His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 66 - Ning Jie (4)

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Chapter 66 - Ning Jie (4)

Ning Qing Xue continued pouring her heart to Yao Ling, "Although... I actually have a tiny hope for my father to love me enough and receive me as who I am. However, it was only wishful thinking on my part. An egoistic person like him will always think about himself first!" Ning jie didn\'t trust Yao Ling enough to divulge all of her secrets, but she still gave Yao Ling a basic explanation of her condition back then.

Yao Ling didn\'t push for more answers. Judging from Ning jie\'s expression, it was a painful experience and she was a nobody to Ning jie - only a random benefactor that appeared out of nowhere. Yao Ling understood that point, so she also realized that she didn\'t have the right to know all about it.

Yao Ling patted her shoulder softly, trying to comfort her. "If a family couldn\'t even accept you as who you are, then they didn\'t deserve you."

Ning jie smiled sarcastically to herself. She always had a bitter thought about what had happened in Qin Fu. "If you know my secret, you probably won\'t be able to accept me too." This was what she had believed in for a long time. She didn\'t deserve people\'s love because of her secret.

Yao Ling looked sympathetically at the young woman in front of her. "You know… I never have any sister. I don\'t know what secret that you have or what kind of past that you had been through, but I\'m willing to become your sister from now on. How is that sound?"

Yao Ling believed that a selfless person like Ning jie was a good woman. She didn\'t have the persistence or strength to survive in a big household, but she had her strength in the different area. By looking at the living condition in this shabby house, Yao Ling knew that Ning jie barely survived as it was, but she persisted to help the children. This kindness was also her strength.

She didn\'t mind her lack of abilities; what she needed was her characters. She needed a trusted confidante that could stay by her side during her up and down moments. Yao Ling could also see Ning jie\'s tenderness toward the children. If she didn\'t treat them kindly, she would certainly make the children afraid and wary of her. In this case, she didn\'t see any fears in the children\'s eyes and behavior.

Ning Qing Xue was quite surprised with Yao Ling\'s offer. She knew that the disbelief that she felt was etched on her face. Why? Why did she give her such an unbelievable offer? She decided to voice her question, "Why? Why are you treating me… us… this kindly? We have nothing!" What Ning Qing Xue meant was why Yao Ling treated her and the children kindly.

To Yao Ling, they were nobodies. They also didn\'t have anything that they could offer back as a way to properly repay Yao Ling\'s kindness. She needed to know the exact reasons. She believed there was nobody that could give something voluntarily without expecting something back.

Ning Qing Xue knew that her perspective of the world had been distorted because of her painful memories, but she couldn\'t help but feel skeptical. This was all too good to be true. Was this some kind of trick? A joke? She didn\'t want to stake the life and happiness of the children to an unknown person.

Yao Ling understood why Ning jie asked such questions to her. Back then, if she got this kind of offer when she was still living with her mother, she would be as skeptical as Ning jie was at the moment. Yao Ling knew if she wanted to gain loyal friends, she needed to be truthful and lay all of her cards on the table. Otherwise, all of her efforts would become nothing.

Yao Ling smiled reassuringly at Ning jie. "I admire your characters. Since yesterday, I really wanted to meet you and see what kind of person could be this selfless. Taking care for ourselves is already hard enough, but you dare to take care of a lot of children as your responsibilities."

"I think that\'s what people should at least do to those poor children."

Yao Ling looked at Ning jie like she was an idiot. "Not all people have the heart to do that. For example… me. I can help you here and there, but I don\'t think I am able to take care of them all the time like you. It requires dedication in which I am actually lack of." Yao Ling was as blunt as usual. She wasn\'t going to pretend that she was a saint – that was what a white lotus would do and she wasn\'t one.

Ning Qing Xue scrunched up her face but still laughing. "This is the first time I find someone as straightforward as you."

Yao Ling waved her right hand and laughed. "That\'s what I am," she cheekily said. "Anyway… if I have a sister that I can trust – just like you, it can also help me in a lot of ways."

Ning Qing Xue looked at Yao Ling suspiciously. "What kind of help?"

Yao Ling grinned widely, making her cute dimples on both cheeks show up. "I\'m going to be blunt then, but I hope what I\'m going to say will not leave this room. It\'s only between the two of us. I\'m also not going to force you to say yes with my terms, but I think it will also give you benefits. At least, you should hear me out first. If you agree, then it\'s good. We can become good sisters for life."

Yao Ling didn\'t want to make any empty promises, so she decided to tell the whole things to Ning jie. Even if the agreement failed, she had nothing to lose. She went out in male disguise and people only knew that a man went here. No one would believe Ning jie if she decided to reject the agreement and tell other people.

Yao Ling sighed inwardly. Yao Ying\'s idea was always brilliant. Without his guidance, she probably would make stupid mistakes. For example, by going out with her own identity. She wondered how smart her husband was. It seemed like the more she unraveled something new about him, the more she found him more intriguing.

Ning Qing Xue was tempted with Yao Ling\'s offer. Personally, it was because she liked her honesty. She wanted to know what kind of interesting offers that she proposed to her.

"I need my own people that only loyal and belong to me and my husband. Truthfully, we are a newbie in the noble household and the conflicts inside. I believe you already know the circ.u.mstances because you used to be a part of that fight. Am I correct?"

Ning Qing Xue nodded, knowing where this conversation was going. "But I won\'t put my children in danger. I understand it all too well and I don\'t want to involve us in your power struggle."

"I know, but I really need your help. Currently, I have no power and I want to build my own power. I can find ways to help you with your daily necessities and expenses. I will try not to put any of you in danger." Yao Ling explained her thought patiently.

At last, she hesitantly added, "You don\'t need to feel pressured by me. Actually, even if you don\'t agree with me, I will still help you in maintaining this house and the kids. Finding money isn\'t really a problem for me."

Ning Qing Xue was afraid. She always felt that she was useless because her confidence was already ruined beyond repair. If she were her previous Di daughter-self, she would certainly receive the offer arrogantly. However, with her lack of confidence and thinking about the children\'s future, she felt pressured. Yao Ling indeed gave her a tempting offer regarding the children\'s upbringing. With enough money, she could also send them to school and improve their chance for a better life.

"If you need something to do, I can help you. But the kids… I don\'t want them to be included in the power struggle." Ning Qing Xue decided to speak up her mind. "What is your plan for the children?" Ning Qing Xue asked warily.