His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 60 - Want to Take Her Husband? It’s Not That Easy! (4)

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Chapter 60 - Want to Take Her Husband? It’s Not That Easy! (4)

While Xiu and Xiao Yu were on the silly cold war, back at the second floor, the two amorous couple was still in a compromising position. Yao Ying looked down at his wife, while he was still hugging her slim waist. It felt so right and comfortable for him -- she fitted perfectly to him. The silly smile was still pasted on his handsome face.

He talked in a low hoarse voice, "I never know that my wife is this valiant!"

Yao Ling raised one of her eyebrows, "Valiant? What do you mean?"

"Don\'t you know? You appeared really domineering just now. Your jealousy makes me really happy," Yao Ying smirked. Indeed.. it meant that she cared about him.

Yao Ling pursed her lips in annoyance. "You are my husband! Another girl was coveting you and do you think I should only look dumbly at her? Without doing anything? Hah! That\'s crazy! Want to take my husband? It\'s not that easy!" Her promise was to let him go IF he had someone before her. But, after their marriage? There was no way she would let him take in new concubines.

After thinking about it more, Yao Ling decided to warn him in advance, "Don\'t you dare take in a new concubine! Or else… I will castrate you, do you hear me?" She threatened him.

Yao Ying was in between dumbfounded and startled. Did she just threaten to cut his manhood? If it were a normal man, he would be angered to the point of bursting. However, he was Yao Ying. He knew that he didn\'t really need any other girls. Ever since he got married, he realized that he had never taken a look at another girl. He wasn\'t sure why -- probably because he found another girl annoying.

"Really? Are you that heartless? If my manhood was gone, how could we make babies then?" He asked jokingly.

Yao Ling felt irritated with his joke. Why didn\'t he answer her directly? Would he really have the gut to receive another concubine? If yes, she should probably leave him first before she gave herself all to him.

Before the leaving plan was formed in her mind, Yao Ying halted her decision with his soft words, "Don\'t worry! I don\'t plan to add more women to my household. Only you are already enough for me."

Yao Ling smiled bashfully at his sweet words. She never thought that Yao Ying was such a romantic person. She was going to kiss him in happiness, however… before she successfully planted a kiss on his cheek, she was doused with cold water by Yao Ying\'s next words.

What he said could be counted as romantic at first if he didn\'t add the next part. "One woman is a headache for me already. If I add more, I will have to make them happy and feed them. That will add another burden for me." Then, he righteously added, "Yep. Only you is enough for me"


Yao Ling could only gape at his shamelessness. Did he think of her as a pet? Make her happy and feed her only? Yao Ling decided to bit his shoulder in anger, making him yelp in pain.


Although he felt the pain, he still laughed. "My darling wife is wilder than before. You know what? I love it though." He hugged her tighter and kissed her mouth wildly.

Yao Ling wasn\'t ready and she could only succ.u.mb to his desire to kiss. Oh well… She was enjoying his hungry kiss. He licked her lips and bit her lips softly, trying to gain entrance for his roaming tongue. She was still a bit angry, so she played around with him by evading his tongue. She tried to deny his entrance, but the hungry dog didn\'t let her get away with it.

He bit her lips harder, making her open her mouth because of the slight pain. "Omph!" That was the only thing that she could mutter before her mouth was once again devoured by her \'suddenly domineering\' husband.

Yao Ling felt the euphoria of the kiss and didn\'t want to lose to Yao Ying. She gave it all and managed to confront his lips with the same aggressiveness. With the rate of their kissing, Yao Ling knew she probably already mastered the art of kissing deliciously. Their intimacy was as far as kissing. Oh... and when she gave him satisfaction with her hand. On the other hand, he never went further than touching her back that made her whole body tingling.

She started to feel dissatisfied with the one-way favoritism. When would he give her the same satisfaction? Oh my God! Since when did she become this muddle-headed? Every time he kissed her any reasonable thought flew out of her mind, making her feel like she was a damn pervert!

In her jumble mumble state of mind, she bit Yao Ying\'s lips with a bit too much power. It earned a hiss from Yao Ying and she had a taste of his blood. Yao Ling released his mouth, feeling slightly guilty.

"Does it hurt?"

"Why did you bite me?" Yao Ying asked in slightly wronged tone.

Yao Ling lowered her head in embarrassment. "An accident."

"Are you sure that you aren\'t taking revenge?" Yao Ying squinted his eyes.

"No… I already did that by marking your neck. I haven\'t counted how you left a mark on my neck, and yet… you dare to have a woman roaming around near you," Yao Ling whined.

Yao Ying remembered how she had bitten his neck out of anger. Oh… she left a mark on him. His little wife could be this cute and possessive. His eyes were slightly darkened. He hadn\'t released his hold on his wife yet, but instead, he hugged her tighter. He lowered his head, wanting to taste her once again.

However, his movement was stopped by the sudden voice of clearing throat. Yao Ying was surprised and released Yao Ling in a flash. The couple looked up and saw Wang Luo Hai stood beside the stairs with a silly grin on his face.

"My children… I know I want a grandchild, however… this is still in a broad daylight. Please refrain from doing amorous activity in the office. I also work here. I don\'t want both of you doing it on my table," Wang Luo Hai said cheerfully. He didn\'t forget to wiggle his eyebrows playfully.

The couple looked down in embarrassment. They forgot that they were still in \'Fu Rong\'. Both answered at the same time, "Yes, Father."

Yao Ling scurried away in embarrassment while Yao Ying stayed and explained the whole fiasco just now. Wang Luo Hai nodded in understanding, "No wonder my office felt really hot just now. Something like that happened." Yao Ying couldn\'t help but blush. He could act domineering in private, but in the public, he still needed to maintain his face.

Yao Ying glared at Xiu who came upstairs along with Wang Luo Hai. Her burning gaze made Xiu shiver. It was like he was asking why he didn\'t tell him ahead of time that Wang Luo Hai came. Xiu felt really wronged.

"Young Master ah~ He was the big master. How come I stop him as a mere servant." Xiu felt like crying. Today is a really bad day for him.