His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 475 - How... How Come?!

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Chapter 475 - How... How Come?!

"There\'s a possibility that your adopted father might want to protect this man..." Yao Ling said softly while her gaze landed at the screen where Yao Ying was. Somehow, that was the feeling that she had gotten so she felt that she should let Yao Ying know.

Yao Ying knew that the words were being directed at him... and he really didn\'t know what to feel. Even if that man was trying to protect him, he didn\'t feel anything because he remembered nothing. Somehow, he felt a bit guilty if that was really the case. Didn\'t it make him an ungrateful person?

Yao Ling knew that she should let this all out in the open so the matter wouldn\'t become too complicated. Besides, she already had a bit confirmation on this matter.

Ying Ying\'s face turned pale when she heard this. If that was really true, didn\'t she almost make a big mistake?! She even planned to use the thug to just abduct the man right away... Didn\'t it mean she had betrayed her own adopted family...? If that really happened, she would certainly kill herself in guilt!

"How do you know?" Ying Ying asked in surprise with trembling lips. She didn\'t really want to believe in Yao Ling\'s words because it meant she admitted her stupidity.

Yao Ling clapped her hands and felt that she should tell a bit of the truth as well so that the woman would help them in the future --- because she knew that they would need her help when they were going to the Qin Kingdom.

Feng came in when he heard the clapping sound because it was his clue to come in. Yao Ying already gave Yao Ling a full reign to his people as well so when he saw Feng there, he was merely feeling curious. It seemed like he had successfully found the man and he was interested to hear what they had found out.

Feng came in with a cold face and threw a man into the room in disgust. The man could only groan in pain due to the heavy injury on his body. "Young Mistress..." He greeted Yao Ling politely.

Yao Ling nodded her head in return.

"Who is that?" Ying Ying asked in surprise. The man\'s condition was so bad and there was blood all over his body. She shuddered when she saw his condition because she knew that he had been tortured before this.

"Look closely again! You know him..." Yao Ling said softly.

When Ying Ying looked at the man carefully, she was surprised because it was the man who had been with her last night. It was hard to recognize his face because it was so swollen but she still remembered his clothes. They were still the same as last night.

"How... How come?!" She gasped in surprise.

Ying Ying realized that something was wrong so she quickly turned her gaze back to Yao Ling, "Who are you, people?! How do you know everything?!" She started to become paranoid and suspicious of Yao Ling\'s intention.

If she knew this much, it wasn\'t a coincidence anymore!

"You should listen to his confession first before you point your hand at us... I do this because I want to protect someone dear to me too and I will tell you once you finish listening to his words first," Yao Ling explained briefly. Telling her that the man that she was looking for was her husband at the moment would only lead to a misunderstanding.

Although she was feeling suspicious, Ying Ying had no other choice but to do that --- after all, she realized that her life was in their hand at the moment.

Yao Ling gave a signal to Feng and the latter nodded his head. Feng took a cup of tea from the table and threw the content at the man to wake him up --- he didn\'t even care even though the tea was still slightly hot, sooner or later, this man would be dead anyway. Why should he bother to be good to him?

The man hissed in pain when the hot tea touched his body, "Argh!" Even if he wanted to yell loudly, he couldn\'t anymore. His energy had been depleted due to the torture and he didn\'t dare to resist Feng anymore because the man was really a lunatic! He shuddered at the thought of what he had gone through the previous night and he didn\'t want to repeat the same thing ever again.

It would be better if they killed him as soon as possible!

"Tell her everything!" Feng told him in a low stern voice which made the man cringe in fear.

"I... I will tell her... I will tell her!" The man quickly said while his whole body was trembling. When he met Feng\'s gaze, he could only look down to calm himself down so that he could start talking.

Ying Ying wondered what kind of thing the man would tell him. She had just met this man at the Shu Kingdom so she didn\'t think that he knew everything about this matter. However, what he would say later really surprised her and it made her realize how naive she was as a person.

"Someone hired me to follow you to this kingdom and paid special attention to your movements. He wanted me to help you search for a man and if you are successful, I have to kill you!" The man said while groaning in pain once in a while.

Ying Ying stared at the man blankly before finally asking in a hoarse voice, "What?!"

"You heard me... Everything has been planned beforehand... Your adopted family\'s demise... the servant\'s words... everything is for the sake of calling that man out..." The man said with a sneer, looking at the stupid woman with hatred. If it wasn\'t because of this woman, he wouldn\'t be in this predicament.

"Why...? Why me?" She asked in surprise while pointing at herself in disbelief.

Yao Ling answered her in a low voice, "I already sent someone to check on this matter too... You are actually not the adopted daughter of your father."

"What do you mean? Of course, I\'m his adopted daughter!" Ying Ying exclaimed

Yao Ling dropped the bomb. "You are his real daughter..."

Ying Ying felt like her whole world was being turned upside down. The real daughter?! Her? How could that be?

"Don\'t you know why you were being treated badly by the second branch when they are supposed to be your real parents?" Yao Ling asked a question that she had been asking herself all this time.

Ying Ying could only shake her head numbly.

"Have you ever heard that one of your adopted father\'s child was dead right after her birth?"

Ying Ying really got a bad feeling about this. She quickly asked, "Don\'t tell me that they exchanged the babies?!" She also knew that the baby was born on the same day as her so this was the only possibility.

Yao Ling merely nodded her head. "I asked the questions just now because I want to see whether you love your adopted father just like how he loves you or not..." She wanted to see whether this woman was a good woman or an ungrateful wench.