His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 491 - A Good Man

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Chapter 491 - A Good Man

Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling and the latter sighed, knowing that Yao Ying was also in a predicament. He wanted to know everything but his condition wasn\'t good enough for him to handle the pressure. Thus, she slightly shook her head --- telling him that this wasn\'t the right time. The headache could endanger his life at this moment.

Li Guang saw their interaction and couldn\'t help but feel even warier towards Yao Ling. The woman could affect Yao Ying\'s judgment to that extent.

Yao Ling answered Li Guang on Yao Ying\'s behalf, not caring about what the old man\'s thoughts. If the latter thought of her as a hindrance, so be it... It meant that she needed to remove this man... and also, his daughter. However, the man was still useful to them because he knew Yao Ying\'s full background.

"Da Ren, my husband isn\'t ready... Can we talk more on another day?" Yao Ling politely said with a hint of stubbornness on her tone.

"But..." Li Guang wanted to refute, however, Yao Ying stopped him.

"You should listen to her..." Yao Ying said in a firm tone. "You can retreat for now. Once I am ready, I will call you again." He didn\'t give room to argue and Li Guang could only grit his teeth while retreating.

His unwillingness could be seen clearly by the couple and they kept that in mind.

Yao Ling asked softly, "Do you believe in him?"

No matter what, they saw a lot of holes from his stories... He looked sincere at the beginning but once he saw Yao Ling, they could feel Li Guang\'s change... Was it... because of his daughter? If he wasn\'t sincere or loyal, then why did he let himself fall into such big trouble back at the Qin Kingdom?

Yao Ying sighed. "I can only believe in him at the moment because there is no reason for him to lie... But, my father... a Shu person? Who would that be?" He wondered while having a lost expression on his face. Although there was a certain hatred in his mind, he was still feeling curious to know his identity.

"Do you want to ask for help from A Thousand Words? Maybe they could find out something about it? I know that it\'s a bit risky, but I\'m sure that we can trust Hei Yue and the others..." Yao Ling suggested softly. "At least, you can double-check whether Li Guang has told you the truth or not."

Yao Ying pondered for a little while before nodding his head. "It seems to be a good idea. However, Li Guang\'s words were a bit vague. How could we find out anything about \'him\' easily?" Yao Ying\'s mood was complicated so he didn\'t directly call that man as his father and his mind didn\'t work as sharp as usual because it related to his own past. Whether he would recognize that man as a father or not... he would decide it in the future.

Yao Ling laughed. "Judging from his words, there are only a few possibilities of his identity so it will be easier to check," she said while holding his hand. She wanted him to calm down and clear his cloudy mind.


Yao Ling could only shake her head inwardly. A person could become muddleheaded when they were thinking about the matter that was involving himself, luckily, she was here to think on his behalf as well.

"Silly! If that man is able to protect you this well and his identity was being protected to that extent, his identity must be precious. I am certain that that man must be a part of the royal family... As for what his title is, we need to find out first because I\'m not sure about it as well --- besides, we have never try to know more about the complicated relationship in the Shu Kingdom\'s royalty..." Yao Ling trailed off at the last part when she saw that Yao Ying\'s face was getting paler. It seemed like he rejected that idea subconsciously.

She sighed because she understood her husband really well. They both yearned for a simple life but it seemed like their identities wouldn\'t let them ah~! In her heart, she also resisted the idea of having a relationship with the royal family. After all, she had never heard anything good about them.

They could kill each other even though they were brothers... Admitting their relationship with them would certainly make them being pulled into the intrigue in the palace. Yao Ling didn\'t want their child to live in that kind of environment, however, they were also helpless in this matter.

"Or... do you want to forget about your past? If you want to do that, we can just run away from here and leave somewhere else... start over a new life...?" Yao Ling tried to ease the tension by making a joke --- after all, they had reached this step and it was quite impossible to do that.

How could they abandon Wang Fu which took them in? Li Guang had already met them and they knew that he wouldn\'t let them go easily. They knew that storm had come to their way and needed to have a preparation for that.

Yao Ying\'s mouth slightly curled up when he imagined Yao Ling\'s words. "Impossible! However, it\'s a beautiful imagination..." He knew that she tried to cheer him up. He suddenly stood up despite his weak condition and slapped his own face quite hard.

Yao Ling jumped up in surprise and asked, "What are you doing?"

Yao Ying grinned and answered, "Just trying to sober up! I need to be strong for the three of us..." His eyes landed on her belly. "To create a safe environment for our child, I need to clean up my past! I don\'t know what kind of responsibilities that Li Guang was talking about, but I have to face it sooner or later! I don\'t want people to chase us and kill us once more!"

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. Somehow, his current expression made her feel deeply entranced even more. She sighed softly... thinking that Jiu Lan certainly chose a good man for her, even though they actually didn\'t have another choice back then.

Yao Ying hugged Yao Ling and said, "Thank you for being here with me!"

Yao Ling hugged him back even tighter. "We are husband and wife! Why did you thank me ah~?!" However, she could erase the smile on her lips. "I will handle A Hundred Words\' matter... You can just focus on your health first..."

Even though his life wasn\'t endangered just like what Li Guang said, he still needed to pay attention to his headache. Yao Ling needed to give him a constant treatment from now on, of course, with a bit of her power. However, she wouldn\'t tell Yao Ying about this because the latter would certainly refuse it. She needed to do it carefully so that Yao Ying wouldn\'t notice it --- the latter was sensitive to the fluctuation of her power.

However, she didn\'t know that even though Yao Ying didn\'t notice what she had done due to his current state of mind... someone else noticed her power...