His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 93 - The Awkward Dinner

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Chapter 93 - The Awkward Dinner

The bath was quickly prepared. Two servants were indeed more efficient that one and he mentally thought that he should thank his father for his generosity. Before he went into the tub, he carefully opened his robe. He put the handkerchief which contained poison along with his presents for Yao Ling beside the tub. Yao Ying laid back inside the tub and closed his eyes. He felt his body muscle start to become more relaxed and it also made his headache slightly better.

Yao Ying knew that he couldn\'t take a bath for too long but he wanted to enjoy the luxury of bathing for a little while. The women in the brothel really made him feel dirty and he needed to remove the dirt thoroughly.

Before he felt satisfied, Xiu knocked on the door, "Young Master... Young Mistress is waiting for you to eat dinner together. Xiao Yu was just here to send the message."

"Okay," Yao Ying answered. It seemed like he should finish his bath as soon as possible. He quickly got out of the tub with a jump and dried himself. Yao Ying put on his robe and didn\'t forget to bring the poison and presents along with him. The wife is more important than a mere bath!

Yao Ying went to his room and smiled brightly when he saw Yao Ling waiting for him. "Why are you waiting for me? I don\'t want you to starve yourself." He sweetly said.

Ah... the best woman in the whole world is really his wife. Only by seeing her, he could already feel a sense of belonging. He felt that he was at home.

Yao Ying felt too happy and he missed the pout on Yao Ling\'s face. "Of course I have to wait upon my husband, otherwise, my dear husband would probably stay at hua lou and forget about this lonely wife," Yao Ling said and smiled eerily.

Yao Ying stopped at his track and sweated profusely. Damn! Did she find out about it? "What... what do you mean, Ling-er? This husband will never forget about you!" He knew he had to explain his behavior, but her piercing gaze really stopped his brain from working. It looked like his wife was really angry.

He knew right away that he was in deep shit. Damn!

"Oh... just now someone came to me and very... very eagerly... saying that she saw my lovely husband actually went to a hua lou with Young Master Lin Jian," Yao Ling said leisurely, but Yao Ying could feel the chilliness behind her voice. Yes... she was feeling resentful.

Should he just pretend to faint? He probably could gain the beauty\'s pity and then she would let him off? Yao Ying berated himself inside his mind. Since when did he become such a coward? He was the one who went along with Lin Jian to the hua lou, then he should be the one who manned up and admitted his wrongdoing. Even if he had another purpose there, but Yao Ling didn\'t know about it. For making his wife angry, it was his own mistake.

"I\'m sorry," Yao Ying said meekly. "But, I have a reason for it."

Yao Ling knew that he probably had his own reasons. Yao Ying never did anything that made her doubted him, but she couldn\'t help but feel angry. It was a brothel for God\'s sake! Yao Ling sighed in defeat and nodded, "I will listen to your reasoning later. For now, we should probably eat first. I don\'t want us to talk about this matter with an empty stomach. An empty stomach can make people\'s mood become bad. I want us to talk peacefully."

Yao Ying looked at his wife in awe. When did he get so lucky? Where could someone find a wife as understanding as his wife? Only him! Yao Ying proudly bragged to himself and he knew that he should really cherish this wife. Instead of throwing tantrum, she still felt that she needed to take care of him first.

"Thank you, Wife." Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling, feeling grateful for her mercy.

Although Yao Ling said that they should eat together, the tense atmosphere was obviously still there. Yao Ying wanted to open his mouth to talk, but he understood why Yao Ling wanted them to eat first. She wanted to calm herself down and not to make this matter worse.

Who dared telling Yao Ling without his consent? Was it Liu Li? The more he thought about that Liu Li, the more he hated that maidservant. She wasn\'t only evil but also dangerous! And she also wanted to sow discord between them. Yao Ying was one step too late. If he gave Yao Ling the presents at the moment, he felt certain that she wouldn\'t appreciate the presents. Instead, she would take it wrongly. She would think that he gave her presents out of guilt and he didn\'t want that to happen.

"What are you doing today?" Yao Ying asked about her day, trying to gauge Yao Ling\'s reaction. He was actually dying to ask who the culprit was, but he didn\'t dare to ask.


And... he was met with the deafening silence. Yao Ling ate slowly but she didn\'t answer him. She didn\'t even look at him! There was no sound inside the room. Xiao Yu and Xiu could feel the eerie atmosphere and they didn\'t dare to make a sound. They realized that Young Mistress was truly angered! Yao Ying was planning to introduce Feng to his wife, so he told him to wait outside. He didn\'t know how to bring up the subject when he was faced with the angry Yao Ling.

Yao Ying decided to sacrifice Xiu. He gave him a signal with his head and mouthed the word Feng without a sound. He wanted to let Xiu introduce Feng to Yao Ling. Xiu could feel how he was sweating in fear. This was a matter between husband and wife ah~ How could Young Master easily sacrifice him just like this?

"Young... Young Mistress..." Xiu called her hesitantly. He waited for her response but got nothing. When all of them thought Yao Ling would also disregard Xiu, the opposite happened. "What?" Yao Ling answered him, albeit only one word. Xiu had a bit of better luck than Yao Ying.

Yao Ying felt hurt, but he knew he was in the wrong. He only clenched his jaw and nodded to Xiu, wanting him to continue talking. At least, it would make the atmosphere slightly better.

"Master sent one more servant to serve Young Master. Young Master and this servant would like to introduce him to Young Mistress," Xiu said meekly.

"Really?" She tilted up her head, slightly raising her eyebrow. The question was asked to Yao Ying and it made him feel happy. At least, she started talking to him. Sacrificing Xiu was a really great choice! If Xiu could hear Yao Ying\'s thought, he would definitely cry a river.

"Yes, Ling-er. He currently waits outside," Yao Ying said. Yao Ying turned to Xiu and ordered him, "Xiu, you can call Feng in."

Feng followed behind Xiu. When he stepped forward, Yao Ling and Xiao Yu gasped in surprise. Their eyes flickered between Xiu and Feng. They couldn\'t mask their surprise very well and they were practically gaping at Xiu and Feng. The scene was too funny, but Yao Ying didn\'t dare to laugh out loud. He didn\'t want to add the list of his fault on Yao Ling\'s book.

"Ho... How?" Yao Ling asked in surprise. "Your name is Feng, right?"

"Yes, Young Mistress. This servant\'s name is Feng."

"Why... why do the both of you totally resemble each other?" Yao Ling was dumbfounded with what she saw.

Xiu and Feng looked at each other and laughed. "Because we are twins." Both answered at the same time.

"Ahhh... I see," Yao Ling nodded in understanding. Her eyes flickered at Xiao Yu who looked dumbfounded as well. The girl was really cute. What would she possibly think about this new discovery? Yao Ling was curious about Xiao Yu\'s thought because of someone that she possibly liked had a doppelganger.

"Welcome to the family," Yao Ling welcomed Feng kindly.

"Thank you, Young Mistress. Great minds do think alike. Young Master also welcomed me with the same speech," Feng smiled.