His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 485 - A Glimpse Of His Past (1)

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Li Guang was confused for a moment before answering, "Didn\'t you notice it yourself? Once in a while, you always threw up blood back then. Not only that but you also got tired easily, Master..."

His master should have felt that his body was weak and lack of qi, right? How could he not feel any of it once he lost his memories? Li Guang asked Yao Ying about it and the latter shook his head, telling him that he had never felt weak or something like that --- he felt that he was really fine. That was the reason why Yao Ying was feeling baffled by Li Guang\'s words.

He didn\'t want to have a short life ah~! However, as long as he remembered, he only threw up blood once or twice after getting hurt --- it never happened out of the blue.

Yao Ling sighed in relief when she knew that Yao Ying didn\'t lie to her. So, there shouldn\'t be any problem with his life... right? But she was feeling curious why Li Guang seemed to feel that Yao Ying\'s health was that bad. The man didn\'t seem to be laughing.

Even Li Guang was feeling confused about this matter. As far as he knew, his master always looked pale and the man in front of him had a healthy face. He didn\'t pay close attention before because he was too concerned whether Yao Ying was his real master or not.

How could a person change so much in such a short time? Li Guang didn\'t understand too... Did someone actually cure his master? But... that was impossible! Even their best people admitted that it was hard to cure the poison because it was already mixed into his blood. He knew that they wouldn\'t lie about such an important matter.

Li Guang suggested, "It will be better if our expert in this field to check on you, Master. Maybe there\'s a change in your body that we don\'t know about."

Yao Ying asked, "You are in such a bad condition already and there is a possibility that they are too. I heard you are being framed, right? What about the others then?"

Yao Ying\'s questions were reasonable. He was being declared as their master and the condition when he was found by Yao Ling back then was pretty bad. It meant that their party had been attacked by the enemies --- he wondered whether his subordinates were alright or not.

Even though he didn\'t remember them, it didn\'t feel right to turn a blind eye over them.

Li Guang stayed quiet when he heard Yao Ying\'s question, before finally answering, "We were hit pretty bad back then. Half of our people were gone and the others have been in hiding so far... However, they are fine and everyone is waiting for you to come back..."

The atmosphere inside the room turned somber in a heartbeat.

Yao Ying didn\'t know how to comfort Li Guang, but somehow, he felt a pang of sadness inside his heart. Yao Ying sighed and decided to break the silence by asking the question that he had wanted to ask the most, "You haven\'t told me yet... Who actually am I?!"

Li Guang cringed when he heard that --- he almost forgot about it as well. "I will... I will tell you... Then, I will start from the beginning, okay?" He stuttered for a second. Li Guang felt a bit uncomfortable to tell the story in front of Feng and his gaze kept landed at the latter.

Yao Ying nodded his head while closing his eyes --- he understood Li Guang\'s thoughts. "Go ahead! Don\'t worry! He\'s my people so you can trust him..." He ordered and Li Guang could only obey him.

Yao Ying trying to imagine all the things that Li Guang would tell him. Would he remember any of it?

"Honestly, Master... You have a noble identity but you have to hide as a peasant," Li Guang said in a low voice and there was a hint of unreconciled in his words.

Yao Ying didn\'t say anything because he knew that things weren\'t as simple as it looked like. It seemed like he was living as a peasant all along. However, his body was being poisoned. If he didn\'t have a backer, he believed that he wouldn\'t be able to live long enough to see the sunshine.

Li Guang told everything from the beginning.

Yao Ying was the son of a noble lady and the father was unknown, but because of the relationship between the noble lady with the man, the noble lady\'s family was slaughtered. However, until the last moment, the noble lady had never mentioned the name of that man --- even her parents were covering up the man\'s identity despite their daughter had been scorned by everyone.

This made people become more curious about the man\'s identity, especially when the noble lady was so beautiful that she was famous as the number one beauty in the capital. Judging from what happened, the man\'s rank wasn\'t low and... might even be very high.

"And then? Did I know who my parents are?" Yao Ying asked nervously. Just like what they had predicted beforehand, he had a noble background. Even though he wanted to deny it, he couldn\'t now. However, he couldn\'t recall a thing that Li Guang had told him about.

Li Guang nodded his head. "The one who protects you all along is your father and I am one of his people as well..." Li Guang admitted. "Honestly, you didn\'t have a good relationship with him... and you didn\'t want to call him Father..."

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows and didn\'t comment on it. So, he hated his own birth father, huh...

"So, my mother comes from the Qin Kingdom, right?" Yao Ying asked another question.

"Yes..." Li Guang answered hesitantly.

"What\'s her name?" Yao Ying asked curiously.

"Qian Yu... Her father was a first-rank official and because he loved her daughter too much, he lost everything," Li Guang said softly. Yao Ying got a few hints from Li Guang\'s words --- her reputation must have been ruined because she was pregnant before she was married.

Because of Li Guang\'s words, Yao Ying knew that his mother must have become a sinner in the Qin Kingdom. Yao Ying didn\'t want to hear bad things about his mother, but he had no choice to ask about it.

Li Guang nodded, telling him that it was just like his guess --- but Li Guang didn\'t tell him in detail. It seemed like it was really that bad. Yao Ying saw that Li Guang was feeling uncomfortable to talk bad things about his mother, thus, he didn\'t try to push for an answer. Yao Ying decided to skip this matter.

"So... Is my father from the Qin Kingdom as well?" Yao Ying tried to make a guess who that man was.

"No..." Li Guang answered.

"No?" Yao Ying was surprised by his words. "So... you are actually not a Qin citizen as well?!" Yao Ying asked in surprise

"No, Master..." Li Guang answered.

Yao Ying was baffled when he heard Li Guang\'s answer. Then, who the hell his father was?!