His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 64 - Ning Jie (2)

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Chapter 64 - Ning Jie (2)

Yao Ling sat beside the boy and felt his pulse. She checked his face and particularly his tongue. She listened to the sound of his breathing and then asked Ning Jie, "Did the doctor mention about heat?"

Ning Qing Xue was surprised with her diagnosis. It was pretty much the same as what the doctor said. "Yes," Ning Qing Xue truthfully answered her.

"It\'s characterized by the absence of aversion to cold. He must suffer from a red and painful throat. I felt that he had a rapid and floating pulse. He should drink cool and cold herbs. Did the doctor give you a prescription?" Yao Ling asked, wanting to check the prescription.

Ning Qing Xue quickly gave her the written prescription. Yao Ling checked them briefly and it was the correct one. "This one is correct. You should probably buy them."

"But why is there no improvement?"

"Don\'t worry! It takes time. With the help of the medicine, he\'ll be fine. Have you bought the medicine?"

Ning Qing Xue looked down in embarrassment. "We don\'t have the money to buy the medicine ingredients." She had to raise a few kids and if she bought the medicine, then her whole money would be used. How about the other kids? She was helpless. She felt that she wasn\'t good enough in raising them.

Yao Ling could see from Ning jie\'s dimmed eyes that she was actually feeling helpless. Ning jie wanted to buy the medicine, but she was pretty sure… after that, Ning jie wouldn\'t have the money to purchase foods for the other kids. She really wanted to know the background story of this place. However, she needed to help this little boy.

"Don\'t worry. I will help you out with the medicine cost. I\'m pretty sure that the money that I gave you yesterday is only enough for the doctor cost, right?"

Ning Qing Xue nodded, feeling ashamed. She taught the kids not to advantage of other people\'s kindness, but it seemed like she was the one who did it. However… she really didn\'t have another choice. She only received low salary and it was barely enough to feed all the kids.

"Xiao Jie…" After calling Yao Ling, she kneeled down and bowed, "Please help me saving Xiao Yang. This slave is ashamed, but we really have no money to buy the medicine." Xiao Xia and Xiao Li who saw Ning jie bowed down to the pretty lady, followed her example and bowed down along with her.

Yao Ling was surprised that a seemingly proud girl such as Ning jie was begging her like this. She indeed really cared about the children and it touched her heart. She helped Ning jie up and smiled, "Why are you bowing down like that? I already told you that I would help."

Yao Ling pulled out her money pouch and once again gave it to Ning jie. "Use this to buy the medicine first." Ning jie received the money gratefully and asked Xiao Li to help her buy it. She needed to talk to her benefactor.

"This slave will pay you back later. Don\'t worry! I won\'t run away from my responsibility," Ning Qing Xue said seriously.

"Ning jie… I\'m giving it to you because of the kids. You don\'t need to pressure yourself!"

"Ning jie… How can Xiao Jie call this slave as jie? Just call this slave Qing Xue," Ning Qing Xue felt embarrassed with the way Yao Ling addressed her. She was just a lowly slave and this Xiao Jie was noble. How could she casually call her as jie jie? It was just the way the orphans called her because they were all younger than her.

"I was also a peasant, so I don\'t see what\'s wrong by calling you jie. Besides, I\'m in disguise, so no one will know, right?" Yao Ling winked at Ning jie, making the later blush in embarrassment. Yao Ling realized though that Ning jie would never call her Ling Mei.

"Don\'t worry, Ning jie! It\'s only a light disease. After recuperating and drinking medicine, Xiao Yang will get better in no time," Yao Ling tried to comfort Ning jie.

"Xiao Xia, can you stay here and take care of Xiao Yang for a while? I need to talk with our benefactor," Ning jie asked for Xiao Xia\'s help.

Xiao Xia nodded happily. "Of course. You can take your time!" After that, she sat beside Xiao Yang. Yao Ling didn\'t have to worry about Xiao Xia taking care of Xiao Yang, it wasn\'t an infectious disease, so she would be okay.

"Come on, let\'s talk outside!" Ning jie asked Yao Ling to follow her and Yao Ling did as she was told to do obediently.

They went to the room where the infants were placed. Before they went in, they washed their hands with clean water which was already prepared in the kitchen. \'I think the water is the only clean thing in this household. At least, Ning jie pays attention to the kitchen hygienic, otherwise the kids would be more prone to sickness,\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

Inside the room, there were also several placemats for the babies to sleep. There were two babies, probably there were only a few months apart between the two of them. A girl no older than ten was taking care of both of them. The girl skillfully handled their cries and Yao Ling could only applaud at that.

The room was cleaner than the hall. It could be seen that they put a lot of efforts in this room. Once again, Yao Ling was admiring the way Ning jie handling this household. She put a lot of efforts despite the shabby living condition.

"Xiao Er… take a rest. I will take care of them," Ning jie talked to the girl in a soft voice.

Xiao Er nodded, smiling happily. She was pretty tired for taking care of the babies all day, but she knew Ning jie was also busy taking care of Xiao Yang. She was supposed to take care of the babies along with Xiao Yang, so there was no one that could cover for her these past few days – except for Ning jie.

The babies were already back to sleep, so they could have a talk. Ning jie turned to Yao Ling and smiled apologetically, "I\'m sorry. This is the only place that we can talk. There are too many kids out there."

Yao Ling only waved her hand and laughed. "It\'s okay!"

After hearing Yao Ling\'s answer, Ning Qing Xue sighed in relief. "Once again… thank you for your help. I was in a difficult spot. If I bought the medicine, then this month… the other kids would have nothing to eat! You are really our benefactor!" Ning Qing Xue couldn\'t help but praise Yao Ling for her kindness.