His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 8 - An Yang City (2)

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Chapter 8 - An Yang City (2)

Yao Ying was going to beat the one who mocked his wife. But before he did anything that probably would land him in trouble later, he heard what the host said, "It seems like I misjudged you, Young Lady." The middle-aged man slightly bowed to Yao Ling, apologizing. Although he was a hot-headed person, the host was quite honest in his conduct.

He took Yao Ling\'s embroidery and showed it to the crowd. The mandarin ducks were beautifully embroidered, and they looked like they were alive! The crowd murmured to themselves; they couldn\'t believe it! How could a young girl make such beautiful embroidery and it was done in just less than one shichen[1]? When they saw the other young ladies\' work, the difference was too big. They couldn\'t even finish one of the ducks.

Even Yao Ying never knew Yao Ling was talented in embroidery. He didn\'t think he had ever seen her doing embroidery during the time they lived together in the village. He looked at Yao Ling in disbelief. It seemed like there were a lot of things he didn\'t know about his wife after all.

The host changed his attitude, feeling apologetic. He looked at Yao Ling in respect. He announced Yao Ling as the winner and gave her the prize. Before Yao Ling went down from the stage, he asked Yao Ling, "Young miss, may I ask your name?"

"Is there a need for me to give you my name?" Yao Ling asked back politely.

The host grinned at her, "My name is Wang Luo Huai. I own several embroidery shops; I\'d like you to join our shop. I can give you a job and you will be paid according to your embroidery. I will also prepare the material for you. I won\'t swindle you and will honestly pay you according to your talent."

Wang Luo Hai is a businessman. He knew she was a gold mine for his shops, so he wouldn\'t let the opportunity slip by.

Yao Ling answered him, "I need to discuss it with my husband first. Can we talk again tomorrow? We must find an inn to rest for the night first. We just arrived in this city a few shichens ago."

Wang Luo Hai looked at her in amazement. This young lady just had a long journey, but she could embroider beautiful piece like that under such circ.u.mstances. He knew he had to make her work for him before his competitors found her. He understood the news about this girl would certainly spread tomorrow.

Without feeling ashamed, Wang Luo Hai followed Yao Ling to meet with her husband. Yao Ling was speechless but didn\'t stop him. The audiences gave her way and looked at her in a different light. In An Yang City, embroidery talent was valued very high. Their main source of income was from embroidery. It seemed Yao Ling and Yao Ying really hit the jackpot.

Yao Ling smiled and gave Yao Ying her embroidery, "I will finish this embroidery and make a pouch for you." Yao Ying nodded, feeling happy. He admired her talent.

Wang Luo Hai didn\'t want to lose his chance, trying to persuade this amazing talent. "Young man, my name is Wang Luo Hai. I\'d like to talk to you about a business deal regarding your wife. Do you have time?" He didn\'t dare to be impolite. He knew judging from their clothes, they were only peasants. He didn\'t care though; he only judged a person based on talent alone.

"Husband, I need your permission. I already told him we need to find a lodge first and talk about it tomorrow," Yao Ling explained.

"How about both of you live in my house for the night?" Wang Luo Hai offered. "It\'s late and because of the festival, the inns are probably already fully booked." What he said was the truth.

Both husband and wife looked at each other helplessly but nonetheless agreed. Wang Luo Hai was so happy that his smile was so wide, and his face was beet red. He quickly ordered his servants to bring them home and prepared a room. Everything was done efficiently.

They found themselves in a large house with beautiful decoration. This Wang Luo Hai was certainly rich. They had no time to pay attention to each detail and quickly brought to a guest room. The room was simple, but still emitting a rich aura. It had all the basic necessities and furniture. The bed was bigger than the one they owned back at the village. After settling down, dinner was also prepared for them.

"I don\'t know this Wang Luo Hai. Whether he has a good or bad character is still unknown, so we have to be careful." Yao Ying reminded Yao Ling. He was a cautious person and Yao Ling understood that perfectly. It was a good thing, especially when they knew nothing about this man and the business he had.

"Let\'s think about it tomorrow! We will know when Wang Luo Hai tells us the details. At least, we get a free lodging tonight," Yao Ling joked.

When it was time to sleep, both of them started to get nervous again. When they were on the way here, they slept in the forest and there was no time to think about their closeness. But on this comfortable bed, it was a different matter. The once big bed felt so small at the moment.

Inside the quilt, they felt their heart start to beat louder and faster. The bed was more comfortable than theirs and it felt weird for them. They weren\'t used to it, so they couldn\'t sleep at first. Yao Ling couldn\'t stand the silence. She turned around and asked Yao Ying, "Husband… have you fallen asleep?"

"Not yet."

"If we can start a business here, should we stay?" Yao Ling was referring to the business deal.

"If you want to stay for a while, then so be it. I can find a job for myself too. Maybe we can build a foundation here." Yao Ying wasn\'t sure why, but in his mind, he could easily calculate how to work out a business proposal. A sudden plan to open a business in each city was drawn in his mind, after realizing his wife\'s talent. Was this a part of his past?

"That\'s not a bad idea." Yao Ling seemed to agree. She was also a smart girl and she knew they really needed money. "If we build a foundation here, then it will be easier to obtain information, right?"

"Yes. But before we plan ahead, we should see the proposal tomorrow. We don\'t know Wang Luo Hai will give us a good deal or not, but at least your name will be spread tomorrow. I heard the pedestrians murmured how this city main source of income is from the embroidery shops. It means they need us more," Yao Ying explained.

Yao Ling raised her eyebrows, amazed with her husband\'s thought. "How can you be so clever in analyzing business things? I never see this side of you before."

Yao Ying sighed. "I\'m not sure either. It just pops up inside my mind."

"Maybe we can search Xiao family that do business?" Yao Ling guessed.

"Probably… we can think about that later. Leaving the village seems like a great choice."

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. She saw and enjoyed a lot of things in this one day. The journey from the village to here was a bit hard, but it was fun. She couldn\'t imagine finding her real family all alone. Without Yao Ying\'s martial arts, she didn\'t think she could survive from the wild beasts. Thinking back made her shudder.

"Can you embrace me?" Yao Ling asked shyly. She didn\'t know why, but she loved his warmth. Hmph! He\'s her husband, so she doesn\'t have to be shy and hold herself back. Yao Ling decided to be shameless because the truth was, she was afraid of losing his warmth… He made her feel safe.

Yao Ying gulped, but nonetheless, he obeyed her. Damn! He loved her soft body and warmth, but the thing under his pants was also loving it. It was getting hard without the owner\'s permission! Her smell was intoxicating him. She didn\'t wear any perfume, but her soft natural fragrance was so sweet.

Yao Ying realized every night until the designated times, he would suffer all alone. He couldn\'t even tell his wife about it.

\'Six months….. Come quickly, please!\' He screamed inside his mind.


[1]. Shichen: Two hours time in modern timing.

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