His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 479 - Could She Read Her Mind?

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Yao Ling felt slightly dizzy and her heart felt uncomfortable, it made her feel worried about the baby. She knew that it would harm the baby if she kept being stressed out like this, thus, she took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Yao Ying heard the slight change in her breathing and wanted to go out of the screen and take a look at her condition. However, when his gaze landed at Yao Ling, the latter shook her head in a subtle way. He could only helplessly hide himself once again, after all, Yao Ling didn\'t want him to appear.

Yao Ling didn\'t want him to meet with Ying Ying yet, after all, she felt that the latter hadn\'t sorted out her mind yet. What if Ying Ying had another thought on Yao Ying? Not in a romantic way, but more about her sister --- if that happened, it would turn into another problem for her.

"We probably can help your father but we can\'t erase his crime yet... There\'s not enough time for that..." Yao Ling said while massaging her forehead. She didn\'t think she had the energy to go to her maiden house after this even though she wanted to ask her father about her mother\'s news. There were so many things that she should plan regarding this matter so she knew her father would understand.

"Why?" Ying Ying asked anxiously. If she had the power, she would certainly drag Yao Ling as soon as possible to save her family.

"You only have little time and besides my people still need several days of time to go there from here. What do you think we could do in such a short time? Besides, what if the Emperor has a change of mind and decides to punish them faster?" Yao Ling asked her back. It wasn\'t easy to find proofs in such a short time.

They simply didn\'t have that much time left.

Ying Ying couldn\'t refute that. It was basically impossible to do something without any preparation and it was already too late. She could only look down in disappointment and despair because she knew that her father always put his honor first. Of course, besides his family as well.

Everyone in the room got a bad feeling when they heard Yao Ling promised her. Why did she become so impulsive all of a sudden?!

Ning Jie looked at Yao Ling in surprise and asked, "What do you plan for us to do? Are you really sure you want to help her? This isn\'t a small matter... Don\'t you want to discuss it with Yao Ying?"

Ying Ying became anxious when she heard that Ning Jie rejected the idea of helping her. She didn\'t dare to say anything though because this could only be decided by Yao Ling --- judging from the way the others behaving, she knew that Yao Ling would be the one who had the final say. Thus, she put her hope on Yao Ling.

Yao Ling stared at the screen for a little while and said, "I believe that he would agree with me, after all, this involves him as well..."

Yao Ying couldn\'t refute that statement so he stayed quiet.

Yao Ling sighed in relief inwardly and answered Ning Jie\'s question about the plan, "We can save him... from his death, but just like I said... about erasing the crime... it\'s impossible for now..."

Ning Jie and Xiao Fang gasped. "You mean..."

Without being said, they already knew what she planned to do --- she wanted to break them out of the prison, but would it be that easy? The case was very big in the Qin Kingdom so the security must be very tight!

"Are you crazy?!" Both of them yelled at the same time.

"Like I said... it\'s still a plan... We can talk about this later..." Yao Ling said in a low voice, however, she believed that they would agree with her in the end.

When Ying Ying heard Yao Ling\'s words, she quickly talked first before the others could say anything else, "It\'s fine! Really, it\'s fine! Saving his life is my only priority..."

Yao Ling sighed. "An official usually is a proud man, do you think he could live the rest of his life in peace while his name is being smeared like that? Have you ever thought of that possibility?"

Ying Ying didn\'t know what to say because that was true. She pondered a little while before finally, her eyes lit up. "I\'m sure he\'s willing!" She said excitedly.

"Oh, why?" Yao Ling started to be interested.

"Doesn\'t he keep searching for someone important? If he knows that your husband is alive, maybe... he will change his mind..." She trailed off at the last part because she wasn\'t feeling sure about it as well. Maybe this person was more important than his honor?

It was possible but the possibility was also low.

"Then, we can try... Everything will depend on your father as well..." Before anyone could reject her idea, Yao Ling quickly made a decision. The others could only stay quiet on the side.

Ying Ying nodded in understanding. "I... I have one more request... I don\'t know if you can fulfill it too or not..." Ying Ying said meekly. Even though she was feeling hesitant, she had no other choice.

Yao Ling raised one of her eyebrows. "What?"

"Can... Can you save... my sister too?" Ying Ying begged, not knowing whether Yao Ling would agree or not. At least, she could try to beg for her life too. After all, she had been a really good sister to her. How could she abandon her when she saw hope here...?

"Do you know how much risk I take for saving one person?" Yao Ling asked in displeasure when she heard Ying Ying\'s request. If it was about another thing, it might be possible for her to fulfill it.

That woman probably had a relationship with Yao Ying in the past. If she was dead... Yao Ling shook her head inwardly, trying to stop her bad line of thoughts. She didn\'t want to be \'that\' cruel... She felt really frustrated at this time because her next decision could affect her life in the future --- making a very very big change.

"I will consider it..." Yao Ling answered but she didn\'t make any promise.

Ying Ying reckoned that this was the best thing that she could get so far. She could try to find a way when she was there...

Yao Ling seemed to be able to perceive her thoughts. "You know... I will help you, but... in return, don\'t forget to be loyal to me!" Yao Ling said, then she added, "Even more than your own family... From now on... your life will be mine as well. How is that sound?"

Yao Ling didn\'t give Ying Ying a way out.

Ying Ying stunned when she heard this. This... How could that be? Didn\'t it mean... if Yao Ling said no, she couldn\'t save her sister at that time. She put a stop to Ying Ying\'s thoughts and it made Ying Ying feel a chill to the bone.

Could she read her mind?