His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 472 - I Will Try To Help You

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Chapter 472 - I Will Try To Help You

"Then, why didn\'t you go back to the second branch? Why did you choose to become a street performer?" Yao Ling asked out of curiosity. No matter how she looked at it, this was a bad choice.

At least, it would be better than her current situation... wandering all around the world with a performer trope while selling her body just like that. No matter what, she was still the daughter of an official and she had a choice to get herself out of the treason crime.

She could just start a new life and live a simple life as a commoner. Why was she so hard on herself?!

"I... I heard from my adopted father\'s personal servant that they could be saved if I could find the man in the painting..." She said softly while her gaze was wandering away, seemingly remembered something from the past. That servant\'s words...

She didn\'t doubt it because he was the one that her adopted father had really trusted.

Ying Ying continued, "I want to repay their kindness and thus, find a way to go out of the kingdom by myself. The man had been missing in the border between Qin and Shu Kingdom, so I just tried my luck --- maybe that man is here... Who knows that my guess is actually true? However, I\'m not sure whether I have found the right man or not... After all, I have never met the man before but I saw his painting once."

She only had a glimpse of Yao Ying and their distance was quite far. If she concentrated enough, she might be able to see him clearly --- however, she was performing at that time and needed to keep her balance all the time. If she lost concentration, there was a chance that she would fall to her death.

Ying Ying started to open up bit by bit to Yao Ling... She felt that she had nothing to lose at the moment because she felt that the woman in front of her was her last hope. Besides, she felt comfortable around Yao Ling without even knowing why.

"Did you see the painting because of that servant once again?" Yao Ling asked.

Ying Ying nodded.

Yao Ling tilted her head to the side, "Have you ever doubted that servant\'s words?"

Ying Ying\'s face started to change and asked, "What do you mean, Young Miss?"

Yao Ling sneered inwardly because after listening to Ying Ying\'s story, she didn\'t think that her adopted father was that kind, to begin with. How could such a piece of news reach her ears if there was no conspiracy behind it? By accident or the servant\'s loyalty? She doubted it. Maybe this woman was their only hope so they set them free... so they used her. However, this was only one of the possibilities.

How could a woman know exactly where to find Yao Ying if no one had guided her? There was no such coincidence in this world. Yao Ying felt a headache when she thought this way, after all, she would certainly change her mind and pity this woman.

Yao Ling didn\'t answer Ying Ying\'s question, but her words made Ying Ying falter because she never doubted that man for once.

"Then, why do you think that this man can save your sister?" Yao Ling asked in confusion. "I don\'t think it\'s easy to scratch off such a heavy crime, right? How much time left that you have?" A traitor\'s punishment could only be one --- death. The Emperor rarely gave a chance for them to live or maybe... exile them.

Such a short time... how could a little woman be able to find a man in such a big world?

True enough, Ying Ying answered, "Less than one month... The investigation is still ongoing... However, there\'s a chance that it could be faster than that..."

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows when she heard that the investigation was still going on.

Ying Ying sighed because she knew that this was a difficult task to do because of the limited time that she had. She also didn\'t really understand what her father\'s personal servant truly meant. He talked everything in a vague and roundabout way at that time... However, Ying Ying was too anxious to think clearly.

"Honestly, about that man\'s involvement... I\'m not even sure myself... After all, I heard everything only from that servant... and they were only bits and pieces. But he had said that this man was the vital point of everything..." Ying Ying said hesitantly.

Yao Ling frowned. "Just tell me everything that you know!" She commanded, giving her a slight push with her power.

When Yao Ying felt the fluctuating air, he knew that Yao Ling had used her power once again. He wanted to scold her but needed to hold himself back. Didn\'t she know how dangerous it was?! Have she ever thought what if Ying Ying was one of those people who wanted her for themselves?! She was too reckless!

Ying Ying furrowed her eyebrows when she felt that she wanted to vomit the truth. "Can I ask you one question first?" She asked hesitantly while trying to hold back the urge to talk.

"Sure," Yao Ling answered with a sigh. This woman\'s mind was quite strong... because she could resist her slight push.

"Why are you so curious about this matter?" Ying Ying asked.

Yao Ling was taken aback, forgetting that she was too hasty just now. She needed to make up a reason as soon as possible.

"At first, I\'m not really interested in you. However, I seemed to feel that this matter won\'t be that simple. It shouldn\'t involve your sister only... Treason usually is a man\'s doing --- how could your sister be the only one who did it? You said that you are looking for her lover, so the only man who could do the treason must be your father and maybe... the latter was in cahoot with your sister\'s lover or so... It\'s just my guess though..." Yao Ling explained confidently, even though she only talked some nonsense reasons.

"That\'s why I want to listen to your story --- because I\'m curious too..."

This reason was more reasonable to Ying Ying\'s ears. The noble lady must have been too idle so she started to feel curious...

Ying Ying gaped at Yao Ling\'s cleverness at guessing, then, she asked another question, "So... the story about you finding your father is actually true?!"

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Yes... Why should I lie to you? I found him a few months ago... if you want to help your father too, I will certainly help you... After all, I have been through that as well..."

Ying Ying felt everything was so surreal --- she was in disbelief at how lucky she was! She quickly kneeled down and kowtowed to Yao Ling. "Please help me, Young Miss! I will dedicate myself to you if you can find the man."

Ying Ying knew that she shouldn\'t be greedy by asking the woman another favor --- for example, ask the woman for help to save her father. Finding the man was already a good bargain for Ying Ying.

"I will try to help you!" Yao Ling said with a gentle smile. "However, I can\'t guarantee that it will be successful..."