His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 497 - Fell Down Heavily

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Chapter 497 - Fell Down Heavily

Feng Lian was surprised by their presence in her house, thus, she stopped talking midway. She was contemplating whether to tell her father about what she had done or not --- however, their presence made her change her mind though. Why were they here? Did they notice something wrong? After all, they had always evaded her before this. Her heart was beating faster --- a mixture of excitement and fear.

However, she was able to calm herself down. They wouldn\'t be able to find out about Feng\'s disappearance this fast, not knowing that they had been keeping an eye on her every movement. Even if they weren\'t, they would notice his disappearance because of the twin\'s connection.

"Where did you go?" Yao Ying asked softly.

Feng Lian took this as his concern and she looked at Yao Ling flauntingly --- the latter really didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. \'Girl! You misunderstand ah~!\' She thought inwardly while laughing inside her head. Her husband was merely asking a question ah~!

"I need to buy a few things..." Feng Lian lied confidently. So that her father wouldn\'t feel suspicious, she indeed bought one or two things just now. She calmly put it down on the table and no one could find any faults from her movement.

"This late at night?" Yao Ling asked.

Li Guang furrowed his eyebrows. He didn\'t like the way Yao Ling talked --- it seemed like she was mocking his daughter. He became impolite and asked, "What are you all doing here anyway?" He didn\'t disguise his annoyance anymore. If it was only Yao Ying, he would be really happy ah~!

Yao Ying frowned. "I asked once again, where did you go?"

Feng Lian\'s heart skipped a beat. Did they really notice something? Even Li Guang started to feel that something wasn\'t right. "Young Master, why are you keep asking about Feng Lian\'s whereabouts just now?"

Yao Ying knew that they wouldn\'t get something out of her mouth and he didn\'t want to delay saving Feng. He gave a signal to Yao Ling, the latter knew that he wanted her to do what she should do to make Feng Lian open her mouth.

Yao Ling walked slowly to Feng Lian and tilted her head to the side, "I\'m sorry!" Right after saying that, she fluttered her sleeves and Feng Lian was covered with small dust that couldn\'t be seen clearly by n.a.k.e.d eyes. To the others, she was merely fluttering her sleeve --- that was all!

"What are you saying sorry for?" Feng Lian asked while frowning. However, she suddenly smelled something spicy even though it smelled quite good and unconsciously flinched. She sneezed loudly and what made her feel even more confused was the fact that she had the urge... to tell the truth to everyone!

What was wrong with her?!

Feng Lian\'s face changed. "What did you do to me?" She realized that Yao Ling must have been giving her something just now. But what?

Yao Ling smirked. An ordinary person wouldn\'t know what this was. After all, the substances would vanish into nothing after covering the other party and no trace could be found easily. She was the one who made it, thus, she knew how potent this medicine was. Yao Ling had never forgotten to learn medicines and also, the scroll from her dear grandmother.

Li Guang quickly looked at his daughter and asked as well, "What did you do to her?!" He wanted to say bitch at the end of the sentence but fortunately, he was able to hold himself back. Yao Ying was looking at him sharply and Li Guang could only swallow back the word. Since when Yao Ying had become this domineering ah~?!

He was like a different man from before!

Yao Ling smirked. "Just a little bit thing to make you become a bit more honest!"

Li Guang\'s face changed and quickly stood in front of Feng Lian protectively. "Why should you do this?" He didn\'t understand what they wanted. If they didn\'t like them, just said it! Why should they go this far ah~?!

"One of my subordinates is gone!" Yao Ying said in a low voice. What he had implied was more than obvious. Feng Lian had become paler, on the other hand, Li Guang looked at them in confusion and asked, "What does his disappearance have to do with Feng Lian?"

There was a fleeting thought in Li Guang\'s mind, \'Does someone want to frame his good daughter?\' His eyes landed on Yao Ling --- the latter must have been jealous of her daughter!

"Why don\'t we ask your daughter about it?" Yao Ling glanced at Feng Lian with disdain. This woman was too restless! She didn\'t even bother to think twice before harming someone else for the sake of her own selfishness.

Yao Ying quickly asked her, "What did you do just now? Do you know where Feng is?"

Feng Lian wanted to say no... but somehow, her mouth didn\'t obediently follow her order. "I know where he is... I am taking him away..."

Li Guang was dumbfounded. Did his innocent daughter really do something to Feng? But... But why?! He blurted out and asked, "Why?" However, when he heard his daughter\'s answer later, he felt like vomiting blood and wanted to slap her for her own foolishness ah~!

How could she be so muddleheaded?

Feng Lian told everything from the beginning to the end without any qualm. While admitting everything, she could feel her whole body sweating heavily. No matter what, she also knew that she had made a big mistake but she couldn\'t let Yao Ying go from her heart. Thus, she could only fight like this!

Yao Ying sneered when he heard everything. The most disgusting thing for him was the fact that the woman kept telling them over and over again how deeply in love she was with him. That wasn\'t the worst part! He could feel Yao Ling\'s chilling gaze landed on his body every now and then...

It was so scary ah~!

He was also helpless ah~!

It was the other party who liked him like a lunatic!

Yao Ling could see Yao Ying\'s fear and the former really didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. The man was really thinking too much! Yes, she was feeling annoyed but oh well... Might as well let this thing become a lesson for him...

He was too handsome for his own good...

She didn\'t realize that she was the same as well... Her beauty was the thing that attracted Bai Bing Wen and brought a lot of troubles for the couple... However, it was a story for another time. They would soon meet with Bai Bing Wen again.

Feng Lian looked at Yao Ling with hatred and pointed angrily, "It\'s all because of you! If you weren\'t here, the wife position should be mine! I have loved him ever since I was a little girl! You ruin everything for me!"

Like a lunatic, Feng Lian jumped onto Yao Ling and the former was going to push Yao Ling down in hatred. There was a bit of side effect of this substance --- it could make the person become a bit stronger. Added with the hatred that had been corroding her mind, Feng Lian became even more powerful.

She pushed Yao Ling hard and the latter fell down heavily on the floor!