His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 494 - Feng Lian's Sudden Change

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Chapter 494 - Feng Lian\'s Sudden Change

Yao Ling\'s spy who had been placed at Feng Lian\'s side told her that Feng Lian went out sneakily at night, however, he was being distracted and couldn\'t follow her. Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows when she heard this --- it meant that someone helped her and it must not be an ordinary person because he could make her people lose track of Feng Lian.

She believed in her people\'s skills --- the man was personally selected by Xiu so she didn\'t think that there was a problem with her own people\'s skill. But who? Who dared to make a move at this time and help Feng Lian? She didn\'t think it was Wang Fu\'s people... No concubine had enough power to hire such a high-skilled person.

"Can you find out more about this matter?" Yao Ling asked Xiu who was standing beside Yao Ying in a serious tone.

Xiu shook his head. "No... We can\'t find any trace of where she was going... This servant is ashamed." He rarely failed and everyone knew what it meant --- the enemy was quite powerful. But still, Xiu felt embarrassed.

"Don\'t go out around this time!" Yao Ying quickly gave Yao Ling a stern order. He was worried about the safety of Yao Ling and their child.

"I know!" Yao Ling quickly agreed. She rarely went out anyway because she needed to cover up her pregnancy --- it was only three to four months left and she could only bear with the boredom ah~!

Because of Feng Lian, they could only stay vigilant --- well, even Yao Ying could feel that something was fishy so it was proof that there was indeed something wrong with her demeanor.


The next few days after the secret meeting, Feng Lian was behaving a bit unusual. She didn\'t try to get close to Yao Ying and it seemed like she wanted people to see that she had already given up. Li Guang was happy, thinking that his daughter must have been woken up from the dream. He wanted her to be with Yao Ying too, but at least, he had to solidify his position first.

He didn\'t know that his daughter had been doing something that he wouldn\'t approve of... if he knew, of course.

The odd thing was --- it seemed like she changed her target this time. However, the target was quite weird as well. It wasn\'t that Yao Ling didn\'t think that the man had no charm... but... she felt that something was wrong with her choice.

Yao Ling heard Xiao Yu\'s report and didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. The woman kept following Feng around at this moment --- at first, she followed Xiu around but the latter said that he already someone that he liked which embarrassed Feng Lian even more. However, the woman shamelessly changed her target without batting eyelashes.

Feng and Xiu were look-alikes and well... Feng Lian shamelessly said that she meant to chase Feng in the first place, but she made a mistake and thought that Xiu was him.

She said that she had made a mistake. "Oh... you are actually Xiu! I thought that you are Feng! Sorry, I can\'t differentiate both of you... yet..."

Xiu who had been abandoned just like that, "..."

\'This woman is crazy!\' He thought to himself with a sneer.

Xiao Yu told Yao Ling angrily, "Young Mistress, can you believe that woman?! She must have planned something bad! How could a person change target this fast?! Does she think of it as a joke?!"

"What kind of bad thing?" Yao Ling teased Xiao Yu. Somehow, she felt that this side of Xiao Yu was pretty cute. Was she actually feeling jealous?

"Of course, it\'s bad! She seems to have another bad intention, but this maidservant doesn\'t know what she wants to do ah~! I even told Xiu and let him tell Feng to be careful around that woman!" Xiao Yu looked really frustrated so she missed her young mistress\' smiling face. Otherwise, she would run away in embarrassment.

"Ha-ha! You can see that point, so how could Feng not see it as well? He\'s not stupid!" Yao Ling tried to comfort Xiao Yu with a few words. She didn\'t tell Xiao Yu that she had already warned Feng about this matter as well. She had a gut feeling that Feng Lian seemed to want to gain information so she chose one of their closest secret guards.

But what kind of information? It wasn\'t like they were a real prominent family --- in her mind, they were just a merchant family... so there was nothing to hide. Well, except for her pregnancy. There was no news about Yao Ying\'s past that she had tried to inquire from A Thousand Words so she had no idea whether it was connected to this matter or not.

Xiao Yu stomped her feet in anger and asked, "Young Mistress! Why don\'t you feel worried about it? What does Young Mistress think she wants to do?!"

Yao Ling finally laughed and helplessly answered her, "How am I supposed to know? I am not the worm inside Feng Lian\'s stomach..."

"Young Mistress!" Xiao Yu whined.

"Okay! Okay!" Yao Ling finally decided to get serious. "I really have no idea what her plan is but it must have something to do with her disappearance before. After all, her behavior changed right after that... The only thing that we could do is guard ourselves for now. Sooner or later, we could see what her purpose is."

There was a hint of ruthlessness in Yao Ling\'s eyes. If she was still being restless, she just hoped that Feng Lian didn\'t blame her for paying her back!

"Should we really just let her be?" Xiao Yu started to get more worried.

"En. Just let her be!" Yao Ling answered.


Feng was getting a headache --- a real one.

He glanced at Xiu and asked, "What should I do about this woman? She\'s like a stalker!"

Xiu laughed at his predicament and said, "You should have just said that you have someone that you like!"

"I did!" Feng answered with a frown.

"And then? It should have ended the matter, right? Unless... that woman is actually in the shameless category..."

Feng sighed and answered, "Yes! She\'s in that category!"

"What do you plan to do?" Xiu asked curiously.

"I will just go with the flow! I don\'t really want to have a relationship with a woman at this point!" Feng answered resolutely.

Xiu could only pat his shoulder. "Good luck!"

Feng was annoyed so he just glared at Xiu and left. When he was alone, Feng suddenly felt a chill. True enough... Feng Lian appeared in front of him. Feng wasn\'t stupid... Despite how loud she said that she liked him, he could see a hint of disdain in Feng Lian\'s eyes. He knew his position well... The woman was targetting his young master before, so how could she suddenly like him?

He was skeptical with all of that and the young mistress\' reminder kept repeating inside his mind. He should be careful.

"Feng!" Feng Lian stopped him on his track.

Feng sighed and looked at Feng Lian with slight disdain. "What? Can you stop following me around?"