His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 86 - Hua Lou

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Chapter 86 - Hua Lou

Lin Jian gave signals to the women in which they cleverly caught. They quickly changed their target to Yao Ying. "Young Master… comes with us. Don\'t be shy! We guarantee that you won\'t regret coming into our hua lou..." They flocked to him like a group of hungry birds and all the women held him with their tight grips. "Your pleasure will be guaranteed here," The women said sweetly.

Yao Ying wasn\'t able to free himself and he was being dragged into the hell hole without being able to defend himself. If he used his strength, he would hurt the women and it would bring him a lot of troubles.

One, he didn\'t like hurting women. Two, the news of a man beating a woman wasn\'t a good thing to hear. If they knew it was him, then it would affect Fu Rong and Wang Fu\'s reputation. Three, if his name was spread around, Yao Ling would definitely hear about it and she would kill him!

Yao Ying glared at Lin Jian and said, "I\'m going to kill you!" He already told him that he was kicked out of his bed by Yao Ling and he still brought him here!

The naughty Lin Jian just laughed when he looked at the helpless Yao Ying being pulled helplessly by the ladies. "Who told you to keep bullying me?" Lin Jian yelled. He wanted Yao Ying to hear him clearly.

After saying that, he laughed and followed the victim -- Yao Ying by going inside the hua lou. "Come on! Go to this young master usual room! Today... this young master wants this young master\'s friend to be happy! Money? Don\'t worry about it! This young master will be very generous today." Lin Jian gave the order to the women happily.

They were pulled to the highest floor and judging from the room\'s condition, it was specially designed for VIP customers. Each room was pretty spacious and the decoration\'s quality was also the best. The hua lou seemed to guarantee the identity and secret of their VIP customers. Their arrangement was very good.

Yao Ying was pulled to the room at the furthest end and it looked like it was the biggest room on the floor. This Lin Jian was certainly very rich and generous. He didn\'t dare to think how much money this room and service would cost him. He felt pain when he thought about the amount of money that was thrown away recklessly by Lin Jian while he had to save up for his family\'s future. This Young Master Lin was too extravagant!

"Lin Jian! I don\'t want to be here!" Yao Ying complained.

"Young Master, why don\'t you want to stay here? The ladies here haven\'t shown you our great skill yet. What\'s the hurry?"

"Yes, Young Master. Don\'t be such in a hurry! We will guarantee that you will have a pleasurable time here!"

Yao Ying could feel his whole body shiver after listening to the women\'s words. He didn\'t like being touch freely like this and he also hated the fact that they wore heavy perfume. It made him dizzy and uncomfortable. His previous headache started to come back, haunting him. Fortunately, it wasn\'t as bad as before.

Lin Jian could see how stiff Yao Ying was and it made him want to laugh out loud. This was his payback. He was usually going to this hua lou strictly for business purpose and all the ladies here were only his cover-up. At first, he wanted to bring Yao Ying here to meet up with his master. However, Yao Ying kept making him feel annoyed and it was time for him to annoy him back.

Lin Jian knew that from Yao Ying\'s reaction that he had never been to this kind of place and Yao Ying certainly didn\'t enjoy himself. It really amused him. The women knew the fact that he was here purely for business, but they cleverly understood his signal to torment Yao Ying. After all, this hua lou belonged to Wang Fu and Lin Fu. Yes, they were business partners. Only a few people knew about this and it seemed like Yao Ying wasn\'t one of them.

Lin Jian laughed and said, "Yao Ying! Relax! Enjoy yourself! You can also ask them, what kind of presents are suitable to be given to an angry wife."

Yao Ying felt like smacking the idiot in front of him. What\'s the use of giving her wife a present now? If she knew where he got the idea from, she wouldn\'t let him off! "This is what you call as a solution? Are you stupid? You bring me more trouble now!" Yao Ying asked angrily.

Lin Jian gasped in fake innocence. "What? How? These women can give you solutions! Right, Ladies?" Lin Jian asked the ladies in a flirting manner.

The women giggled. "Of course. Just tell us your problem and we will help you fix it right away." Previously, the women only held his arms. However, after saying that they wanted to fix his problems, the two women bravely touched Yao Ying\'s chest flirtily. They even had the gall to stick their bouncy b.r.e.a.s.ts to his arms. All he felt was nausea. Yao Ying just knew that he didn\'t like the feeling at all! This was far too different from the happiness that he felt when Yao Ling touched him.

Yao Ying quickly stood up, trying to free himself from the women\'s annoying clutch. He glared at Lin Jian and threatened him, "Tell them to scram or I will pay you back with more severe consequences!" Yao Ying really meant it. He took Lin Jian\'s fan which he put down on the table after they arrived in the room and fanned himself. Yao Ying was trying to get rid of the heavy perfume stench. He just hated the smell!

Lin Jian laughed. "What kind of thing that you will be able to threaten me with?" He arrogantly asked.

Yao Ying laughed back. "Are you sure that you want to know?"

"Of course!"Lin Jian leisurely drank tea, while looking at Yao Ying in anticipation.

"Good! I remember that our father loves to bet, right?"

"So?" Lin Jian asked, raising one of his eyebrows. "What\'s the connection between the bet and me?"

"I can suggest to them a very entertaining bet concerning you."

When Lin Jian heard this statement, he could feel the cold sweat on his back. This wasn\'t good at all! "What do you mean? What kind of bet?" He knew one thing for sure, their old men were really crazy about their bet. They would do anything... yes, anything... just to win the bet. Their pride wouldn\'t let them taste a loss. Once someone became the target of their bet, nothing good would come out of it!

Yao Ying pretended to think while scratching his chin and contemplating. He grinned and talked confidently to Lin Jian, "How about... let them bet when will you get married?"

Lin Jian could feel he got the goosebumps all around his body after listening to Yao Ying\'s suggestion. If that really happened, his days would be over in the blink of an eye. He imagined what the both of them would do. They would send many young ladies\' pictures and even sent women to his lap. No... no... no... he couldn\'t let that happen!

"No! Stop! I will tell them to scram! Don\'t you dare to put that idea into their head!" Lin Jian was in a panic. He quickly turned his gaze to the ladies and said, "Go! Quickly go! What are you doing here? This young master doesn\'t need any women to accompany us today."

The women quickly did as they were told, although they were pouting and feeling wronged. It was rare for them to have such a handsome young master as a customer and if they could gain his favor, it would be their blessing. However, their hope was crushed before they could work on it and they could do nothing about it. They retreated and left both young masters on their own.

Lin Jian glared indignantly at Yao Ying. "Are you happy now?"

"Very." Yao Ying grinned widely.

Lin Jian was really afraid of being implicated with the old men\'s bet. He just blurted it out randomly and it actually worked!