His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 488 - A Glimpse Of His Past (4)

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Chapter 488 - A Glimpse Of His Past (4)

"Master... What do you mean by fake?!" Li Guang asked in surprise. Even though his master knew that it was Li Guang\'s doing back then, there was no objection for him. That was the reason why Li Guang thought that this was a sealed deal! Thus, he had never planned to marry her daughter to another man...

But... his master\'s reaction had changed! What about his daughter then? What should he do about her marriage? It was already her time to get married and he didn\'t have anything to back her up at this moment to let her have a good marriage in the future. Even though he had lost his position but he still had his hidden statch so they should be able to live a good life... but, her marriage...

He could only sigh in regret. There was a sudden determination from him... he needed to at least, fight...

Yao Ying raised one of his eyebrows and asked, "Didn\'t you say that it was just a facade? Did I say something wrong? A facade is just a facade... You know it better than me what it means, right?" Yao Ying didn\'t think that he should give Li Guang a face because he could see the hidden intention from his determined gaze.

He must have planned something to secure this marriage for his daughter. It was just a guess but Yao Ying felt that it was better to be safe than sorry later.

Li Guang couldn\'t refute that, but he stubbornly said, "But... you had never objected to it before! So, I think that you agree with the arrangement." His voice started to weaken in the last part, not knowing what to say anymore.

Besides, his master had never been closed to any woman because he was wary of his own status in the Qin Kingdom and... he would get married at some points, right? Not only that, but his daughter was famous for her beauty and gracefulness --- many men had proposed to her but Li Guang always rejected their proposal. He believed that there was no objection from his master because he was interested in his daughter as well.

It had never occurred in his mind that the master only thought that this was just a temporary arrangement! Li Guang was really shocked at this moment.

Ying Ying hadn\'t told him that Yao Ying had gotten married, after all, she didn\'t think that it was an important thing. Her hatred was burning for the second branch and she missed the chance to tell her father and sister about it. They merely talked about the things that she had gone through and what happened inside the prison.

If Li Guang had known beforehand, he could have used another cleverer approach while talking about this matter --- but it was already too late. The man was still oblivious until this moment.

Yao Ying looked at Li Guang seriously and somehow emitted a scary aura which made Li Guang feel surprised. He asked, "Didn\'t you just say that I am your master? How could you make a decision on my behalf...? Have I ever said directly to you that I would marry your daughter back then?"

Li Guang opened his mouth, wanting to say something about it. However, Yao Ying\'s next words made him close his mouth once again. The former said, "Tell me the truth and don\'t you dare to lie! Don\'t make me lose my trust to you just for this one small matter..."

Li Guang knew that he couldn\'t lie, otherwise... if his master remembered everything, he would be the one who was in big trouble. He was a man and had to think of the big picture, this time, he really felt guilty about his daughter --- he knew that she had loved the master for so long. He felt angry that his master thought of this as a small matter, after all, he was his loyal subordinate.

There was nothing that he could do though.

He finally admitted, "No... Master had never said anything back then..." If he thought back, his master only nodded at him and agreed with his arrangement --- but that was when Yao Ying was still a little boy.

"Good!" Yao Ying nodded his head in satisfaction. "Then... Is there a problem between the two of us regarding this matter?" Yao Ying didn\'t want any future trouble, thus, he wanted to clear up everything in the front.

Li Guang quickly kneeled down and said, "No, Master. I will always stay loyal to you... whether my daughter will get married to you or not." He had already made an oath a long time ago, so he wouldn\'t back out on it.

"One more thing... I also need to tell you about a thing that has changed on my part to..." Yao Ying said with a smile.

Li Guang looked at him in confusion. "What is it, Master?"

"There\'s a reason for me not to accept your daughter as my wife..."

Li Guang looked at Yao Ying with interest. "Why?"

"I already have a wife..." Yao Ying said loud and clear. "She should be treated as an equal with me... so she should become your young mistress as well..." Yao Ying knew that he was a bit too hasty in doing this, after all, he only heard about Li Guang\'s loyalty from the latter\'s own mouth --- he should have been more vigilant.

However, he didn\'t want to be bothered with the marriage thing again because it made Yao Ling keep feeling worried for nothing.

Li Guang gasped. "Who?"

"I will introduce her to you..." Yao Ying answered. "Dear... Please come out...!" He called Yao Ling, wanting her to meet Li Guang face to face so that the latter know that he wasn\'t lying.

Li Guang was surprised that he couldn\'t feel Yao Ling\'s presence there --- was she there all along? Listening to... everything? His master used to have a very hard time to trust people... so how could she easily make him trust her?

Could losing memories change people\'s personality easily like this?

A woman came out from behind the screen. She didn\'t use any extraordinary clothing or expensive jewelries --- it could be said that her dressing was pretty simple and plain, but it didn\'t diminish her beauty. He had to admit that she was far more beautiful than his daughter who had been popular for her beauty at the Qin Kingdom.

"This is my wife... Yao Ling..." Yao Ying introduced them.

Li Guang could only bow politely while cupping his hands, "Mistress..." He politely called her. Li Guang knew that he needed to get the bottom of this... Why didn\'t Ying Ying mention anything about this woman ah~?!

"You are too polite, Li Guang Da Ren..." Yao Ling said with a smile. She felt happy because Yao Ying had the initiative to introduce the two of them and she knew that they had to treat Li Guang with respect. In a way, he was the one who had been taking care of Yao Ying all this time.

Li Guang understood why his master was besotted by this woman. Not only beautiful but her manner and gracefulness were attractive as well. He wanted to second-guess his master\'s decision but he decided to just wait and see first. He needed to know this woman\'s background too!

Li Guang and Yao Ling were assessing each other slowly. They seemed to be smiling but they were actually vigilant towards each other.