His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 6 - The Wedding Night

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Chapter 6 - The Wedding Night

After drinking the nuptial wine, they stared at each other intensely, not knowing what to do. It was supposed to be their wedding night, but they had a promise to keep. Yao Ying cleared his throat, trying to compose his thought. Yao Ling just looked down shyly.

What should they do? Both lost in their own thought. They didn\'t dare to look at the other; both were too shy to do so. The atmosphere became really weird in a heartbeat.

Yao Ying remembered his promise not to touch her for six months. He didn\'t know what he felt about her at the moment, but still… he\'s a man. A man with needs. To say he didn\'t have any desire then that would be a lie. Truthfully, today has been really tiring. They did all their preparations on their own and it consumed a lot of their energies. After finishing the whole ceremony, the tiredness started to get to him.

He wanted to sleep, but he didn\'t know how to express his opinion. If he asked her to go to bed with him, would she think he wanted to eat her? She would probably misunderstand him, so he decided against it and stayed silent.

Yao Ling indeed said that she didn\'t want to consummate their marriage first, but the last conversation about it indeed made her angry. \'Did he say I am just a kid?! Hmpf!\' Yao Ling thought to herself. That sentence gave a blow to her confidence. Although she just had her hairpin ceremony, she knew that the young male villagers thought that she was beautiful. How dared Yao Ying said that she was just a kid in his eyes?

She made up her mind, teasing him a little would be fine, right? She was busy thinking about her plot, not realizing Yao Ying sat like a block of wood and glancing at her once in a while.

He wondered what\'s inside her head at the moment. Her expressions kept changing. First, furrowing her eyebrows, then she smiled evilly. After that, she shook her head, then nodded her head. He was helplessly looking at her. He knew when she was like this, it meant she was planning something out.

An incense stick of time felt like a long time for them because of the dreary silence. Yao Ying couldn\'t stand it anymore, so he cleared his throat to break the silence. "Ling-er, what are you thinking about?"

Yao Ling jumped in surprise because of the sudden question, fortunately, her plan had been formed in her mind. She smiled shyly and shook her head, "Nothing." How could she tell him that she\'d planned to tease him?

After a few moments, she spoke again. "I want to take off my phoenix coronet and tidy up myself for a bit. Do you want me to help you take off your robe?" Wasn\'t that what she was supposed to do as a wife? Her mother didn\'t have the chance to tell her what to do after marriage, so she only knew bits and pieces.

"No need. Just do what you want to do." Yao Ying could see how tired Yao Ling was and he didn\'t have the heart to let her serve him.

Yao Ling nodded and stood up. She went to a small table near the bed and sat there. She slowly took off the phoenix coronet and opened her hair knot. She let her hair slowly falling down and then combed it. Yao Ying saw that from behind and somehow it made him gulp. She looked so delicate and womanly. For the first time, he saw her as a real woman. He knew she\'s beautiful and all that, but he previously only saw her as a little sister. Now… she becomes his wife. It changed his opinion a little bit.

Yao Ling didn\'t know such a simple movement from her could affect him that much. Actually, this wasn\'t even a part of her plan. She truly felt tired and the coronet made her neck feel like it was going to break. She took a long time combing her hair, feeling indecisive. Should she really do her plan? After thinking about what she would do next, she blushed in embarrassment.

Yao Ying looked at her in puzzlement. Did a woman always need a lot of time to comb their hair? He felt so tired and wanted to go to bed, but he didn\'t have the heart to sleep first on their wedding night. They… should sleep together, right? He decided to call Yao Ling, "Ling-er, are you… finished?"

"En… I\'m finished."

Yao Ling turned around and let her back facing Yao Ying. She stood up and slowly opened her outer robe, letting it slide down to the ground. Then she bravely opened her wedding dress. She tried to hide her embarrassment, but under the soft candlelight, her blushing face looked so endearing.

Yao Ying… could only gulp a second time tonight. He couldn\'t remove his gaze from his enchanting wife. His untouchable wife. It was going to be a very long night for him. Damn!

