His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 484 - What Did You Say?!

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Li Guang gaped at Yao Ying in surprise and couldn\'t help but ask while squinting his eyes. "Master! What happened to you?" He found that something was really wrong with his master but he didn\'t dare to overstep his boundaries as well.

Yao Ying forced a smile. "Can you explain to me everything that you know about me?" Yao Ying knew that his statement was a good enough proof that he lost his memories, even though he didn\'t say it out loud. He didn\'t think it would be a wise move if he dropped that bomb right away, thus, he chose a netter wording.

Li Guang looked taken aback even more, then frowned. "May I ask for your permission to do something first?" Li Guang asked. This was a case that he didn\'t think of before. He wanted to ask why his master didn\'t come back if he was alive at this time and let a lot of their comrades die... However, everything made sense now.

He knew that his master wouldn\'t abandon them without any reason --- even though the fact was quite disappointing. He regretted why he couldn\'t find out his master\'s whereabouts sooner. In fact, they weren\'t that far from each other.

"For what?" Yao Ying asked, feeling suspicious.

Li Guang was feeling sad because he could see that there was no familiarity in his eyes when he saw Li Guang and also... he didn\'t seem to trust Li Guang\'s loyalty. It was understandable if he really lost his memories. There was a part of him that feeling suspicious whether the man in front of him was really his master or not.

After all, there were a few people that looked similar in appearance --- what if their enemies used this chance to dupe him? Fortunately, he had a way to prove whether Yao Ying was his master or not.

"Proving that you are indeed my master," Li Guang answered respectfully.

Feng quickly came out from the back and stood protectively in front of Yao Ying. "Young Master..." Feng didn\'t really trust Li Guang so he looked worriedly at Yao Ying, waiting for his order whether he should Li Guang be or not. Xiu was the one who guarded the front door so he took his duty to protect their young master as an exchange.

Yao Ying waved his hand, telling Feng to relax and stay behind him. He didn\'t think that Li Guang was up to no good. "Sure..." He answered while nodding his head slowly. Besides, he had no other choice in reality --- he needed to do this.

Yao Ying thought that it might be better if he wasn\'t the person that they were looking for. He had a gut feeling that he would have a greater responsibility once he claimed his old identity and suddenly, he felt really nervous. He looked helplessly at the place where Yao Ling was and sighed softly, knowing that by doing this, he was also safeguarding Yao Ling as well.

"Do what you need to do!" Yao Ying ordered in a low voice.

Li Guang sighed in relief when he got Yao Ying\'s permission. An impostor would be afraid to be checked so he believed that the man in front of him was indeed his master --- but to be on the safer side, he decided to check on him anyway.

"Can I take your pulse, Master?" Li Guang asked.

"Go ahead!" Yao Ying gave him his hand curiously.

Li Guang knew that his master had a special pulse and this was also the reason Yao Ling felt that something was wrong with his body --- however, she couldn\'t find out what it was. It was a subtle feeling so Yao Ling didn\'t really remember about it as well. Li Guang wasn\'t a master in the medical field but he knew how to read pulse, so it wasn\'t a big problem for him to check on Yao Ying\'s pulse.

Besides, their people were deliberately taught about this --- just in case, someone sent another impostor of their master just like in the past.

Li Guang could feel that special pulse and he looked at Yao Ying almost in tears. He found the right person! He was his master! Even though there was a slight difference in his pulse, he still noticed that the unique characteristic of his mater\'s pulse was still there.

"Master!" Li Guang quickly kowtowed to Yao Ying. "It is indeed you..." He finally could admit that Yao Ying was the real deal.

"Are you sure that you didn\'t make a mistake just now?" Yao Ying asked.

"No... I didn\'t... You are indeed my master..." Li Guang answered resolutely.

"How could you determine it?" Yao Ying needed to know the reason.

"Master, you have been poisoned when you were still inside your mother\'s womb. Thus, you have a weird pulse that no one have ever heard before. Fortunately, your master found a type of martial art skill which could calm your poison down when you were nine and there has never been a day that you have a relapse," Li Guang explained.

"My master?" Yao Ying asked.

Li Guang nodded his head in excitement. "Yes..."

"Who is he?" Yao Ying asked.

"I will take you to meet him, Master... but not now... We need to have a preparation first," Li Guang said slowly and Yao Ying nodded his head in agreement --- he wasn\'t ready yet and needed time to think of everything.

Then, he remembered something, "Master, do you remember about that martial arts movement?" Li Guang was in a panic because once his master didn\'t do the full set, there was a chance that the poison would start to be activated once again.

"Have you ever had a relapse?" Li Guang bombarded Yao Ying with questions.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows. A relapse? If that really happened and Yao Ying didn\'t tell her, he would certainly get angry at him. Her heart was beating faster out of nervousness.

Yao Ying didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. "I\'m not sure. There\'s a full set of martial arts movements that keep replaying inside my mind and I keep doing that even when I lose memories. About the relapse..." The only thing that Yao Ying could think of was the time when his memories were going to be triggered and drinking the poison to enter Mi Hui. Other than that, there were only mild symptoms once in a while and he didn\'t really put his mind into it because it was only a small matter and didn\'t hinder him at all.

Li Guang listened to Yao Ying\'s explanation carefully. "Because of the poison, you have a pretty good resistance towards most types of poisons. It\'s good if nothing happened. As long as it\'s not being triggered crazily, you can live longer..."

Yao Ying looked up in surprise and asked in a loud voice, "What did you say?!"

Yao Ling who heard those words became paler as well. Could live... longer? Didn\'t it mean that he had been predicted to have a short life? Yao Ling didn\'t find anything wrong with his body so how could the man say this ah~?! She almost fell down if Xiao Yu didn\'t hold her tightly.