His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 480 - A Trap For Him?

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Yao Ling talked once more, "If there\'s a time when you need to choose one day... you should choose your loyalty to me over your family. If you think that you can\'t do that, then the deal is off... I\'ll give you one day to think about that..."

She didn\'t leave any negotiation room for Ying Ying. The latter felt at a loss and could only nod her head numbly, knowing that Yao Ling would probably not saving her sister.

Yao Ling turned to Ning Jie and said, "Can you bring her away and take care of her for now?"

Ning Jie opened her mouth, wanting to say something but she finally decided against it. In the end, she could only nod her head in agreement. No matter what Yao Ling\'s decision was... she could only stand by her side.

She quickly brought Ying Ying away... There was no resistance from the latter, after all, she didn\'t have anywhere to go and didn\'t plan to go back to her mother\'s performance troupe.

After the two had gone, Xiao Fang finally decided to ask Yao Ling softly, "Will you save the woman too?" By listening to their conversation, she had gotten the gist of everything. No matter what kind of relationship Yao Ying and that woman had, the woman had a chance to ruin everything.

"I don\'t know..." Yao Ling said helplessly. She honestly hadn\'t made a decision yet, maybe she should talk with Yao Ying and see it from his perspective. He had been there for her when she found out about her past and she should do the same for him.

Xiao Fang didn\'t push for an answer. "I will go back and tell Uncle Rong Qiu that you couldn\'t come today. You should have a rest, I\'m sure that he will understand..." She saw Yao Ling\'s pale face and couldn\'t bear to see her like this.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Okay..." She felt a bit guilty because she seemed to care more about her husband\'s matter than her mother, but she felt really tired at the moment. Her mood swing was pretty bad and that was the reason for her to be easily affected by everything that challenged her emotions.

"Let me send you back home," Xiao Fang offered.

Yao Ling forced a smile to her. "No need... I will be fine... I need to spend some time alone..."

Xiao Fang sighed and nodded her head, giving her time to sort her thought by herself. She gave a pointed look at Xiao Yu, telling her to take care of Yao Ling carefully. Xiao Yu gave a brief nod to her which showed that she understood. Finally, Xiao Fang could only leave and feel that she needed to tell Uncle Rong Qiu everything --- maybe the latter could help her.

Once Rong Qiu received the news, he was stunned. Such a matter happened? Why did they appear at the same time?! He meant about the clue of Yao Ying\'s past and his wife\'s whereabouts. He heard that his wife was also in the Qin Kingdom --- was this a coincidence or... not?

At least, they could search for them together. Rong Qiu tried to see the positive side instead.

"I will visit her tomorrow..." Rong Qiu said. Even though he was in a hurry, he knew that Yao Ling needed to rest for now. Before their meeting, he decided to investigate a few things first so their talk would go easier.

On the other hand, Yao Ling was still inside the restaurant. She said, "Ying, you can come out now..."

Yao Ying sat beside her and asked, "Are you okay?" He looked at her in concern.

Yao Ling nodded her head while giving a signal to Xiao Yu to guard the door --- she needed to talk with her husband in private so there were only the two of them left in the room.

"What do you think about my decision?" Yao Ling asked.

"I agree with it... We need to save him because he is the only clue about my past that we have so far..." Yao Ying said resolutely.

"Then, what about the woman?" Yao Ling squinted her eyes while asking the question.

"You mean Ying Ying\'s sister?"


"What about her?" Yao Ying knew what she meant but he just... didn\'t know how to answer her.

"Do you want to save her?" Yao Ling asked his opinion.

Yao Ying didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. Was this question a trap for him? The glare in her eyes betrayed her calmness and Yao Ying answered with a gentle smile, "It\'s all up to you. I don\'t even remember her anyway --- saving her or not wouldn\'t make much difference to our lives..."

His words made her feel satisfied.

"Are you sure you can trust that Ying Ying?" Yao Ying asked.

Yao Ling shook her head. "Not really... we should also prepare a precaution to her just in case she does something that would make us in trouble..." Saving a prisoner was a great crime and once they were being captured, they would be interrogated and killed right away.

"You are not allowed to go in your condition!" Yao Ying said sternly. "If you want to save them, just let our people do it..."

Yao Ling helplessly nodded her head. "I know..."

"What about you? Don\'t you want to personally oversee this matter?" Yao Ling asked curiously. This wasn\'t about her jealousy... she was seriously asking him about this. Wouldn\'t he feel worried that something would go awry there? If that happened, they would lose a chance to know about his past.

Yao Ying shook his head. "No need... I don\'t know what kind of identity that I had there. Showing my face without knowing anything would lead me to great danger. It will be better if we wait here together."

"What if the rescue mission fails?" Yao Ling hesitantly asked.

"Then... it just doesn\'t mean to be... If I can\'t remember about my past, it\'s not a bad thing too anyway..." Yao Ying said.

Yao Ling grinned widely at him and nodded her head. "About the woman... we can save her but you should never meet her!" Yao Ling demanded while making a compromise. If they had a past together and in a good relationship, she bet Yao Ying would feel guilty for not saving her if he remembered his past.

It was better to be safe than sorry later.

"Sure... I will not meet her..." Yao Ying made a promise and he didn\'t mind about it at all. He asked, "Won\'t you tell that woman about it?"

"Who? Ying Ying? About what?"

"The decision to save her sister..." Yao Ying answered.

"No need... I want to test her loyalty for now," Yao Ling explained.

Yao Ying merely nodded his head --- he didn\'t care about that woman so he didn\'t put it inside his mind.

"Are you really not going to father\'s place?" Yao Ying asked.

"No, I will go there tomorrow..." She shook her head tiredly. "Let\'s go home... I need to get some sleep..."

"Sure... It won\'t be too late to handle everything tomorrow. Let me do the preparation!" Yao Ying offered.

"I will leave it to you..." Yao Ling said. She could only trust Yao Ying in this.

She would just ask him what he had already done for the preparation tomorrow...