His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 486 - A Glimpse Of His Past (2)

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"Is that why you are being branded as a traitor? You are not actually being framed, aren\'t you?" Yao Ying asked in surprise. After all, he indeed wasn\'t a Qin citizen and Yao Ying was wondering why Li Guang was staying in the Qin Kingdom.

Was it just for Yao Ying\'s sake? He started to make a guess randomly. The more he asked, the more he was feeling confused about his own identity. Who the hell was he?! Was it worth it to protect him like this?

Li Guang sighed. "Yes," Li Guang finally admitted. No one framed him because he was Yao Ying\'s person from the beginning and they weren\'t exactly working for the Qin Kingdom.

"It seems like my brother is the one who leaked out the news," Li Guang admitted. He received his men\'s reports as well about it, so he didn\'t solely rely on Ying Ying\'s news. Everything had been caused by his greedy brother...

He didn\'t know whether his brother was stupid or what --- by doing this, he might gain an advantage from those people in the beginning, but what about in the future? He wasn\'t Qin Kingdom\'s citizen, so would they trust him? He really wanted to laugh at his brother\'s foolishness but he didn\'t have any pity for him.

People reaped what he sowed.

He didn\'t think that he would do well in the future when he joined the Qin Kingdom\'s officialdom. Besides, he could betray his own brother, so his current employer wouldn\'t really believe him as well. He didn\'t even think that he even needed to get revenge personally to him before he was being devoured by the others.

"So... where are you and my father coming from?!" Yao Ying asked, pulling Li Guang out from his deep thoughts about his disappointing brother.

"We are actually from here... The Shu Kingdom..." Li Guang admitted in a low voice.

Yao Ying was dumbfounded when he heard Li Guang\'s answer. He thought that he was probably from the Han Kingdom, after all, he was able to live safe and sound here so far... Was it because his father had protected him so far... or...? He really didn\'t know what to think anymore. His mind was overloaded with the recent news.

"Here?" He asked in a hoarse voice, feeling that his headache started to come and haunt him --- it was like the time when his memories were being triggered. He quickly tried to calm his mind by pushing several acupuncture points slowly, a trick that Yao Ling had taught him so his headache wouldn\'t get any worse once it occurred.

It seemed like the things that he had involved in were very deep and complicated.

No wonder that they protected the man\'s identity so well. It seemed like he was someone important in the Shu Kingdom. However, why did his grandfather let his mother do as she wanted? A noble family would always want to protect their image --- there were a lot of ways to cover the matter up, but that matter was able to blow up crazily at that time.

Or was there someone working behind the scene to ruin his maternal family? There were a lot of possibilities that he could think of --- but he didn\'t know which one was the truth.

"Who is he? Who is my father?" Yao Ying asked softly.

Everything started from his father and Yao Ying also felt that the latter was the one who was responsible for all of this. Despite not knowing everything, he could feel there was an intense hatred in his heart towards his father. Because of this, Yao Ying was even more sure that the man that Li Guang talked about at this time was really the past him.

"Er... Can we talk about his identity later? Why don\'t I tell you the rest of the story first?" Li Guang asked. He didn\'t think it would be wise to tell Yao Ying about his father first, after all, Li Guang could see a trace of hatred flashed in Yao Ying\'s eyes. It seemed like he still blamed his father even though he didn\'t remember anything.

Yao Ying was feeling doubtful about his father\'s identity but he knew that it would be better if he listened to the rest of the story first --- at least, he could be more objective this way. "Sure, go ahead..." He gave Li Guang his permission.

Li Guang explained one by one, however, there were also a lot of things that he didn\'t know about and the answers were in Yao Ying\'s own memories.

He didn\'t know the thing that happened before Yao Ying was five years old. After all, there was a period that Yao Ying had gone missing and he was hidden perfectly by his maternal family. The matter in Yao Ying\'s maternal family was quite complicated as well and Li Guang couldn\'t really find out any information about them.

Just like what Li Guang had previously said... he had become a peasant around that time, leading a simple life in a secluded village with his fake parents which of course, little Yao Ying didn\'t know about. He thought that they were his real parents.

Li Guang was the one who was being assigned to search for little Yao Ying at that time. He found Yao Ying when he was crying hungrily on the side of the street, begging. Once he looked for the reason why little Yao Ying was abandoned, he found out that the people who were in charge of taking care of him were dead due to the crazy famine at that time.

He sighed when he knew that it seemed like Yao Ying\'s maternal family didn\'t calculate this thing would happen but how could he blame them? No one could predict the future, however, his employer was beyond angry when he saw Yao Ying\'s bad condition at that time.

Li Guang had done his own investigation about Yao Ying\'s maternal family. After all, he needed to understand what kind of trouble he was jumping into in the Qin Kingdom. He needed to make his cover perfect as well.

Li Guang only heard a bit from the others that Yao Ying\'s mother was adamant in giving birth to him --- even though her body was weak, she didn\'t even care. She knew that she couldn\'t live long anyway. She already knew that she was being poisoned and the poison seemed to affect the baby as well. However, she wouldn\'t accept the idea of aborting the baby.

She said that this was the result of her and Yao Ying\'s father\'s love, so she couldn\'t let them kill the baby. For a usually rational woman, her behavior really baffled so many people at that time.

For what reason... no one was clear about it --- after all, they didn\'t believe in the \'love\' reason. Only Qian Yu and her father knew about the whole thing, but too bad, both had been dead for a long time.

His mother died right before she gave birth to him, fortunately, it was almost time for Yao Ying to be born. So the physician did what Qian Yu had begged him to do, he let the baby come out and see the world by slicing open Qian Yu\'s stomach. By the time, Yao Ying\'s maternal grandfather found out about it, it was already too late...