His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 477 - What Do You Plan To Do Next?

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A shaman?!

How could Ying Ying feel reconciled when she knew that? Her fate was determined by a passer-by in a whim and they didn\'t know whether that shaman was a quack or not.

She looked suspiciously at the man and asked, "How do you even know an event from that had happened long ago? I don\'t think that they would tell you something like that? Tell me! How do you find out about it?"

This man was a bit older than her, so when the switching baby thing happened, he was only two or three years old at most. How could he know what happened in her family in detail? It seemed impossible.

The man said, "I swear! I didn\'t lie to you... I accidentally listened to it when I followed the servant because I needed to determine whether he was really able to pay me or not..." No matter what he needed to know his employer\'s background. What if he had already done so much and met a fraud instead?!

"Who did he talk to?" Ying Ying asked cautiously.

The man shook his head. "I don\'t know who he was but the man was as old as the servant that hired me. But there is one distinguishing characteristic from him... there\'s a big birthmark on his face..."

Ying Ying gritted her teeth. She knew that man... The second branch\'s head servant... It seemed like it was the small talk between him and her adopted father\'s personal servant. It was understandable if both of them knew about what happened back then... She started to feel dizzy with all of the information that she had gotten. It was really difficult to comprehend in such a short time.

Xiao Fang was feeling baffled as well --- why did it seem so easy for people to exchange babies inside an official\'s family? It was lucky for her that she got a better deal by being loved by her adopted father. On the other hand, Ying Ying...

She could only sigh inwardly for the woman. Even if she didn\'t really like her, she still pitied the woman for her tough life.

Ying Ying felt that things weren\'t as simple as that because her father used to be close with the second branch. Did the gap between them happen because of her? Or someone had planned it beforehand? Even if she was stupid, she still understood this point.

"Then... do you know the identity of the man that they wanted me to look for?" Ying Ying asked hurriedly. If her adopted father wanted to protect the man, she needed to warn him beforehand.

"No... I really don\'t know... I only know that he\'s someone important and I shouldn\'t deal with him when I find him. They need him for something that they didn\'t want to tell me about. However, they wanted me to let them know once I find him..." The man said hesitantly.

It was understandable. He was just a thug and they wouldn\'t trust him with important pieces of news... If he said that he knew about the man, it would be fishier.

Yao Ling opened her mouth when she heard this, "So... have you told them about the man in the painting?" She felt anxious because if that really happened, they really needed to get ready for it.

The man shuddered and shook his head. "No... No... I haven\'t told them yet because I wanted to find out about that man\'s identity first. I thought that maybe I could blackmail them and get more money if I did that... Besides, I couldn\'t find that man\'s identity..."

He was just a normal thug and not from around here, so it took some time for him to gather information. Fortunately, Ning Jie moved faster than him because Ying Ying made a pretty big fuss while searching.

Yao Ling sighed in relief and felt fortunate that this man was greedy. If he was a loyal man, he would already send the message back to his employer when he found Yao Ying\'s whereabouts. She decided to stay quiet after asking, it would be better if she saw what Ying Ying would do next.

Ying Ying should have realized that Yao Ling knew the man, judging from the concern in her tone. However, she wasn\'t in the condition to think clearly so she didn\'t find it suspicious for Yao Ling to ask such a question.

Yao Ling saw the change in Ying Ying\'s expression and noticed that her mind had become clearer regarding her own situation. She more or less could guess that there was someone playing around behind this matter... She wondered what kind of position that Yao Ying used to have in the Qin Kingdom which made people continuously try to find him?

Yao Ling was taken aback by what would happen next.

Ying Ying looked at the man fiercely and without a second thought, she took a small knife from her sleeve and pointed at the man. "Tell me! Who is behind you? Who is behind them? I don\'t think you are only an ordinary thug, right?" She yelled while coming onto him and trying to stab him on the chest.

The man dodged just in time so he wasn\'t hurt the slightest --- however, his whole body was trembling in fright. He didn\'t think that the sweet woman would be able to do this, it seemed like he had pushed her to a corner until the woman had become a lunatic.

Ying Ying became muddleheaded and really wanted to kill the man, feeling that she had lost everything anyway. Yao Ling gave a signal to Feng, telling him to stop her from harming the man.

When Feng stopped her and took the knife away from her, Ying Ying was still thrashing around in despair. The man looked scared when he saw Ying Ying tried to kill him for real and quickly hid in the corner. He was just a coward!

"Stop it!" Feng said sternly at her with a piercing gaze. He held onto her so that she couldn\'t move. No matter how much she attacked or punched him, he didn\'t move a muscle at all.

Ying Ying didn\'t care and it took a little while until she calmed down. When she already used up her energy, she finally gave up and cried. Everyone let her cry to ease her pain. Ying Ying hugged Feng who was the closest to her which made the latter stiffen. His brother had told him about this woman but he couldn\'t just push her away in this condition. In the end, he could only let her be while looking at Yao Ling helplessly.

Yao Ling knew that Feng asked for her help which made her didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry... She pretended that she didn\'t see anything and would help Feng after Ying Ying could sort herself out.

When she saw that it was already the right time, Yao Ling asked, "So... what do you plan to do next?"

Ying Ying kowtowed to Yao Ling and knew that she had nowhere to go. She could only bet her life on Yao Ling. Seeing that she put importance on this matter, she knew that their goals must have been in line with each other.

"Gu Niang... Please... Let me follow you!" She begged wholeheartedly.