His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 54 - Please Don’t Let Me Down

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Chapter 54 - Please Don’t Let Me Down

"Xiao Xia, I still don\'t remember how to get here. Do you mind if we meet again tomorrow at the same place where we first met?" Yao Ling asked Xiao Xia, hoping that she would agree. Yao Ling just realized that she was actually very bad at remembering direction. She decided to ask this question because when she looked at Xiao Yu, she was just as confused as she was!

Xiao Xia happily nodded. "Of course, I will. I\'ll also personally tell Ning jie."

"Xiao Yu, give me my money pouch," Yao Ling gave an order to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu gave it without another word. She understood what her young mistress was trying to do. Yao Ling gave the money pouch to Xiao Xia without counting how much inside. She knew it wasn\'t much, but at least, she could help the little girl and her families for a while.

Xiao Xia looked at Yao Ling curiously, "Pretty Lady, what is this for?" She opened the pouch and gasped loudly. "This… this is too much!" A few chopper coins were already too much for them, but this pretty lady gave them a few silver taels without batting eyelashes. They needed the money, but Ning jie taught them not to take advantage of other people just because they were kind. They were orphans, but they weren\'t beggars. They had to preserve their heart. That was the thing that Ning jie emphasized every day and all the children didn\'t dare to forget about it.

Xiao Xia tried to give it back to Yao Ling. Xiao Li who was quiet the whole time, snorted, "We aren\'t beggars." He disdained this pretty lady who took Xiao Xia\'s attention and that was the reason of his unkind sentence.

Xiao Xia glared at Xiao Li, "Xiao Li ge ge, don\'t talk like that to Pretty Lady. Apologize! Or I will tell Ning jie your rudeness!"

Xiao Li just turned his face away, but still followed what Xiao Xia said unhappily, "I\'m sorry, Pretty Lady." He just didn\'t want Xiao Xia to hate him and Ning jie to punish him, so he could only swallow his bitterness.

Yao Ling felt like laughing. This little boy was really whipped. Instead of being angry by his rudeness, she found this little boy endearing. She waved her hands and grinned, "It\'s okay."

At the same time, she said that she arrived at the main street. "Xiao Xia… keep the money and hid it inside your sleeves. Give it to your Ning jie. Tell her that this is just a token of appreciation for her. Thanking her for bringing up such a cute girl like you." Then she moved her gaze to Xiao Li, "You have to protect Xiao Xia. The way to your house is a bit too quiet. This kind of money could attract bad people if others knew."

Xiao Li puffed up his b.r.e.a.s.ts arrogantly and said, "Of course! I will keep Xiao Xia safe! Pretty Lady doesn\'t need to worry about it." Hmph! No one needed to mention it, protecting Xiao Xia was his duty. Yao Ling tried to hold back her laughter, watching this little boy\'s cheeky expression.

Xiao Xia heard the pretty lady\'s reasons for giving the money to her. It was good enough explanation to give to Ning jie and she felt happy. She didn\'t feel that this was a charity. It is because the pretty lady likes her! A child\'s mind was always simple, and with that, she kept the money. Xiao Li didn\'t say anything, because what Xiao Xia did was always right.

Yao Ling knew that her explanation would have the desired effect. She just wanted to help, but she knew that these children had a proud bearing. This must be what that Ning jie taught them and it made her feel more curious about this mysterious woman. If she could take her under her wings, this would certainly help her a lot in the future.

"Okay, then. Xiao Xia, you already promised. See you tomorrow." Yao Ling waved her hand and bade goodbye to them.

"Bye, Pretty Lady. See you tomorrow." Xiao Xia excitedly bade goodbye, while Xiao Li only coolly nodded. After that, they turned around and went back to their house.

"Young Mistress, why are you giving them so much money?" Xiao Yu asked in confusion. Yes, they needed help. But… they didn\'t even know this so-called Ning jie. What if the money was used for another purpose?

Yao Ling decided to leak a bit of her plan. This was actually not the plan that Yao Ying had told her the previous night. But this chance meeting made her think of a new plan. The other plan could be put on hold. This plan also could be used to test Xiao Yu.

"I want to take them under my wings and this is just the first step of my plan," Yao Ling said resolutely.

\'Xiao Yu… this is a test for you. Please don\'t let me down.\'

Xiao Yu furrowed her eyebrows. "What plan?"

Yao Ling just smiled at her, "You will know later." Yao Ling was certain any spy would give this news a thought and wouldn\'t dare to belittle it. If Xiao Yu were the spy, she would understand that this was an important piece of information for whoever her master was and would certainly leak this news to them.

Xiao Yu didn\'t push anymore and only nodded her head, although she didn\'t understand what kind of plan that had been cooked up by her young mistress. Judging from young mistress\' words, she didn\'t want to let her know, so Xiao Yu didn\'t dare to ask any further.

"Come on. We have to go to \'Fu Rong\'. It\'s already late," Yao Ling nudged Xiao Yu, trying to make her go faster.

Xiao Yu laughed and said, "This servant already told Young Mistress that we would be late, if we went to Xiao Xia\'s house."

Yao Ling just chuckled. "My bad…" She didn\'t think much about her lateness. As long as she did her job well, she was certain that Wang Luo Hai would be fine with a little bit of tardiness. Worst case of scenario, she would only be yelled at.