His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 483 - Li Guang

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Ying Ying knew that her father actually didn\'t want to go --- at first, he just wanted her to save her sister so that he could die in peace. However, once he heard about Ying Ying\'s adventure to search for the man, he looked up at her in surprise. Of course, Ying Ying didn\'t tell her about how she sold her body because it would only make her father feel disappointed but she didn\'t bother to cover up that she had given her loyalty to Yao Ling.

Besides, in their current position, it would be hard to regain their previous glories and Ying Ying\'s father couldn\'t refute that. He could only sigh in sadness, knowing that this happened because of his loyalty to someone that maybe had been dead...

However, he got a hint of hope when he heard Ying Ying\'s story about that man. Even though Ying Ying admitted that she had never directly met the man, hope was still hope --- it was better than nothing.

"Tell me everything!" He demanded while his previous dead eyes became lively. Of course, Ying Ying couldn\'t be happier when she saw this. She felt lucky that she had met Yao Ling and the latter slapped her with reality. If she followed the servant\'s words, she would really betray her father unknowingly.

She told him everything about what her father\'s private maidservant had said to her and Ying Ying\'s father gritted his teeth in anger.

Just like what Yao Ling had predicted, Ying Ying\'s father had never told her to search for this man. After that, they knew that Ying Ying\'s father\'s personal servant had betrayed them --- maybe even longer than they had imagined before. Ying Ying\'s father knew that this must be because of the second branch as well.

It seemed like he was being lenient to them but one day, he would seek his vengeance for sure --- even if he was his own brother. They dared to ruin his family so why couldn\'t he do the same?!

Before they left the Qin Kingdom, he had done his revenge by killing that specific servant\'s family --- even the one who had become a part of the second branch as a concubine. Once they heard the news that Ying Ying\'s father had been rescued, let them sweat in fear!

They left like a loser but they also hoped they could come back and repay their favor tenfolds.

Once they arrived at the Shu Kingdom and reached Wang Fu, Ying Ying could feel how nervous her father was. After all, if he wasn\'t the man that he was looking for, he would lose all his hope for sure...


Yao Ying sat at the head seat in their secret place\'s hall. He looked calm from the surface but Yao Ling was the only one who could see his slightly trembling hand under his sleeve, knowing that the man was feeling nervous. It was finally time for him to hear about his past --- if he was indeed the man that Ying Ying\'s father had been searching for all this time.

Once they heard some heavy footsteps from the outside, Yao Ling quickly squeezed Yao Ying\'s hand a bit before letting go --- telling him that everything would be fine with a gentle whisper. Yao Ling hid behind the screen right before those people came in so that her presence wouldn\'t hinder their talk. She believed that the old man wouldn\'t dare to say everything under her watch.

By the time Yao Ling had hidden her presence perfectly, the front door was slowly opened by Xiu and Yao Ying almost couldn\'t breathe out of nervousness. He bit his lower lip and tasted a little bit of blood before he could finally regain his composure.

"Young Master, the man is here..." Xiu said while bowing politely to Yao Ying.

"Good! Let him in!" Yao Ying nodded his head while talking more confidently.

Xiu quickly brought the man in and after the man went it, he quietly went out of the room under Yao Ying\'s order. The latter needed people to keep a lookout at the front door just in case someone would barge in and find out about this meeting.

An old man came in and he looked even older than Wang Luo Hai. Yao Ying didn\'t know whether it was because of his imprisonment took a toll on him or something. There were a lot of wrinkles on his face --- especially his forehead. Because there was no time for him to shave, his face was full of white beards which made his look become even more unkempt --- he didn\'t look like an official at all in one glance.

However, the way he walked showed his gracefulness and there was a certain aura that made people respect him. This was the reason people believed that he used to be a man in power.

The man looked around vigilantly before it finally ended at Yao Ying\'s face. He gasped in surprise and there were tears in both of his eyes. The man who previously looked strong because of his aura became weak in a heartbeat.

The old man felt his knees become weak and fell down with a bang. He couldn\'t believe in his eyes and stuttered softly, "Re... Really? You... You are safe... You are safe..."

Yao Ying frowned. He was going to say something when he was stopped by the old man\'s last word...

"Ma... Master..." He said the last part full of longing because he never thought that he would find him again. The last thing that he found from this man\'s last trace was blood and badly mangled body. He had never given up hope because he knew that his master was stronger than that...

Even if it was just a pointless search, he didn\'t mind to do it.

Yao Ying didn\'t know what to say... when he saw the devoted look on the old man\'s face. Master? He was his master? The more he thought about it, the more curious he was about his previous identity.

Yao Ling gripped her own sleeves tighter when she heard that --- she knew that the higher Yao Ying\'s position before was, the bigger chance for him to leave her and get back to take his place. She could only grieve silently because she didn\'t know what else to do.

\'Master, huh?\' She thought to herself.

The old man continued to talk, "This old man Li Guang has a chance to meet with Master once more and there will be no regret for me even if I am dead..."

Yao Ying didn\'t know how to respond. If he told him the truth that he lost his memories, he knew that the old man would feel disappointed. However, he couldn\'t fake his response. Besides, he needed to know his identity from this old man as well.

"Master...?" Yao Ying unconsciously asked.

Li Guang was taken aback because he could see that the man in front of him didn\'t seem to recognize him at all. What the hell was going on? He thought to himself.

"Yes... Master... Don\'t you recognize this old man?" Li Guang asked carefully.

Yao Ying shook his head sadly, admitting that he indeed didn\'t remember who this Li Guang was.