His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 489 - A Rare Gem

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Chapter 489 - A Rare Gem

"Ah... I am not a Da Ren anymore, you can just call me Li Guang," Li Guang said politely despite feeling wary of her. No matter what, she was currently the wife that his master had acknowledged.

Yao Ling looked a bit hesitant and asked for Yao Ying\'s help --- they weren\'t that close ah~! How could she call him just by his name?

Yao Ying nodded his head, encouraging her. "You are my wife and Li Guang has acknowledged your status as my wife as well..." Yao Ying felt that what he said had been cleared enough. In the end, Yao Ling really called him by his name and when she saw that there was no displeasure in Li Guang\'s face, she sighed in relief.

At least, they could stay polite on the surface, even though they knew that they were wary of each other. Yao Ling wasn\'t stupid --- judging from Li Guang\'s expression, it seemed that his daughter harbored some feelings to Yao Ying.

Even if there was a bit of displeasure in Li Guang\'s heart, he couldn\'t show it on his face. His master had said it clearly about her status, so there was no way that he could blatantly ignore Yao Ling even if he wanted to.

Yao Ying could also feel the slight tension between them but he pretended that he didn\'t see anything --- at least, for now. He still needed Li Guang to reveal everything to him. He decided to stop pursuing the marriage matter --- at least, he already let Li Guang know his stance.

After Yao Ling sat down, Yao Ying looked intently at Li Guang once more. He was trying to think which question that he should ask first. There were so many questions in his head, however, he didn\'t feel as burdened as before because, in his mind, the woman matter had been settled.

Yao Ying sighed and continued with his question, "I know I don\'t remember anything but I will still need your guidance. Tell me! What have we been doing the past few years?"

Li Guang knew that there were would be a lot of things for them to talk about and his eyes darted at Yao Ling, feeling uncomfortable with her presence. "Can Mistress... er... this?" He stuttered while asking the question.

He didn\'t need to finish his questions and the couple already understood his meaning. Yao Ling was gritting her teeth in annoyance but she would let Yao Ying handle his own man. It wasn\'t worth it to fight over this even though she felt offended.

"Of course, she can! I trust her with my own life!" Yao Ying declared loudly. "You don\'t have to question her anymore... She\'s not a liability here! She is my wife!" Yao Ying emphasized the last part stubbornly.

"Why?" Li Guang couldn\'t help but ask. He really wanted to be obedient but he didn\'t trust Yao Ling who appeared out of nowhere --- in his mind, he was concerned whether his master had been blinded by the woman or not.

Yao Ying was annoyed by Li Guang\'s rude question but he knew that this matter had to be solved sooner or later. Otherwise, there would be no trust in their relationship. He actually wanted to skip this part today but Li Guang just wouldn\'t let him be. He could only deal with this matter right away, probably it wasn\'t a bad thing too.

He needed to let Li Guang give up his hope...

"There are many reasons... and I will tell you about it one by one... Maybe you should listen to our story first so that you will get an understanding of the trust between me and my wife," Yao Ying said confidently.

Yao Ying started to tell him the story that had happened right after he lost his memories. Only briefly though... and not only that, he also didn\'t tell Li Guang about Yao Ling\'s real identity. There was no trust yet between them --- what if Li Guang wanted to use this as an opportunity to raise his daughter\'s status and remove Yao Ling from her position?

Yao Ying didn\'t want to risk it. Thinking about it already made his mind go crazy --- he wouldn\'t let anyone separate him from Yao Ling.

Li Guang was surprised when he heard everything that his master had gone through. Yao Ying was almost dead back then and the one who saved him was Yao Ling. He was hopeful when he thought that his master must have done this out of duty... out of his gratefulness.

However, he listened to the rest of the story and couldn\'t help but change his mind. He admitted that the woman wasn\'t only beautiful but also smart. Her mind wasn\'t glued to the inner courtyard matter but she was hardworking and could help Yao Ying deal with a lot of matter --- she was a rare woman to be found.

A rare gem.

On the other hand, his daughter had only been raised to think about managing the inner courtyard matter and four art skills. He understood that this woman was several times better than his own daughter. Li Guang could only sigh in regret and he needed to tell his daughter all about this and hope that she would forget the master.

Li Guang couldn\'t say anything, thus, he nodded his head in silence. "I understand... But one more question, what about her identity? Didn\'t you say that Mistress had found her maternal family...? The real one... Will it clash with our interest?" Li Guang asked in a low voice.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling could see that there was no hint of previous wariness from Li Guang\'s expression. It seemed like he had started to respect Yao Ling a little bit --- a small improvement but it was better than nothing.

That was the only thing that Yao Ying hadn\'t told Li Guang about. "She\'s the daughter of an official from the Han Kingdom..." They had decided to use the identity of Uncle Qiu\'s daughter --- the real one and Yao Ling\'s newfound brother also took her as his own sister, so there shouldn\'t be any problem with it.

"Han Kingdom..." Li Guang muttered to himself, not knowing what to think about this matter.

Even Li Guang was speechless when he heard that. Wasn\'t their identity far too complicated? It involved the three kingdoms, in a way. The past of these two peasants was far too different than their supposed-to-be simple life. There were so many complicated matters that they needed to handle.

Yao Ling said, "I won\'t let my identity hinder Yao Ying. Don\'t worry! No matter what, I will support him with all I have..."

Yao Ying smiled softly and patted Yao Ling\'s hand when he heard that. "See? You can trust her... She won\'t do anything harmful to us..."

Li Guang nodded his head and bowed politely, "Yes, Master."

"So... Can you tell me now? Who wanted to kill me back then?" Yao Ying asked.

He wasn\'t even a prince or something like that, so what kind of conspiracy that he was involved in?

"Then, I will tell you the matter slowly, Master..." Li Guang answered.

"Go on..." Yao Ying urged him to talk as soon as possible.