status as a servant. Yao Ling also admitted that she blatantly said that she also oblivious about that fact when she was a peasant and flaunted her new status for a little bit.

Liu Li couldn\'t help but feel that Yao Ling was a tricky woman. It seemed like she gave her a nice lecture, but she could hear the sarcasm behind her words. Liu Li knew that she lost this battle and to remove Yao Ling, she had to use her pawn --- Xiao Yu\'s younger brother. She could use Xiao Yu to find out about Yao Ling\'s weakness.

"This servant is thanking Young Mistress for Young Mistress\' kind teaching," Liu Li muttered the sentences indignantly, but she didn\'t let it show on her face. "I\'m just worried about Young Master," Liu Li said.

"Oh... worried about Young Master? Why? He has me and about him going to a hua lou, it doesn\'t seem that it concerns you, right?" Yao Ling started to feel agitated. This Liu Li really didn\'t know when to stop. Yao Ling was one step away from throttling her. Which maidservant had the gut to say something like that unless she really didn\'t put Yao Ling in her eyes? She never considered Yao Ling as one of the masters in \'Wang Fu\'.

Yao Ling\'s lips curled up for a little bit. She knew that she would get a good show later when she saw someone was coming.

"Young Mistress, this servant just accidentally said the wrong thing. This servant meant to say that this servant worried about Young Mistress, not Young Master," Liu Li tried to cover up her mistake. "This servant is meddling too much. Please forgive this servant, Young Mistress."

"I hope you won\'t covet something that is out of reach. Do you understand?" Yao Ling asked, smiling --- even though the smile didn\'t really reach her eyes.

"This servant doesn\'t dare to covet Young Master..." Liu Li trailed off.

Yao Ling smiled inwardly. Let the good show begins!