His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 474 - The Flaw Of Her Story (2)

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Chapter 474 - The Flaw Of Her Story (2)

"If that\'s how you think of me, just go then!" Yao Ling didn\'t try to stop her and it made Ying Ying\'s steps falter. She really didn\'t understand the woman in the veil\'s personality --- honestly, she was a bit weird.

"There\'s no need to help an ungrateful person," Yao Ling added oil to the fire.

Yao Ling knew if she wanted to spark Ying Ying\'s interest, she needed to be more arrogant than her. Otherwise, Ying Ying would only treat her as air and didn\'t believe in what she was going to say next.

"I\'m not an ungrateful person! I want to leave because you have attacked my bottom line!" Ying Ying said angrily and pointed at Yao Ling in anger.

Xiao Fang really wanted to give a lesson to Ying Ying because of her impolite behavior, however, Yao Ling held her back by tugging her sleeve. Even though she felt unreconciled, she could only stay quiet on the side.

"So, what? You are so arrogant that you only hear what you want to hear and couldn\'t take any criticism. It seems like you still don\'t understand what I\'m trying to say, right?" Yao Ling was too lazy to look at Ying Ying so she turned her gaze to the window while sighing. She felt that this Ying Ying was really stupid, maybe she should just let others handle this woman if she decided to step outside of this room.

Yao Ling knew that she had started to become cruel by walking this path, but so what? She did everything so that she could protect her own family --- as long as she didn\'t hurt her beloved ones.

Ying Ying brought her back to reality with her question, "What do you mean?" Ying Ying felt that Yao Ling wanted to say something but she didn\'t really understand.

"Have you ever felt that there\'s a flaw in your story?" Yao Ling asked with a sneer. It wasn\'t even a small flaw... but a big one ah~!

"Flaw?" Ying Ying was taken aback. If she had lied to Yao Ling before, she would be sweating by now. However, she didn\'t lie to her! It aggravated her even more. If she didn\'t realize that Yao Ling was the only one who could help her now, she would already lash back at her.

Yao Ling sighed. This woman seemed to have a temper when she was a young miss. Even though Yao Ling felt that this woman didn\'t seem so bad now, she didn\'t think she would be able to get along well with this woman.

"Yes... flaw..."

"What flaw?" Ying Ying asked in disbelief once again. She didn\'t think that she had done anything wrong and her expression turned fiercer.

Yao Ying who didn\'t see the woman\'s face really wanted to throttle her at her stubbornness. How could Yao Ling stand her ah~?! Her tone wasn\'t like someone who begged for help!!

"If you feel that your adopted family really loves you, don\'t you feel that the servant behaved a bit weird?" Yao Ling asked her back.

"That\'s because he wanted me to save them!" Ying Ying said. "What\'s wrong with that?" The woman insisted without trying to process Yao Ling\'s words.

Yao Ling felt like it was time to stop helping a woman who didn\'t want to open her eyes. However, before she could say that, Ning Jie stood up and went over to that woman. The thing that made Ning Jie angry was the fact that Ying Ying was looking down at Yao Ling through her expression even though she was the one who needed help and already in the bottom pit.

If they didn\'t need to gain information from her, they didn\'t even want to talk to this kind of woman.

Ying Ying could see the fierceness in Ning Jie\'s face and she took a step back due to fear. "What... What are you doing? What do you want to do?!" Ying Ying asked in surprise. When they came in just now, Ning Jie didn\'t hesitate to sit beside Yao Ling so she knew that she wasn\'t an ordinary woman as well.

"Teaching you a lesson!" Ning Jie said fiercely and pretended not to see Ying Ying\'s fear. She already had enough of this woman. Yao Ling could take it but she couldn\'t!


Without a second thought, Ning Jie slapped Ying Ying. She said loudly, "Would you calm down a little bit? We don\'t even know your family and there\'s no advantage for us if we badmouth them... We don\'t even know who they are! Our miss only wanted to inquire about your background out of her kindness and look at how you treat her! She didn\'t plan to judge you but she wanted to tell you that there seemed to be something fishy with your story. If you don\'t plan to wake up, you can just go now and never look for us again!"

Her chest was puffing up and down due to the anger that she felt. Ying Ying felt stunned when she heard what Ning Jie had said. It was true! Even though she had become a commoner, she had never felt that she was one. After all, if she was able to find the man and prove that her adopted father was innocent, she would become a young miss once again. That was the reason she had never lost her arrogance...

It made the people in the performance trope didn\'t like her and could only find a thug to help her find a clue about the man... The slap really woke her up before it was too late.

"I... I\'m sorry..." Ying Ying stuttered.

Ning Jie nodded in satisfaction when she saw Ying Ying\'s expression. Without saying anything else, she went back to Yao Ling\'s side and sat down. She pretended that she didn\'t see Xiao Fang and Yao Ling\'s astonished expression.

Yao Ling had never seen her flare up but it warmed her heart --- it seemed like she didn\'t choose the wrong person.

Ying Ying knew that she was in the wrong and tried to amend the situation. "I\'m sorry... I won\'t repeat it again. I... I will tell you everything..." Ying Ying said while trying to tell them in detail about the events that led to their downfall.

Her adopted father had told her before he was being taken away that she should go and live freely from now on. He seemed to have a preparation beforehand because he left her a bag that was full of gold and told her to run away and never look back. He had never told her anything about this man and never asked for help.

He seemed to resign to his fate. It wasn\'t like he was feeling betrayed or something like that.

While telling them the story, she started to realize her flaw.

She quickly kowtowed to Yao Ling and said, "I\'m sorry for doubting you, Miss..."

Yao Ling said in a low voice, "That servant seems not as loyal as he looked like. He must be telling you things under someone else\'s order because they knew that they could use your feelings... Their goal must be this man..."