His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 481 - Hope For The Best!

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The next day, Rong Qiu came to their house early in the morning and it took a long time for him to finally meet Yao Ling because he also needed to pay respect to the matriarch and talk to Wang Luo Hai as well. However, from this interaction, he knew for sure that they really treated Yao Ling kindly and just like one of their own --- it made him feel relieved and happy for his daughter.

Yao Ling hadn\'t received any news about Ying Ying\'s choice but she also wasn\'t in a hurry. She knew that sooner or later she would come to her. She believed that no one else would be willing to help Ying Ying.

Yao Ling was feeling glad that her father had come to visit her because she wanted to ask about her mother\'s news as well.

She greeted Rong Qiu warmly when she came out to receive him, "Father..."

"How are you?" He looked at her worriedly.

"Don\'t worry! I\'m fine..." Yao Ling assured him with a smile. When Rong Qiu saw that nothing seemed to be wrong with her, he could put down his worry.

"How about my mother\'s news? What did you find out about her?" Yao Ling bombarded Rong Qiu with her questions.

"That\'s what I want to talk to you about..." Rong Qiu said seriously.

Yao Ling quickly asked her father to sit down while Xiao Yu served them tea and snacks.

Rong Qiu explained about the news that he had gotten. The people that he had sent out had the drawing of a younger Su Wan and they saw a person who was similar to the painting, but older. However, she was gone in a flash so they couldn\'t determine where she had been living in the Qin Kingdom --- besides, she was being guarded by several people at that time and Rong Qiu\'s people couldn\'t get closer to them.

It was almost the same with the description that Yao Ling had found in her mother\'s letter. It seemed like she had been captured by someone. They wondered what kind of life she had when she had been imprisoned for more than a decade.

"Where did they see her?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

"The Qin Kingdom..."

"What?! The Qin Kingdom again? Why does everything seem to be related to them?" Yao Ling couldn\'t help but gasp. Once or twice could be said as a coincidence but several times? She really didn\'t know what to think anymore.

Rong Qiu nodded his head. "That\'s why I need to go there..." Rong Qiu hesitantly said.

Yao Ling didn\'t want her father to leave but she knew that searching for her mother was actually his priority. How could she prevent him from going? She looked sadly at him and said, "Okay..."

Rong Qiu sighed. "I\'m sorry for leaving so soon but I will certainly come back, hopefully, along with your mother..." He made a promise.

Yao Ling nodded her head helplessly. Her father already made a decision and she could only support him.

"One more thing though, I\'m going to the Qin Kingdom anyway. Why don\'t I help you to save the prisoners?" Rong Qiu asked.

"But, Father! It\'s very dangerous..." Yao Ling quickly rejected his idea. Telling her subordinates to do that was one thing, but this was her own father and didn\'t want to risk it.

Yao Ying who had been sitting beside Yao Ling all along said, "I think It\'s a good idea..."


"Listen to me first!" Yao Ying cut her word off. "It\'s really not a bad idea. Father doesn\'t need to involve himself directly with them but he can help us to monitor the plan and also become our ears to know what exactly happened there."


If someone was able to connect the dots, they would be able to implicate her father too! The punishment would be a death sentence ah~!

"Don\'t worry! They won\'t find out about me..." Rong Qiu said.

"How can you be so sure?" Yao Ling asked.

Rong Qiu said, "I know my own capabilities. If I don\'t think that I\'m able to do it, I won\'t offer myself to do the job..."

After hesitating for a few moments, Yao Ling decided to relent. In the end, they were talking about the plan. When her father asked, Yao Ling told him that she decided to save the woman. Rong Qiu felt that she was already big enough to make a decision and understand the consequences of her own decision.

However, they would put her away in a safe place first so she wouldn\'t be able to meet Yao Ying even if she wanted to. Once Yao Ling cleared up the matter between them in the past, it wasn\'t too late to make another decision by then.

Yao Ying had no objection whatsoever and he had already told Yao Ling about the preparation on his end. It would take two more days to be done perfectly, fortunately, there was no news that the Qin Emperor would kill Ying Ying\'s family earlier than the designated time.

They had enough time to do the preparation.

When they were discussing the plan, Ning Jie came with the news of Ying Ying\'s answer --- she agreed with her demand. If there was one day that she chose to betray Yao Ling, she was ready to be killed. Yao Ling naturally understood her meaning but she didn\'t tell her that she planned to save her sister.

The next day, Rong Qiu departed to the Qin Kingdom along with Ying Ying --- the latter wore a disguise as a man and would be the one who guided Rong Qiu and their team. So far, there was nothing weird about her and hopefully, it would stay that way until the end.

Yao Ling hoped that she would get a piece of good news in a few days.

Although she was waiting in nervousness, her heart felt calmer because her father kept sending news to her, thus, she knew that he was fine. The preparation had been going well but there was still no news about her mother\'s whereabouts.

She could only hope for the best!

In a few days... if they successfully saved those two, they would come knocking on her door with Yao Ying\'s past...