His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 471 - Nice or Stupid?!

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Ying Ying agreed and they quickly went to a big teahouse where Yao Ling had been waiting for them. She had chosen a private room so that no one would be able to see their meeting here and they could talk more freely this way. Ning Jie had specifically changed Ying Ying\'s clothes before they came here so no one would recognize her.

She didn\'t want Yao Ling\'s reputation to be ruined just because they thought she was helping Ying Ying for real! Ning Jie also sent a person to notify Yao Ying what had happened on the street just now. The person that she sent was the one who had gotten the job to spy on Ying Ying so he would tell everything clearly to Yao Ying.

Ning Jie wanted to let him know that he might be a traitor or something like that in his past life! He needed to prepare himself --- of course, they didn\'t know whether that claim was really true or not. However, it was the only clue that they had for now. They needed to treat it seriously.

Ning Jie felt a bit dissatisfied with Yao Ying\'s past if that was really true, but she could see how loving the couple was and there was no indication that Yao Ying was such a bad man. Thus, she could only decide that she would support Yao Ling with whatever choice that she would make in the future.

On the contrary to Ning Jie\'s thought, Yao Ling didn\'t really believe in this woman...

Yao Ling felt something not adding up, after all, they met an important person back at the Crescent Lake --- that Bai Bing Wen. She believed that he must have known her presence and Yao Ying as well even though they had never met each other there... If Yao Ying was really a traitor or maybe an important figure in that big matter, Bai Bing Wen should have recognized him back then, right?

There was no reason for him to let them be...

Everything wasn\'t certain for now --- that was the reason why she needed more details from Ying Ying. However, she knew that the sly woman wouldn\'t easily spill out everything, there must be some lies hidden within her words which made her need to be cautious as well.

She wondered whether she should use her power or not. She had a better grasp on her own power now, however, she was afraid that someone would notice it. In the end, it would bring danger to her and her baby. She had been angry and become impulsive just now, so she had used a bit of her power in the middle of the crowd. Fortunately, nothing seemed to be amiss.

Oh well... She would just go with the flow then...

Once she saw Ying Ying in better clothes, Yao Ling was quite surprised. Her temperament looked far more different than before. Of course, she didn\'t change prettier just because of it, but there was an elegance that the commoner shouldn\'t have in her movement.

Who was she? Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows in displease. She didn\'t believe that this woman\'s motive was as simple as bringing Yao Ying back to the Qin Kingdom. Yao Ling was certain that she wasn\'t an ordinary woman --- maybe a low-rank official\'s daughter because her movement wasn\'t as graceful as Xiao Fang who had been receiving a Mo Mo\'s teaching from a young age.

Yao Ling asked her in concern, "Are you okay? Just now, I can\'t openly help you... Your sister\'s crime is too heavy and it could affect my family as well... However, I still need to hear the story before deciding whether I should help you or not."

Ying Ying curtsied gracefully. "I know, Gu Niang... Thank you for giving me a chance by letting me meet you once again..."

Yao Ling didn\'t open her veil so Ying Ying still couldn\'t see her face. She just waved her hand, telling her not to mention it. The former asked, "So... can you tell me the whole story in detail now?"

Ying Ying slightly hesitated, thinking whether she should tell her the truth or half of it. However, Yao Ling\'s next words changed her mind. "One lie and I will drop this. There\'s no use to help a liar..." She said leisurely while leaning back to her chair in one swift movement, slightly threatening her.

Yao Ling wanted to show her superiority --- without her, Ying Ying was nothing...

Ying Ying gritted her teeth, knowing that she couldn\'t play Yao Ling --- the latter seemed to be able to see through her mind! This young woman wasn\'t an easy person to control!

She finally began to tell her story slowly. Right at this time, Yao Ling heard a small movement from behind her --- the man landed without making any sound behind the wooden screen on the corner of the room with his qing gong. His move was subtle but Yao Ling had always been sensitive to his movement and smell ever since they had gotten married.

Yao Ying didn\'t want to make his presence known and stayed behind the screen quietly. When he heard Yao Ling\'s person\'s report, he was surprised and in disbelief! A traitor? That was a bad news for him! Thus, he wanted to know everything in detail as well so he quickly used his qing gong and came here sneakily.

Yao Ling sighed in relief when Yao Ying didn\'t do anything impulsive --- it would be better if she was the one who handled this matter.

Ying Ying started her story in a low voice, "My sister\'s family was quite powerful back then in our Kingdom --- a second grade official in the Qin Kingdom and soon, they should be able to become a part of the first rank official soon..."

Yao Ling asked, "So, she isn\'t your real sister?"

Ying Ying shook her head. "No... I\'m just an adopted daughter from the second branch. When they were being caught, our father told me that the second branch had cut off their relationship with them so I could go away and wouldn\'t be implicated in this matter." Once she had said this, Ying Ying couldn\'t help but cry softly.

Her adopted father might have made it sound so beautiful but she knew that the second branch was just selfish --- they could easily sway by the wind and when they knew the first branch in big trouble, they washed their hands as soon as possible by separating with the first branch as soon as they heard the news. To her, they were so disgusting!

She knew them best because they were her real father and mother --- her sister was the one who saved her when the former saw she was being bullied by the second branch because she was only the daughter of a street dancer. Thus, she felt that she was actually unrelated to those selfish people.

Yao Ling could understand a bit of what happened from her expression, it seemed like this woman wasn\'t as bad as how she thought her to be. She was so selfless that she wanted to help her adopted family despite selling her own body. Should she call her nice... or stupid?!