His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 470 - Yao Ling VS Ying Ying (3)

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Yao Ling wasn\'t stupid so she naturally understood what Xiao Fang meant. She also didn\'t want to be entangled with this woman but she didn\'t have a choice. However, she was still feeling thankful for Xiao Fang\'s care.

"Is she your real sister?" Yao Ling asked, trying to ask about the sister\'s identity. This was a better method than interrogating this woman with force --- saving her from the messy trouble.

"Yes, she\'s my real sister..." Ying Ying said in a low voice --- she told them the truth so far. If she wanted them to help, they needed to know her sister\'s condition first. If it wasn\'t because of this man\'s sudden disappearance, they wouldn\'t be in this predicament --- in a way, she wanted to get revenge as well!

"Tell me her crime first and I will think about whether I could help you or not..." Yao Ling said. "I don\'t know you and your background so it\'s justified for me to be a bit more careful, right?"

"This..." Ying Ying became slightly hesitant. Her words were reasonable and Ying Ying couldn\'t refute that.

The noblewoman that came after Yao Ling talked at this moment, "If your sister is being wronged, why are you so afraid to tell us loud and clear the reason why? Or... the crime is quite heavy, to begin with?" She didn\'t like her fellow noblewoman being pushed around like this by that commoner despite feeling lucky that she wasn\'t the one who was being hounded by this commoner.

What did this lowly woman take them for? People who were easily being fooled?! She didn\'t realize that she felt like this due to Yao Ling\'s cleverness --- if it was her, she would have been duped from the beginning.

Ying Ying bit her lower lip and nodded her head. "But... she was being framed! I swear!" She couldn\'t do something drastic by kowtowing so she could only lower her help in sadness, however, if she told them the crime right away, they wouldn\'t help her for sure.

The onlookers started to explode with murmur once again because they could more or less guess what kind of crime it was.

"So, it\'s really a heavy crime!"

"Maybe this girl is not a good woman as well!"

"She tried to make the lady protect her even though she knows that she would bring trouble to the lady... It shows how selfish she was!"

"Why should people help her out of nowhere? They are strangers ah~!"

"Yes ah~! This woman is really cunning..."

The woman who was jealous just now said to her husband, "See?! If you bring her home and try to help her, we will be in big trouble!" The man could only stay quiet on the side, feeling lucky that he didn\'t try to help her just now.

Humans were selfish just like that --- they only thought for their best interests.

Ying Ying knew her image had been ruined at this moment --- at least, she wasn\'t actually a person of this kingdom so the woman didn\'t really feel ashamed. Once she left this place, she wouldn\'t meet these people anymore... Her goal was only to find that man and bring him home!

"I\'m not... I\'m really not..." Ying Ying shook her head weakly and cried softly. "I\'m forced to do this as well... Please believe me... I\'m really cornered... Please... Help me..."

Yao Ling pretended to be kind and asked, "Then, tell me... What kind of crime that your sister have been charged with? Everything depends on that matter."

"Tre... Treason..." Ying Ying said in a low voice in between her sobs --- only a few people closest to her were able to hear her words.

Even though only a few people heard, the news spread like a wildfire. The onlookers talked to each other in surprise. They had the same thoughts... Why did this woman want to involve unrelated people to that crime? Even though they were from another kingdom, they knew how severe that crime was.

Treason?! Even Yao Ling was taken aback because she didn\'t expect the news would be like this. Did it mean Yao Ying had something to do with it? Was it because of that he was being hunted and ended up in their village back then? She started to get really worried!

Who the heck Yao Ying was?!

This was a piece of dangerous news to them. It seemed like Yao Ling needed to keep this thing under wraps because if someone got a hint that the person inside the picture was Yao Ying, it would bring them a lot of troubles.

Xiao Fang heard that her face changed --- she couldn\'t let Yao Ling to be involved in this matter. Thus, without waiting for Yao Ling\'s answer, she quickly pulled Yao Ling away. "No need to help her! It\'s too dangerous!" She said loudly.

The onlookers agreed with Xiao Fang\'s words --- who would want to involve themselves with a treason case? Even though she was from another kingdom, the Qin emperor could ask for the Shu Emperor to punish them or take them away with the same guilty charge for helping this woman.

Ying Ying bit her lower lip in a grievance. \'Damn! She has chosen the wrong target. If this fails, she can\'t use the same trick once again!\' She cursed inwardly. She could only let the two noblewomen go, on the other hand, people started to disperse one by one because they didn\'t want to be involved.

She was being left alone in the middle of the street... Her back looked so lonely but people didn\'t feel anything when they looked at the woman --- they treated her like a jinx after what they had heard.

However, before she could get angry and vent her failure in private, she accidentally saw Yao Ling\'s hand gesture. It seemed like... she wanted her to wait...? Her mind started to be filled with hope! Maybe that noblewoman wanted to help her?!

Was it her imagination...? However, she was still feeling hopeful ah~!

But how?

How would she contact her? Ying Ying really felt at a loss. Her mind started to wander... Why did the woman want to help her all of a sudden? She started to suspect her kindness but she had no other choice. It was hard to find a person without a connection in another kingdom.

The last time she met that man, it was only by accident ah~!

Not too long after that, a woman came to her --- it was actually Ning Jie who had been informed by Xiao Yu about what happened and what Yao Ling wanted her to do.

"Are you Ying Ying?" Ning Jie asked softly.

Ying Ying nodded her head. "Yes... Who are you?"

"Do you remember the noblewoman just now?"

"Yes!" Ying Ying\'s eyes started to lit up. It seemed like, she didn\'t see the wrong signal. She had really sent someone for her!

"Come with me!" Ning Jie said with a smile.

"Where?" Ying Ying asked doubtfully.

"Don\'t you need help? If yes, you need to meet our master again... You need to tell everything honestly because once we find a lie, we won\'t help you!" Ning Jie said sternly. She needed to show their stance, otherwise, this woman would certainly take advantage of them!