His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 487 - A Glimpse Of His Past (3)

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Yao Ying\'s maternal grandfather wanted to kill the baby out of anger after Yao Ying was born --- he felt that Yao Ying was the source of trouble, however, Qian Yu\'s personal servant kowtowed and begged him to let the little young master be. After all, it took a lot of effort from Qian Yu to finally give birth to him.

Shouldn\'t the master think about her young mistress\'s behalf?

If there was no that personal maidservant, Yao Ying would already be dead at that moment because his maternal grandfather was very serious because all he needed to do was throwing the baby down to the ground and he had indeed almost done that. However, at that time little Yao Ying seemed to feel something and started crying, he didn\'t have the heart to do that. No matter what, he was his only grandson.

He wasn\'t a cruel person, to begin with. It was just he was feeling frustrated by his own daughter\'s behavior which ruined their entire family. However, he was also one of the guilty party so he couldn\'t blame everything solely on his daughter. The old man could only sigh in sadness while holding baby Yao Ying tighter to himself for a few moments.

If he didn\'t accept that man... The old man sighed once again, knowing that everything had been too late. There was no medicine for regret... He should have checked his background beforehand! He had a lot of experiences in his life but still being duped by a youngster. It was disappointing but he had to admit that the man was very smart and he indeed loved his daughter wholeheartedly.

What else could he do? He only had this one daughter as a family... If he didn\'t protect her, who would protect her? That man didn\'t even know that they were in this predicament and the old man was too proud to ask for his help. No matter what, they were enemies...

The old man looked down at baby Yao Ying and kissed his cheek once --- for the first and last time. His heart was softened for a second before he hardened himself once again.

The personal maidservant sighed in relief, thinking that the old man was able to accept the young master. However, her smile faltered when she heard his next word, "Go! Bring him away!"

He was a very stubborn old man who would hold onto his own belief no matter what. He let the baby go with his daughter\'s maidservant along with a few guards. In the old man\'s mind, whether Yao Ying would live or not, he would leave it to the newborn\'s own fate --- it didn\'t have anything to do with him anymore. He gave enough money for that personal servant and let her take care of the baby. Besides, he knew that he wouldn\'t be able to live long with the things that had been going on inside their mansion.

In a way, his heart was softened at the last minute and wanted to save the baby. He was just worried that he would be killed along with him if the baby stayed in their family. It was better to let him go and maybe... he would be able to live freely out there. Despite his sadness, he knew that there was someone out there who would continue their family\'s flesh and blood.

The old man also let them bring his personal physician to treat Yao Ying\'s poison. That physician indebted to the old man so he promised that he would take care of everything regarding Yao Ying\'s wellbeing. After that, the old man could sigh in relief.

Despite his cold appearance, the maidservant knew that this was the master\'s way to show his love and she had no choice but to go away with the young master.

The personal maidservant treated Yao Ying like her own son and brought him up herself --- along with those guards who guarded them silently. Too bad, they were dead because of the natural disaster. Fortunately, Li Guang found him just in time. Otherwise, Yao Ying would be dead as well.

He saved little Yao Ying from being starved to death.

Yao Ying bit his lower lip when he heard Li Guang\'s story... The latter got some of the points from the letter that the maidservant had left --- the maidservant wanted Yao Ying to know his background and in actuality, no one was abandoning him. At that time, Yao Ying was still too young to understand everything so she had never told him about it and taken her role as a mother perfectly.

Li Guang was different from her. He took Yao Ying under his wings and the order from Yao Ying\'s father was different from his maternal family. Li Guang needed to treat him harshly with training and lessons so that he could become a powerful person despite his weak body. It indeed made the delicate little boy become a strong man but it also created a gap between him and his so-called father.

Yao Ying heard the truth and he blamed his father for everything --- especially because his father had never shown him any fatherly love. It made him become rebellious and it made Li Guang get a lot of headaches in return.

Yao Ying listened to everything patiently, then he asked, "So, I used to live with you?"

"Yes, Master," Li Guang answered.

"What was my status there?" Yao Ying asked curiously. He knew very well that they couldn\'t tell other people that Yao Ying was his master, besides, he found him as an orphan.

"This..." Li Guang felt a bit hesitant.

Yao Ying looked at Li Guang intently and said, "Why are you being hesitant? Was it that bad? Was I a servant there?" Yao Ying didn\'t think that it was that bad to become a servant there.

"No..." Li Guang answered. "I don\'t have the heart to treat you like that, no matter what, you are still my master. I told people that you are the son of my benefactor, so even if you are weak, people have to treat you with respect, Master."

"Just that?" Yao Ying asked curiously. From Li Guang\'s darting eyes, it seemed like he didn\'t honestly tell him everything.

"Er... It\'s just a random thing that I made up back then. I said that you are the fiancee of my elder daughter..." Li Guang admitted. He had no choice back then but still... it wasn\'t his place to determine his master\'s marriage and he was still feeling guilty about it. Not only that, but he did that out of selfish reason as well.

Yao Ying sighed in relief, so he didn\'t have any relationship with Ying Ying\'s elder sister. He looked at the screen, hoping that Yao Ling was listening as well. He was the innocent party here and it was just Li Guang\'s lie, so everything should be fine, right?

"Oh... It\'s good if it\'s only a fake engagement..." Yao Ying said in a low voice and there was a hint of happiness in his tone.

Li Guang was surprised when he heard that --- he thought that the engagement was already a sealed deal!