His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 83 - Poison (2)

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Chapter 83 - Poison (2)

Wang Luo Hai was surprised with the turn of events, even Mei Li gu niang and her shadow guards. Wang Luo Hai asked Mei Li gu niang in panic, "What happened to my son? The poison isn\'t supposed to make someone fainted."

Mei Li gu niang quickly checked on Yao Ying\'s pulse and told Wang Luo Hai her diagnose, "This isn\'t because of my poison. Something triggered his brain, probably about his missing memories. I remember that your stepson lost his memories, right?"

"Yes, he is. Will he be okay?"

"I will help him with acupuncture to lessen his pain and he will be okay in a few shichen. In the meantime, I need to make him relax his brain and let him sleep for a little while," Mei Li gu niang explained. She was a poison master, but also a doctor. Helping Yao Ying was a small matter to her, but Wang Luo Hai was truly feeling grateful to her.

"Thank You, Mei Li gu niang."

Mei Li gu niang knew that Wang Luo Hai was his master\'s important subordinates, so she couldn\'t let something happened to Yao Ying or it would affect their relationship. She worked diligently and Wang Luo Hai was in awe when looking at how she tried to cure Yao Ying with her skill. No wonder she could stay by Master\'s side. Mei Li gu niang might be young, but she was talented in her own way.

After one shichen had passed, Mei Li gu niang finally finished her treatment. "He will be fine. Do you bring your subordinates?"

"You know the rules. I don\'t," Wang Luo Hai gulped. Did he have to drag Yao Ying all the way to their home? His old bone would break along the way and he could only do basic defense. He indeed brought two shadow guards, but he couldn\'t let them follow until here so they stayed a bit far from him.

"When will he wake up?" Wang Luo Hai asked.

"Approximately one more shichen." Mei Li gu niang answered him, laughing. "How do you plan to take him home, old man? Will you let him sleep in the wilderness just like this?"

Wang Luo Hai gritted his teeth in annoyance. How dare she called him old man? Even though he knew that he wouldn\'t be able to bring Yao Ying home in this condition, he wouldn\'t admit it. "Don\'t worry! I can wait until he wakes up. Only one more shichen, right?"

"Oh well... I have two shadow guards here... I actually planned to help you and let them take away your son. But... you don\'t need my help, right?"

Wang Luo Hai felt like vomiting blood due to what Mei Li gu niang said. Did she want him to throttle her? He was more concerned with Yao Ying\'s condition than his pride. So, when he saw Mei Li gu niang turned around and wanted to leave even without a proper goodbye, he called her, "Wait... Mei Li gu niang!"

"Yes, Wang Luo Hao da ren?" Mei Li gu niang asked sweetly. In her mind, she chanted, \'Beg me! Beg me! Beg me!\' This old man was her favorite person to tease. She knew that the master regarded this Wang Luo Hai highly and she was simply jealous. In her mind, the master was hers and hers alone.

Wang Luo Hai gritted his teeth but he naturally had to succ.u.mb to this weird woman\'s wish. He needed her help and he could only begged, "Please help this old man!"

Mei Li gu niang pretended to stretch her neck and put on of her hands on her ears. "Say that again? I can\'t clearly hear you... Can you speak louder?"

Wang Luo Hai closed his eyes, trying to calm himself. This woman was as annoying as Lin Zheng. Why did he always surrounded by these types of people? He chanted inside his mind, \'This is for Yao Ying! Yao Ying! Yao Ying!\'

"Mei Li gu niang, please help this old man\'s son!" Wang Luo Hai spoke louder.

Even a fool could see the blossoming smile underneath the veil and it made Wang Luo Hai scowl a bit more. This woman was simply infuriating!

"Ah... Wang Luo Hai da ren, why are you being so polite with this gu niang? Of course, I will help you! You don\'t need to beg to this gu niang or else this gu niang will be shy," Mei Li gu niang answered with a cheery tone.

\'Shy... shy... shy... your head!\' If he stayed longer with this woman, Wang Luo Hai believed that he would already throw up blood a thousand times! What a black-bellied woman! She was the one who clearly wanted him to beg him.

Mei Li gu niang gave a signal to her hidden guards and the two quickly did their job. They helped Yao Ying up and one of them asked, "Where should we send this young master?" The question was directed to Wang Luo Hai.

Wang Luo Hai contemplated for a little while. It wouldn\'t be good if they went home straight to \'Wang Fu\'. This matter was only known to him and the matriarch. If Yao Ying suddenly appeared in this condition, then it would make a ruckus in the household. Besides, it would make Yao Ling worried. Whether Yao Ying wanted to tell Yao Ling or not, it was up to him.

Wang Luo Hai decided to take him into an inn and he told the hidden guard. Although Wang Luo Hai wasn\'t really good at qinggong, his skill was only at an okay level. The hidden guard had to lower his pace, so Wang Luo Hai could follow him. They arrived at the inn in no time. After the hidden guard put Yao Ying on the bed, he bade goodbye to Wang Luo Hai and left.

Wang Luo Hai looked at Yao Ying and sighed. He indeed felt guilty for tricking Yao Ying into joining this organization. He was getting older and he needed someone to continue what he had built so far. Wang Luo Hai wanted Yao Ying to continue to assist his master. He believed after joining their organization, Yao Ying would understand his point of view and know how great his master was.

However, to tell him all about this, he needed Yao Ying to wake up first. Wang Luo Hai could only wait patiently by his side. True to what Mei Li gu niang had said, Yao Ying woke up at approximately one shichen.

"Are you finally awake?" Wang Luo Hai asked carefully, feeling worried about his son.

Yao Ying slowly sat down and held his pounding head. His headache was slightly better but still enough to make him feel disoriented. He touched his head and faintly heard what Wang Luo Hai had said. "I\'m... I\'m fine."

"What happened? The poison wasn\'t supposed to be making you fainted!" Wang Luo Hai exclaimed.

"I\'m... not sure. I just tried to think about my past, but I had a sudden headache. I can\'t believe that I fainted," Yao Ying slurrily answered Wang Luo Hai\'s question.

Wang Luo Hai asked curiously, "Did the poison trigger something from your past?"

Yao Ying was confused as well and he didn\'t want to tell Wang Luo Hai about it. He wanted to make sure about the connection between his past self and Mei Li gu niang, so he had to join this organization. He didn\'t know whether he hit the jackpot by joining this organization or not. He should probably thank Wang Luo Hai for the lead, but he certainly wasn\'t thankful with how he did it. Not telling him about this poison really made him angry!

Yao Ying hoarsely said, "I don\'t know. I can\'t remember anything but feeling the headache." Yao Ying cleared his throat, "Father, can you pour a cup of water for me?"

Wang Luo Hai quickly poured a cup of water and gave it to him. Yao Ying drank it in one gulp and felt his previously dry throat better. "Father, can you tell me about this organization? Are you joining some kind of dark cult?" Yao Ying decided to ask Wang Luo Hai without beating around the bush.

Wang Luo Hai laughed at what Yao Ying suggested."What are you talking about? What dark cult? You are thinking too much!"