His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 48 - Who Are They?

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Chapter 48 - Who Are They?

Yao Ying followed Wang Luo Hai\'s suggestion and went home early. He made sure that he had finished everything and went to the production room to find Yao Ling. When he found her, he smiled and wanted to call her right away, but he could see a slight frown on her beautiful face. What Wang Luo Hai said was true! Yao Ling really had something in mind.

Yao Ying went behind her and touched her shoulder softly. Yao Ying could smell the usual sweet fragrance of his little wife and it made him feel calm and comfortable. "Wife…" He called softly.

Yao Ling jumped in surprise and turned around in a quick move. "Hus… husband!" She stuttered, still feeling astonished. She could feel her own fast heartbeat started to calm down, after knowing it was only Yao Ying. Her paranoia really got the better of her.

Yao Ying looked at her in concern. He could feel something was amiss and whatever bothered her was pretty serious. "Are you okay?"

"I… I\'m okay." Yao Ling couldn\'t possibly say anything in front of a lot of people. Her gaze traced the whole room and she smiled reassuringly to everyone. She took Yao Ying\'s right hand and tugged it softly, "Come on. Let\'s go home! I just don\'t feel good." Then she whispered softly, "I\'ll tell you later."

Yao Ying nodded in understanding. The couple went out hand in hand, making the embroiderers –which were mostly women- feel envious. They looked at the diminishing silhouette of the couple and they could see how they were perfectly complementing each other. The man had a tall and slightly muscular body, while the woman had a petite and slim body. Their long hair flew along with the wind, making them look like a beautiful painting from behind.

"They look so perfect together."

"Yes. Not only that, look at how close and romantic they are!"

"They look so sweet!"

If Yao Ling heard those comments, she would probably blush in embarrassment. She wasn\'t a woman that liked to show off her skinship, but she really needed Yao Ying reassurance at the moment. She just wanted to feel his warmth, basking on the safety feeling that he offered.

On their way back, Yao Ling could sense they were being followed once again. She naturally made a guess that it was still the same guy. "Husband… do you feel something amiss?" Yao Ling wanted to make sure that she was just paranoid.

"Is this the thing that makes you worried?"

Yao Ling looked at him in surprise. "Yes. Do you also realize it?"

Yao Ying nodded and whispered to her, "Smile… don\'t look so stiff or they will know that we\'ve noticed their presence."

Yao Ling quickly composed her mood and smiled at Yao Ling. Xiao Yu and Xiu trailed behind them. They didn\'t notice anything different, only felt that somehow their masters were quite romantic unlike usual. They couldn\'t hear what their masters\' whispering about, so they just enjoyed following their master while looking around.

"Do you know who they are?" Yao Ling asked.

"No. I think they are trying to understand our daily routine."

"How do you know?" Yao Ling looked at him alarmed, although she was still smiling.

"I notice that they\'ve been following us for a few days," Yao Ying explained.

"Why didn\'t you tell me before?" Yao Ling pouted.

Yao Ying smiled at her cute face. Oh, how he enjoyed looking at her pouty lips! "I didn\'t want to make you feel worried. This is also one of the reasons why I want to become stronger. However, judging from this, I think I need to speed up my plan."

"What kind of plan?"

Yao Ying looked around, then he stopped his gaze at his wife\'s face once again. "Sssh… not now. Not here. There are too many ears. We can talk about this later."

Yao Ling understood his uneasiness. They were walking on a public street and it wasn\'t a good place to have an important conversation. After they arrived at their own courtyard, they quickly took a bath and ate dinner. They didn\'t join the family dinner, but instead, they ate dinner at their own courtyard. Xiu already went and told Wang Luo Hai the reason. Xiu said that Yao Ling didn\'t feel well, so Wang Luo Hai just let them be.

After they dismissed Xiu and Xiao Yu, they laid back on their bed. Yao Ling turned her body to the left, so she could see Yao Ying\'s face clearly. She could see his fatigue, so she asked in concern, "Are you okay? You look so tired." She softly brushed the messy hair from his forehead and massaged his temple.

Yao Ying m.o.a.ned, feeling good. He could feel the tension on his head was slightly decreasing. "Thank you," he murmured softly while closing his eyes and enjoying the simple massage.

Yao Ling tapped his forehead softly and smiled. "There\'s no need to thank me. We are husband and wife. Of course, we should share our burden. Besides, I enjoy serving you." She whispered the last part while blushing.

Yao Ying smiled and grabbed the hand that had just tapped his forehead. He turned to Yao Ling and softly kissed her palm, making her feel his soft and wet lips. She blushed at the intimate gesture and felt her heart beating faster. How could he affect her so much like this?

"Indeed. We should share our burden." Yao Ying pulled her hand with a bit of his power. Yao ling\'s body was pulled along and she fell on top of him in a soft thud. Yao Ying hugged her waist and sniffed his favorite smell emitting from her body. A sweet jasmine fragrance. "You smell so good."

Yao Ling knew if they continued like this, they would end up not talking about their plan. However, she felt weak because of his arousing movement. Yao Ying kissed the nape of her neck and the soft spot behind her ear. She could feel herself start to m.o.a.n, but she tried to maintain her calmness. "Hus… husband… we should talk about…"

Before she finished talking, Yao Ying gripped her soft jet-black hair and tugged it back softly. Without answering her, he kissed her soft lips and lost in their passionate kiss. Whatever things that Yao Ling wanted to say was also lost in their hot breathe. They kissed without restraint and only the sound of their battling mouth was heard in the dimmed room.

After feeling satisfied with their kiss, Yao Ying released her mouth and once again attacked her neck. He sucked and nipped on it, making Yao Ling shudder passionately. "Ying…" Yao Ling couldn\'t hold back her soft m.o.a.n.

Yao Ying loved the way she called his name breathlessly. It made him grow hard, wanting more. He knew if he continued to do this, he couldn\'t hold himself back. He decided to stop because they needed to talk about important things first. Yao Ying released her neck and satisfied with the red mark that he\'d just made and left right there.

\'She\'s mine…\'

He smirked, knowing that his innocent little wife wouldn\'t know that he left a mark there. A gift for her, then.

Yao Ling felt Yao Ying finally release her but she was feeling lost. She was too embarrassed to say that she\'d enjoyed it too much, not wanting to end it this quickly. However, she bit her own lips to stop her protest. She just laid on top of him, still feeling weak to the temptation.

She punched his chest softly and pouted. "How could you?" She didn\'t know what she was protesting about. Because he teased her? Because he stopped just like that? Or because he made her lost her mind? That was why she could only mutter how could you.

Yao Ying laughed and kissed the top of her head. "What? Didn\'t you also enjoy it just now? Why are you feeling so embarrassed now? Don\'t be shy, Wife." He cooed at her.


Yao Ling was speechless. Since when Yao Ying became this shameless? She could feel herself blushing. She hid in his embrace and that only made Yao Ying laugh more.

"Okay… Okay… We have to talk about our plan now." Yao Ling became serious in a heart beat.