His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 55 - ‘Fu Rong’ is in Trouble

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Chapter 55 - ‘Fu Rong’ is in Trouble

When Yao Ling arrived at \'Fu Rong\', Li Huan greeted her and brought her to the production room. It seemed there was a bit problem there. "What happened?" Yao Ling asked in distress. She just went away for a bit and a problem had occurred.

"Someone gave us the wrong patterns for a batch of orders. The deadline is tomorrow. Just now the customer wanted to take a look first, but she found out that it wasn\'t the pattern she had ordered previously. The customer almost fainted in anger, because they need it by tomorrow," Liu Han explained hurriedly. This might be the biggest case that \'Fu Rong\' had ever gotten. The orders were quite big, and to solve it in a night span would be practically impossible.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows. Wrong patterns? Was someone deliberately changing the patterns? If that was the case, it could be changed when the customer was on the way to \'Fu Rong\' or an insider changed it.

"Whose order is this?"

"This is an order for "Qin Fu\'. Tomorrow will be the birthday feast of their matriarch. The orders will be given to the customer as a token of appreciation for attending the party. For such a big event, if we fail to deliver the orders, it will affect our \'Fu Rong\' name," Li Huan could feel himself sweating in fear. If this weren\'t such a big order, he wouldn\'t feel so scared.

"Where is the customer?" Yao Ling asked briefly. She needed to handle the customer first.

"Young Master is currently appeasing her upstairs," Li Huan answered. Young Master brought them upstairs, so the commotion wouldn\'t cause havoc for \'Fu Rong\' image to the other customers.

This part… Yao Ling clearly understood. "Where is Father?"

"Master is away at the moment. This servant also doesn\'t know where Master is," Li Huan answered.

"Have you received the new pattern?"

"Yes, this servant has already fetched it."

"Did you get it from the customer directly or from \'Qin Fu\'?"

Li Huan was a bit confused with the young mistress\' question. "From the customer."

Yao Ling pondered for a while and then gave an order to Li Huan, "Go to \'Qin Fu\' and find a confirmation there. I want to know which pattern is actually the real one."

Li Huan seemed to understand her train of thought. Without asking another question, he quickly picked up both of the patterns and went out. This matter seemed rather fishy and he was relieved that Young Mistress was able to think matter thoroughly.

Yao Ling felt that this matter wasn\'t as simple as it looked. She sighed in exhaustion and then walked up to the second floor. There was no door on the second floor, therefore, she could hear clearly what happened there.

A woman\'s voice was floating to the stair. It was calmed and collected. The voice… was melodious. She could tell that the one who came was a young girl. Along with the soft melodious voice, there was a shrill voice that belonged to an older woman. The voice was annoying and she also threw a bunch of ugly words. \'What a shrew!\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

Yao Ling could also hear Yao Ying\'s calming voice, but she could also hear the frustration in his low voice. When she almost reached the top, she could hear a loud thump voice and a few shouting voices. She furrowed her eyebrows, feeling something bad had happened. She quickened her pace and surprised what she had seen.

Yao Ying sprawled down with a young girl\'s body on top of him. If there were no Xiu and an older lady at the side, it would lead to an ambiguous scene. She would have mistaken them for having amorous rendezvous. Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling in surprise. He felt guilty, even though it was only an accident. Yao Ying didn\'t want his wife to misunderstand, so he pushed away the young girl on top of him. The young girl fell disgracefully with a loud thud.

Yao Ling looked at the scene with a raised eyebrow. She hadn\'t gotten the chance to punish him for the love bite and this man already needed her scolding once more. She said that she would let him go, IF… there was already a woman in his past. But she wouldn\'t let his husband – his man- to find another girl while he was still in a relationship with her.

Yao Ying saw the unhappy expression at Yao Ling\'s face and could feel the drenching sweat on his back. "Wifey… you are finally here," he beamed at her and quickly came to her side. An accident or not, he knew that what had just happened was ugly to look at. He frowned at the old shrew, if it wasn\'t for her, the girl wouldn\'t fall on top of his body.

"What happened?" Yao Ling asked calmly. She had already felt something fishy and this scene… whether it was deliberately or not, she would assume that it was a deliberate attempt that targeting them.

"That girl was pushed by the old woman and she also pushed the young master down along with her. It was an accident, Young Mistress." Xiu quickly explained. He knew if the one who mentioned this was his young master, the young mistress might have not believed in him. The previous scene even made his young v.i.r.g.i.n mind embarrassed.

Yao Ling looked unperturbed, although she wanted to tear that young girl apart. She didn\'t realize that she was such a possessive person and she could feel her jealousy swallow her, but she knew this wasn\'t the right time to throw a tantrum. She decided to scrutinize the young girl.

The young girl was slightly older than her, probably only one year older. She was also slightly taller than her. This girl had a small face with two big does eyes. Her nose wasn\'t perfect – a bit crooked to the right, but didn\'t look too awkward on hee face. She had small red lips. It could be said that she was quite a beauty.

She paid no mind to the old woman behind the young girl. She looked like a personal maid, but her face looked like an old witch. No wonder that old wrinkly woman could behave like a shrew without a bit of politeness.

"And who is this young lady?" Yao Ling asked the young lady\'s identity. She watched how the old woman helped the young lady up. Her face was slightly pale and she had an expression of being wronged. Yao Ling laughed coldly in her mind. She was the one who pushed down my husband and still had the decency to feel wronged. It was like they were all deliberately making things difficult for her. She felt this scene was a bit funny.