His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 490 - A Bit Hard Life Wouldn't Kill Him

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Chapter 490 - A Bit Hard Life Wouldn\'t Kill Him

After Yao Ying had been taken in by him, Li Guang quickly did what Yao Ying\'s father had ordered him to do --- even though he was feeling pity towards the weak little boy. Yao Ying\'s father had told him before that that he was doing all of this for Yao Ying\'s own good, so there was no reason for Li Guang to object it. After all, he knew his master really well... He wouldn\'t do something useless or something that could hurt his own son.

Not only that, but he could see the love from his master\'s wandering gaze towards Yao Ying --- even though he was pretty strict to the latter and masked his feelings really well.

Li Guang made Yao Ying work even harder than other people because of the responsibilities that would be transferred to him in the future by his father. So even though Yao Ying\'s body was weak, he tried to find a way to push his abilities to the max, of course, without endangering Yao Ying\'s life the slightest bit --- besides, he had been protected by his maternal grandfather\'s personal physician ever since he was born so his body had turned slightly for the better and not as bad as before.

A bit hard life wouldn\'t kill him.

Just like how his master had predicted, Yao Ying could handle everything that Li Guang had thrown at him --- of course, Li Guang had calculated everything and talked to Yao Ying\'s physician first before giving him tasks. He wouldn\'t dare to play with his young master\'s life or he would lose his own life as well.

Not only that but the thing that made everything a success was the fact that Yao Ying wasn\'t a kid who would easily give up to his fate. Li Guang promised him a better life without telling him about his background at first, and honestly, that point triggered Yao Ying to become the best and conquer his own life. Although little Yao Ying felt a bit suspicious because the lessons that he had gotten were unlike those for an ordinary person, he didn\'t pursue it any further because he saw it as a chance to improve himself.

Why should he reject a good chance just because he felt paranoid over such a thing? He had nothing to lose anyway, thus, he trained himself harder and removed those unnecessary thoughts.

Seeing his stubbornness, Li Guang also didn\'t hold back when teaching things to Yao Ying --- in a way, he was also Yao Ying\'s mentor, teacher, and sometimes becoming a father figure for him. Yao Ying used to respect him very much and that was the reason he felt surprised that Yao Ying had been fighting him vehemently over his new wife just now. Somehow, it made him feel afraid that he would lose his power and influence over Yao Ying as well.

Once he had found his young master, Li Guang\'s mind started to work slyly. To overturn his current bad position, he needed his young master and considered whether he should do something to make his young master rely on him once again. If he treated Yao Ying right and the latter could be truly successful in the future, Li Guang was sure that his future wouldn\'t be too bleak as well. He smiled inwardly but didn\'t let his thoughts leak out through his expressions.

How could Li Guang blame Yao Ying when the latter lost his memories just like that? It was hateful but there was nothing he could do. It seemed like the bond that they had diminished into nothing in current Yao Ying\'s eyes --- in a way, it would be hard to control Yao Ying to a certain extent.

Li Guang was a stubborn old man and he felt a bit reconciled and renewed his determination to change Yao Ying into how he was once before. Until now, he was still underestimating the influence that Yao Ling had over Yao Ying --- he didn\'t know how deep in love the couple was.

Li Guang finally told Yao Ying a few things so that he could gain Yao Ying\'s pity or affection for a little bit... well, for example, by telling him about how Yao Ying\'s father knew about his poison and was able to find the martial art skills set that could be useful for Yao Ying\'s condition --- it took a lot of effort on Yao Ying\'s father\'s part to find those things. He also told Yao Ying how stubborn Yao Ying\'s father was... because he didn\'t want Li Guang to let Yao Ying know that everything had actually been given by him.

Li Guang had tried to convince Yao Ying\'s father to let Yao Ying know but he failed, so he could only shut his mouth and do his job. He shook his head at his stubborn master --- Yao Ying was his own son for God\'s sake and he was pretty sure that young master would be able to forgive his own birth father.

Judging from the skeptical view that Yao Ying had about his father, it was better if he told him at the moment. At least, his mind wasn\'t really blinded by hatred like before --- maybe this memory loss wasn\'t fully a bad thing as well. Li Guang didn\'t want the relationship between Yao Ying and his father got any worse --- after all, they would need each other in the end.

When Li Guang told about his father\'s so-called kindness, Yao Ying felt hatred and headache feeling surging in. There was a nagging in the back of his mind which said that it was only his father\'s facade and told him not to believe in it, but he wondered where the hatred was coming from.

He remembered nothing, for God\'s sake!!

Yao Ling saw his pale face and quickly came over to him. She didn\'t hesitate to do a few quick moves with her silver needles to make him feel better. Li Guang was surprised when he saw everything because Yao Ling\'s moves were on point and fast --- it was even faster than the physician\'s that had handled Yao Ying\'s condition since birth!

\'Who is this woman exactly?!\' Li Guang thought inwardly.

"What did you do?" Li Guang asked in surprise but it was purely a surprise question --- without any bad intention. He didn\'t accuse her of anything, instead, he was feeling curious. Yao Ling just glanced at him and decided not to answer him. What she did had already been obvious enough. Was he stupid or what? Yao Ling sneered inwardly.

In a heartbeat, Yao Ying\'s headache had completely stopped. His mind became clearer and he made a decision, "No need to tell me about my father until I recover all my memories!" He didn\'t want to risk himself because he felt that there must be something that triggered such a reaction from him.

He wanted to find it out by himself and Yao Ling couldn\'t agree more. After all, Yao Ying\'s reaction to those stories was far more severe than before! There must be something wrong with the father-son relationship.

Yao Ying thought inwardly that his father didn\'t want him so he also didn\'t think of him as his father. His maternal family perished because of him and yet, he didn\'t even show up or try to save them. How could he not hate him?

That was the only conclusion that he could get from their conversation.

Li Guang asked hesitantly, "Don\'t you want to know about your father\'s identity?"