His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 473 - The Flaw Of Her Story (1)

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Chapter 473 - The Flaw Of Her Story (1)

Ying Ying nodded her head in agreement. As long as they had put a lot of effort to find the man, she didn\'t mind whether it would be successful or not. At least, she had tried so she didn\'t betray her adopted family. Besides, she didn\'t have an easy life after leaving them.

It was also quite fortunate that she met the performance trope in which her mother used to perform with --- so she could easily become a part of them after they knew that she was in trouble. Otherwise, no one would dare to smuggle her out of their kingdom even though she had severed ties with the first branch.

"Where do we start with this matter?" Ying Ying asked helplessly because she didn\'t know how Yao Ling wanted to arrange this matter. She just hoped she wouldn\'t change her mind later and abandon her.

"Why don\'t we start from the beginning?" Yao Ling gave a suggestion with a serious frown on her face.

Ying Ying nodded her head in agreement. "Sure..." She answered doubtfully. "How?"

"Just try to remember! What did your father\'s personal servant say in detail? You have to convince the man that you are searching for to help you so you should have known what kind of things the man has that could set your family free... right?" Yao Ling tried to fish some more information from the woman --- maybe she had forgotten something.

If she came to search the man without trying to find the truth first, then she was really a fool!

Ying Ying tried to remember every little detail. Even if the servant\'s words were quite confusing and vague, Ying Ying was still able to get the gist of it.

"The man seemed to have a relationship with my sister, however, he has already been missing when I joined the family so I don\'t know what kind of relationship they had as well. Only the servant said that they used to be lovers --- however, my sister has never told me that before..." Ying Ying explained.

She was quite close to her sister and kept wondering why she had never mentioned this man before. Was it a taboo matter? Or something like that? She wondered why she had never thought this far before...?

This was also the reason that she felt something was a bit fishy and confusing after Yao Ling told her about doubting the servant\'s purpose for telling her. In her mind, this man was the only thing that could give her hope to save them, so without a second thought, she searched for the man by herself --- even to the point of selling her own body.

Then Ying Ying suddenly remembered something and told Yao Ling about it, "However, something was a bit weird from the servant\'s words. I shouldn\'t tell the man anything about my father if I found him... Just tell him to come over directly, otherwise, the man would run away..."

When Yao Ling heard the word \'lovers\', she almost went crazy! If she didn\'t hear the last part, she would certainly use all of her power to make the woman talk! Lovers?! She really wanted to see what kind of person this woman\'s sister was.

Yao Ying who could feel her fluctuating emotions didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. He knew that he was in deep trouble after this... He didn\'t know how to appease her later ah~! When he heard the word \'lovers\', he could only cringe in disgust. In his eyes, Yao Ling was the only one who worth his love.

"Anything else about that man? Why does that servant think that he wouldn\'t come to help? Judging from his words, it seems like they aren\'t that close... Are you sure that they were lovers?" Yao Ling asked in an aloof tone, showing how angry she was. However, she was still able to think clearly and not to let her anger get the best of her.

Ying Ying didn\'t know her personality so she didn\'t think there was anything wrong with her. She shook her head in defeat. "I don\'t understand too... he hinted everything in a subtle way. If I asked for more detail, he would say that he knew nothing more... I had no choice but to believe in him..."

"That man seemed to be a powerful figure and my father is a part of his camp or something like that... That man has been branded as a traitor as well... However, the servant kept saying that they were being framed. If that man appeared, they could clean up their names! However, he only heard that bits and pieces from my adopted father, so... I\'m not really sure too." Ying Ying explained.

Yao Ling squinted her eyes. "So, your father has never told you in person that you should save them, right? Everything that you had heard so far --- only from this servant, right?"

Ying Ying nodded her head in confusion when she heard the faint mocking in Yao Ling\'s tone. Why did she have such a reaction ah~?!

Yao Ling shook her head because this woman was as oblivious as Xiao Fang. The only difference was Xiao Fang still had the protection of her father so she didn\'t have to go through such a hard life like Ying Ying.

"So... the key is in this man, right? However, you also don\'t know how he could prove that... Is that right?" That was the deduction that Yao Ling had gathered so far.

Ying Ying nodded her head. "Yes..."

"If your adopted father trusted you so much... Why didn\'t he tell you himself... about all of this matter?" Yao Ling asked.

"Maybe... he doesn\'t want me to be incriminated as well..." Ying Ying said in a low voice.

"One more thing, are you really sure that your adopted father and sister... love you?" Yao Ling asked.

Ying Ying\'s face changed when she heard this. She started to get angry and asked in a loud voice, "What do you mean?! Of course! They really treated me kindly!"

Yao Ling tilted her head to the side. "I\'m merely asking, why are you so agitated because of that one question? If they are good, then they are good. I just want to know the condition in your family before making any judgment. No need to get so defensive..."

She continued in a low enchanting voice, "You didn\'t get good treatment from your real family, right? Once they helped you back then, you would feel grateful to them and use you because they knew that you would do anything for a little bit of love. Have you ever thought of that?"

Ying Ying gritted her teeth. "I might be yearning for love but I\'m not stupid! They won\'t be able to use me easily if I have seen a flaw in their kindness to me!" She answered in hatred.

Ying Ying didn\'t like how Yao Ling made her look like she was a fool and her description really humiliated her relationship with her adopted family. How could she not fell angry?! She quickly stood up and said, "I bet you don\'t really want to help me! If that\'s the case, I will go right now!"

She didn\'t need Yao Ling\'s help if she continued to humiliate her!