His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 498 - They Weren't Worth It!

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Chapter 498 - They Weren\'t Worth It!

"Aaaah!" Yao Ling quickly protected her stomach in panic. Even though she had covered it up perfectly, once her stomach was slightly exposed and people paid attention to it, they would know that she was heavily pregnant. That was the case at the moment!

Li Guang and Feng Lian\'s face changed when they saw her stomach. Feng Lian was trembling when she realized that she might have killed Yao Ying\'s child --- it was a mixture of fear, pride, and excitement. On the other hand, Li Guang knew that Feng Lian had ruined everything this time. If the baby was gone, he knew that Yao Ying would certainly reject them and it would be the end for him.

Nothing was more important than their master\'s bloodline.

Feng Lian gritted her teeth inwardly, knowing that Feng had lied to her. That bastard! She looked at Yao Ling\'s stomach and the way Yao Ying cared for her in jealousy. Why? Why could she have him under her palm? She didn\'t like it at all!

If the baby was gone, it would be perfect! She could say that she didn\'t know that Yao Ling was pregnant anyway. It wasn\'t her fault! Yes...! It wasn\'t her fault!

Yao Ying, Xiu, and Xiao Yu were surprised by the sudden event and quickly tried to help Yao Ling --- at least, preventing her from totally falling. However, it was already too late because everything happened too fast to comprehend. She fell down quite heavily, but she was able to tilt her body at the last minute and protect her stomach with both of her hands. However, it definitely made both of her hands bruised!

The impact was still pretty strong. Even with the way she protected her stomach, Yao Ling could feel a slight pain on her stomach... The baby! What about her baby?! Yao Ling\'s heart almost burst out in fear and she regretted that she had underestimated Feng Lian just now! What if she lost her baby because of a moment of carelessness?!

"Are you okay?" Yao Ying asked while hovering over her in fear. Yao Ling\'s face was pale and he was afraid that she would bleed.

"I\'m fine!" Yao Ling answered in a hoarse voice. Xiao Yu and Yao Ying quickly helped her up and found a stool for her to sit down.

"Are you sure?" He asked once again. If something happened to Yao Ling or the baby, he would certainly kill Feng Lian.

Yao Ling nodded her head and took out a pill from her sleeve. She quickly drank it even though her hands were still trembling. Xiao Yu quickly took a jug of water on the table, poured it on a glass, and gave it to her young mistress, not caring whether this was their house or not. She didn\'t think they should be polite with the people who had tried to harm her young mistress. They weren\'t worth it!

When Yao Ying had made sure that Yao Ling was fine, he glared at Feng Lian. If look could kill, she would already be dead for a thousand times!

Feng Lian quickly tried to appease him, "It\'s an accident. I don\'t know that she\'s pregnant, so you can\'t blame me!" The way she appeased people couldn\'t cover up her arrogance.

Yao Ying really wanted to slap her when he saw that she didn\'t repent at all, however, Li Guang moved faster than him.

Li Guang who gaped at his daughter could only try to cover her mouth but too late. He had pampered his daughter too much so that she became this arrogant. It really gave him a headache ah~! However, he didn\'t remember that she was this brainless. If she succeeded, he would turn a blind eye at what she had done. But this...


He could only sigh inwardly.

"I\'m sorry, Young Master... It seems like her mind is in a bad state at this moment. I\'m sure that she doesn\'t mean it," Li Guang quickly said. He knew that it was an unreasonable reason but he didn\'t know what else to say!

"Father! It\'s not true! Feng might be in a dire situation now, after all, the person who took him doesn\'t look like a good man! I drugged him ah~!" Feng Lian laughed out loud like a lunatic while admitting everything.

"You!" Li Guang speechlessly looked at his daughter. What the heck was going on? Did his good daughter really do all that?

Yao Ying said, "It\'s useless to cover up her mouth... She will tell the truth about everything that we ask her... If you want, you can also ask about what she had done in the past..." Looking at her treacherous expression, they didn\'t think that Feng Lian was an innocent soul.

"Someone must have framed her!" Li Guang insisted and his gaze landed on Yao Ling. She must have given something to make Feng Lian lie. The ability of Li Guang to turn black into white was really good! He didn\'t want to admit that his daughter was actually a bad person thoroughly.

Yao Ling was full of hatred because of Feng Lian\'s rashness, thus, she quickly asked when the substance was still at its best, "What bad things did you do when your father was still an official back then, huh?"

Feng Lian sweated when she heard this. After all, she indeed had done a lot of bad things that her father didn\'t know about. Once she heard the question, she couldn\'t hold back the impulse to tell the truth. She admitted that she had helped her mother to kill a few of her father\'s concubine daughter and not only that, but she had heard that her mother was also the culprit who helped to exchange Ying Ying with the second branch\'s dead baby.

Li Guang was dumbfounded when he had heard everything. Feng Lian was as gentle as her mother as long as he could remember --- in the end, he started to realize how vicious they were. He knew that Feng Lian must have really told the truth! Because all those things... really had happened back then --- nobody knew the details except their family.

He looked older a few years and his face was pale... Was this really the daughter that he had loved all of this time?

"How... How could you...?" Li Guang didn\'t know what else to say. At this point, he didn\'t have the heart to protect her anymore. After all, what she had done affected him as well --- he felt betrayed.

"What do you think, Da Ren?" Yao Ling asked politely. Somehow, she felt pitiful for this old man as well. Even though he was greedy, he really loved Feng Lian.

He waved his hand weakly. "You can do what you want to her... I won\'t hinder you anymore..." He became heartless just like that --- he seemed to give up on Feng Lian.

"Father! You can\'t do that! You are the one who loves me the most!" Feng Lian cried while trying to ask for help. She couldn\'t hate Yao Ling more because she knew that this had something to do with the latter.

Li Guang didn\'t pay attention to her and just told her coldly, "Just obediently tell everything about Feng!"

Feng Lian had no choice but to tell everything --- the content of their agreement... and all...