His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 495 - Being Calculated

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Chapter 495 - Being Calculated

Feng Lian wasn\'t the daughter of an official anymore and the young master wasn\'t specifically telling them to give Li Guang a bit respect, thus, Feng just talked to Feng Lian normally --- like she was an ordinary person. Besides, this woman didn\'t really deserve his respect for the way she behaved!

Feng Lian glared at the man in front of him while gritting her teeth in anger. However, Feng Lian was able to maintain her calmness in the end. Would such a move escape Feng\'s eyes?


He mocked this stupid woman inwardly. How could his young master see her when he already had an outstanding woman like his young mistress? Even a blind person would know how to choose!

Feng Lian tried to soften her stance and asked in a seductive voice, "Feng... Why are you avoiding me? Do you hate me that much?"

"Do you still need me to say it? Do you want me to embarrass you?" Feng didn\'t even try to give her a face.


Feng Lian really wanted to throttle the man in front of her --- such a lowly servant and he dared to mock her! If it wasn\'t for the sake of the cooperation with that man, she wouldn\'t even put this Feng in her eyes!

Feng didn\'t have the patience to deal with her. He was going to turn around and leave her all alone when Feng Lian suddenly hugged him from behind. Feng almost hit her but still remembered that she was Li Guang\'s daughter --- no matter what, he couldn\'t be too overboard. He tried to push her but she clutched her arms tighter.

"What are you... do...ing?" Feng was going to throw her away when he smelt something sweet and enchanting. \'Damn!\' He cursed inwardly, but it was already too late!

Feng fainted right after smelling the fragrance and Feng Lian quickly let him go, making him fall down in a thud. She quickly wiped her hands in disgust while kicking Feng\'s back in annoyance. She felt lucky that Feng had chosen to go to a quiet place with no one around, it gave her a chance to do this move. She had been following him around just to grab this chance.

However, knowing that their plan had succeeded easily, Feng Lian\'s mood changed in a heartbeat.

Feng Lian smirked. It seemed that the medicine that the man had given her really worked! She already chose a place where there was no one... She whistled in a low voice and a man suddenly came out in a flash.

"Take him away!" Feng Lian ordered the man arrogantly with a sneer while kicking Feng\'s back once more.

The man looked at Feng Lian in disdain. Why did she think of herself as his superior? If it wasn\'t because of his master\'s order, he wouldn\'t even listen to her. but he still nodded carefully. "Yes!" After answering her, the man took Feng away in a heartbeat.

There was no trace of what happened just now --- Feng was gone.


Feng woke up in a daze --- he felt that his head was slightly dizzy and his whole body was uncomfortable. He tried to move but he could only lay weakly on the bed. He was caught off guard and could only blame himself. What the heck actually happened? Feng Lian seemed to calculate him and he fell into her trap. He blamed himself for his stupidity.

"Are you already awake?"

Feng tried to adjust his blurry sight and his gaze landed at the woman in front of him. His body was weak and he couldn\'t move at all.

"Feng Lian? Why are you doing this?" He squinted his eyes in anger. "You and I don\'t have any entanglement or grudge!"

"Hmm... I don\'t really have a grudge with you... But who told you to become one of my future husband\'s closest people? Someone needs information from you and I help him because he offers something good to me... That\'s all! I just want to ask you one thing before I give you to him..." Feng Lian answered in disdain. She believed that Feng wouldn\'t be able to run away or do anything after being captured, hence, she didn\'t bother to pretend anymore.

Feng wasn\'t stupid --- the offer must have been about his young master. He already knew from the beginning that Feng Lian wouldn\'t give up easily.

"Him... Who is he?" Feng wasn\'t interested in Feng Lian\'s plan but he felt alarmed with the person who helped Feng Lian. He needed to know his identity so once he had the chance to get out of here, he could give something to report to his young master.

They had been trying to search for this person\'s trace but nothing could be found so far --- it meant that this man was quite powerful.

"Tut... Tut... Tut... I won\'t answer that question because soon... you will know it yourself!" Feng Lian answered mockingly. In reality, it wasn\'t that she didn\'t want to tell him. However, she also didn\'t know his identity as well. She was really blinded by the offer.

Knowing that this woman was useless, Feng closed his eyes once again. He could do nothing so it would be better for him to save some energy to prepare himself for what would happen next.

"Answer my question first!" Feng Lian felt irked when she saw his cold face.

"Hmmm..." Feng only hummed while closing his eyes.

Feng Lian really wanted to slap him but held herself back. She decided to continue to ask the question that had been bugging her ming. "Tell me one thing! Is Yao Ling pregnant?" She asked in a low voice. Feng Lian had a hunch after accidentally seeing Yao Ling touch her stomach --- however, her expression was quite weird... It seemed like she wasn\'t that happy with it, thus, she wondered whether she had made a mistake or not.

Feng\'s heart turned vigilance when he heard this. Young Mistress\'s pregnancy had to be kept as a secret!

"No... Why are you asking such a weird question?" Feng asked calmly.

Feng Lian squinted her eyes. "Don\'t you dare to lie!" After that, she pulled out a knife and put it on Feng\'s neck. "If you lie, I will kill you!"


Feng wondered whether this woman had a brain or not. It seemed like she was only prominent in handling backyard... Did she think such a trick would work on men?

Feng pretended to be scared... After all, he was a servant and no one really knew his double identity as a hidden guard. He covered up his martial arts skills pretty well. "I told you the truth! She had gotten a miscarriage! Of course, she\'s not pregnant!" He exclaimed.

Listening to this, Feng Lian froze on the spot. It made sense... No wonder there was no joy in Yao Ling\'s face when she touched her own stomach --- so, that was the case. Feng Lian sighed inwardly.

\'Ah! It\'s a loss for me!\' She thought.

If she could make Yao Ling has a miscarriage... It would need some time for Yao Ling to recuperate and she could use this point to seduce Yao Ying. It seemed like she needed to make another plan... She felt that she had asked enough, thus, she quickly went away --- not giving Feng a second glance.

Once she was gone, the man took Feng away. The latter knew that he was going to meet the mastermind behind all of this! There was a slight ripple in his heart --- he didn\'t know whether he would be able to live after this or not.


On the other hand, Xiu realized that his brother had gone missing...