His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 75 - Seventy-four Days is Too Long…

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Chapter 75 - Seventy-four Days is Too Long…

"Mmmm..." Yao Ying\'s voice was muffled because of Yao Ling\'s hands on his mouth.

Yao Ying grinned and licked her palm slowly with his swirling tongue, which earned him an angry glare from Yao Ling. "Ew!" She let his mouth go and waved around her right palm in disgust. "You are so disgusting!" She whined in annoyance. "Do you know how many germs in your saliva?" As her mother\'s assistant, this little bit information was a known fact for her. It was so icky!

"It didn\'t stop you to exchange saliva with me though!" Yao Ying said with a smiling face and he appeared to look as innocent as possible.


Yao Ling gaped at his shamelessness. "What exchanged saliva?! I never did that with you."

"Tsk… tsk… My innocent wife…" He touched her face and pinched her cheek tenderly, after that he touched her lips and caressed them softly. "We did kiss a lot. Doing that… won\'t it be considered as exchanging saliva?"

Yao Ling knew that he was right, but she wasn\'t going to admit it. She wasn\'t as shameless as him. Yao Ling only pouted but didn\'t reply him.

Yao Ying laughed at her childishness and whispered on her ears, making her whole body tremble in need. "You can\'t deny it." Then, he licked her ears which made her m.o.a.n.

After that Yao Ying stepped back a little and touched his own chest in a mocking way. "Or you will certainly break my heart!"

Yao Ling turned her face away and threw a tantrum. "Never!"

Yao Ying laughed out loud and said in a low dangerous voice, "Then, I will prove it to you then, so you will admit it yourself!" He turned her face around by pinching her chin softly and then her hazy gaze landed at Yao Ying\'s smiley face.

Before she could say more about her annoyance, she gasped in surprise because of the sudden little pain on the back of her head. Yao Ying tugged her hair back a bit roughly. She was supposed to get angry at him due to the pain, but after seeing his fiery gaze, she swallowed back down the angry words that she wanted to say. God! He looked so ravishing at the moment.

Without another thought, Yao Ying gave her the proof. He crashed down his lips to her small ones and licked it softly. After he didn\'t get the satisfied response, he bit her lips hard, but not hard enough to make it painful for her. He was trying to pry open her mouth and gaining entrance to her sweet little mouth. This much… could already prove that they indeed exchanged the so-called saliva, but he didn\'t want to stop. He just couldn\'t.

Yao Ying could taste the mixture of lemon and minty breath from her mouth. It gave him a cooling sensation, despite the hotness of their fighting tongue. He couldn\'t get enough of her sweetness, even kissing became an enjoyable experience for him. He didn\'t know why she affected him so, her lips were like an aphrodisiac to him – addicting!

The same thing flashed inside Yao Ling\'s mind. Her husband, her man. Despite her innocence, she could even feel her own arousal down to her core. She could feel the wetness down there and she didn\'t know what that wet thing was. Yao Ling could only feel the tingling down there, making her itch and tightened her core muscle. She moved one for her legs to the front and clenched both of her legs, trying to ease her uneasiness down there.

Yao Ling couldn\'t help but m.o.a.n, and it echoed inside the quiet room. The m.o.a.n fell into Yao Ying\'s ear, making him groan because it attracted his l.u.s.t. At first, he just wanted to tease his wife and prove that they indeed exchanged a lot of salivae. Who knew that he would bring trouble to himself? Who would quench his thirst at this stage? He could even feel his own throbbing hardness and it killed him if he had to hold himself back again.

God! Seventy-four days more…

Yao Ying\'s hands started to roam over Yao Ling\'s body. One held her waist tightly to prevent her from running away, while the other hand moved from gripping her hair to her face. He softly traced her snowy smooth skin and down to the nape of her neck. His lips left Yao Ling\'s lips and changed his target to her earlobes. Her soft spot...

Yao Ling felt the loss of his lips, but before she could protest, she felt Yao Ying lick her earlobes and bite it softly. "Mmm…" She m.o.a.ned in ecstasy. God! He made her almost fall down because her legs suddenly went weak. Without his grip on her waist, she would certainly fall down.

"Aiya…" Yao Ling yelled in surprise. Yao Ying suddenly scooped her up in bridal style. Yao Ling wasn\'t ready and to prevent herself from falling down, she twisted her body and linked both of her arms around Yao Ying\'s neck.

Yao Ying gave Yao Ling a wolfish smile which made Yao Ling shudder. \'What\' is he going to do next?\' Yao Ling thought to herself. He brought her to their bed and threw her softly into the bed. It didn\'t make her feel any pain, but still, she glared at him and whined, \'Why does he play roughly today?\'

Yao Ying hovered over her and stroke her face. "You are so beautiful!" He praised. Because of his sweet words, her previous anger was gone and a shy smile blossomed on her face. Who didn\'t like being praised? No one!

She traced his face back in return. "You are not so bad yourself!" She laughed.

"Hmph! Of course!" Yao Ying arrogantly said. After saying that, he paid attention once again to Yao Ling, but his target changed. It wasn\'t her face, but her neck.

Yao Ling knew what he was thinking and said, "Don\'t even think about it!"

"What?" Yao Ying asked innocently.

"The previous marks are still there. Don\'t add more!" Yao Ling scolded him. "Or else… I will bandage myself again!"

"Ha! I don\'t think you can stand the torture again."

"I can!" Yao Ling stubbornly said. Although she knew that she wouldn\'t do that again, she had to boast or else… she would spend a few days more in embarrassment!

"Fine! Then I will mark the place where no one will be able to see – except me," Yao Ying relented, but still didn\'t give up.

"What do you mean?" Yao Ling asked in confusion. She looked at where Yao Ying\'s eyes direction was. It was her b.r.e.a.s.ts! She quickly covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts with both of her hands and glared at him, trying to convey a message which said: \'Don\'t you dare!\'

But, who was Yao Ying? He was pretty much a rogue. He just laughed and pried to open both of her hands, removing his obstacle easily. Yao Ling\'s struggle was pretty much useless and it made Yao Ying laughed out loud, especially because of the resentment in her eyes. His little tigress!

"This… is the result of my training. Pretty strong, huh?" Yao Ying taunted with a mocking tone.

Yao Ling gritted her teeth and took back what she thought previously. She mentally crossed out the part where she thought that she loved the result of his training -- his hard muscle. This rogue had another use of his strength and it didn\'t make her happy! Hmpf!

Yao Ying trapped both of her hands on the top of her head with one hand, and his other hand went to her transparent robe and opened it slowly. It revealed her dudou [1] and oh… how tempting it was. Yao Ling chose dashing red silk with embroidered flowers. It only covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts and belly, oh yes… it was also backless and had cloth strings that tie around her neck and her back.

Looking at this seductive appearance of his wife, if he didn\'t get a tent on his member then it would be weird. He didn\'t know that a dudou could be this enticing, because he never paid any attention before. They indeed did some intimate things, but he never opened Yao Ling\'s clothes and he regretted that he didn\'t do it sooner.


[1]. The dudou (literally \'belly cover\') is a type of old-fashioned Chinese bra.