Yao Ling didn\'t stop there. She only left her soft pink inner garment. It was thin, but not transparent. However, the material was clinging on her body and accentuating Yao Ling\'s body shape. Yao Ying could say that it was very... very... seductive, but still in an appropriate way.

For Yao Ying… it was frustrating. What a sweet torture!

When Yao Ling turned her body around – facing him, he could feel his blood boiling. For the first time, he felt a desire toward Yao Ling. How could he not? She looked absolutely beautiful and ravishing.

Her body was quite mature for a 15-year-old. He admitted he wanted her, but he was also a man of his words. Six months… he would bear his needs for the next six months. He made a promise and he would never break it. He closed his eyes, trying to calm himself down.

Yao Ling was pleased with his reaction. \'He dares to say that she was only a kid. Ha! She proves him wrong, right? He feels something for her, right?\' Yao Ling saw that Yao Ying closed his eyes and she was curious about his expression. However, after opening his eyes, his once turmoil emotion started to calm down and his expression became tranquil.

\'Damn!\' Yao Ling cursed inside her mind. She thought what she had just done wasn\'t enough, but in reality, Yao Ying was barely holding onto his sanity.

She leveled up her charm by slowly walking seductively. She cleverly looked innocent and yet at the same time alluring. If she didn\'t watch a village girl doing this before, she didn\'t think she would have the knowledge to seduce a man. At least, she did this to her own husband while that village girl wasn\'t.

Yao Ying started gulping again. \'Did she did this on purpose?\' That thought fleeted in his mind, but he pushed it away. He knew the girl and she was innocent in this matter. There was no way she knew about this kind of thing.

Oh... if he only knew… She indeed tried to seduce him because of his taunting before. Yao Ying, who thought of her as an innocent girl, would probably vomit blood if he knew the truth.

"Ying-ge ge…" Yao Ling called him softly.

"Just call me... husband. We\'re married, naturally, we should change the way we address each other."

"Husband…" Yao Ling hesitantly called him. The word husband was so unfamiliar to her, but she liked how it sounded. It felt more intimate. Then she continued talking, "Should we go to sleep now?"

Yao Ying nodded, but he looked at the bed awkwardly. Should he choose the inner side or the outer side of the bed? Maybe asking would be better since he was too nervous to make up his mind. "Ling-er, which side do you want?"

Yao Ling stood in front of him, making him blush. His blushing face made Yao Ling stunned, he was so cute! Usually, Yao Ying was pretty aloof, and this was the first time he blushed! Somehow, it even made Yao Ling nervous. Yao Ling decided to sit beside Yao Ying.

She glanced at him and said, "Husband… I choose the inner side." Without a second thought, she quickly went to the inner side and buried herself inside the red quilt. Although she was only stripping her clothes, it was actually pretty embarrassing for her. Her braveness at the previous moment suddenly vanished.

Yao Ying slipped into the quilt and slept beside her. Both of them pretended to be asleep, but their nervous breathing practically betrayed them. How could they sleep if both of their heart were beating so fast? It was simply an impossible task.

Finally, Yao Ying couldn\'t stand it anymore. "Ling-er, just relax! I won\'t touch you."

Yao Ling could only answer him with \'En\'. She turned around, facing Yao Ying and said, "Thank you for marrying me. If not, I don\'t think I have the courage to face my life." She decided to open her heart. Indeed, without him, what awaited her was a life full of loneliness.

Yao Ying smiled softly, "You silly girl! You know my temper very well. If I don\'t want to do something, no one can force me. If you say thank you, then I will also say thank you. Thank you for trusting me and marrying me."

Yao Ying pulled her into his embrace, feeling her soft body and smelling her sweet scent. It was pure torture for him. He made a mistake by hugging her. Embracing her made him feel aroused, but still, he held himself back. He actually just wanted to comfort her, but he had to endure the night full of torture! He wished he could have a cold shower at the moment!

At first, Yao Ling was a bit surprised with the sudden hug and her body stiffened. After a few moments, she began to relax and embrace him back. Unbeknownst to her, she made Yao Ying have to endure harder. If she knew this, maybe she would be roaring in laughter.

However, that night… they were basking in each other\'s warmth. For the first time since Jiu Lan\'s death, they slept in peace.

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